Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Day 11

I have £20.34 left.

These are today's plans:
B:  porridge (4p), sugar (1p), apple (8p) and the milk and yogurt are apf  Total 13p
L:  soup from the freezer - probably the veg peeling soup (15p), slice bread (1p), orange (8p)  Total 24p
D:  Pasta bake made from 50g pasta (maybe spaghetti), a portion of beef mince and veg, maybe 1/3 tin of chopped tomatoes to make more sauce, grated cheese and then natural yogurt afterwards.
50g spaghetti is 2p
portion beef mince and veg from the freezer is 22p
1/3 tin chopped toms (might make tomato soup with the rest)  9p
30g grated cheese 14p
plus various herbs, etc.

I will do a detailed add-up later.

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