Saturday, 25 February 2017

Day 26

I have £7.09 left and five days to go.
(apf means 'already paid for)

Today's menu:
B:  Porridge (2p), yogurt and marmalade (both apfs)
L:  Out and not paying!
D:  Savoury rice (40p - leftovers from yesterday and something of a guesstimate but I'm not wasting it.), followed by leftover dessert that I didn't buy so free!
S:  carrot batons and hummus  (15p)

another batch of yogurt  47p
a cabbage  77p
(I intend to use it for coleslaw as well as cooked and weighing each helping accurately would be a pain so it can become an apf, and if it carries over into the next 30-30, all the better!)

The dessert is real, unhealthy, calorific, free dessert brought by a friend who didn't want to take what was left home again.  I need to look on the packaging but I * think * I can freeze some.  Happy!

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