Friday, 10 February 2017

End of day 14

Well - I went for the chicken in the evening in the end, just a tiny bit to go with the cooked chickpeas in the fridge that really did need using up.  I had forgotten about them.

So today went like this with a few changes from the plan
B:  porridge with sugar and natural yogurt; pear   Total 13p
L:  Really nice tomato and lentil soup with some fresh wholemeal granary bread*  Total 14p
D:  Chicken and chickpeas in a creamy sauce with rice; natural yogurt with a bit of sugar   Total 58p

Snack:  salted peanuts: 14p  (I know - bad me!)

I had £18.22
I spent 99p
Remaining:  £17.23

*technically the bread was free because what I do is reckon ten slices from one of my dear little loaves and price them accordingly, so if there's a crusty bit left, that's free!  It's not easy to slice such fresh bread (are you jealous yet); I can never be sure how it will go so, for consistency's sake, I do it like that!

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