Thursday, 16 February 2017

Recipe: pommes dauphinoise sans creme!

Well, sorry, but when one is being frugal AND trying to lose some weight, one has to make sacrifices and while I am used to this with cream, making it without makes it far more accessible, not to mention frugal!

Ingredients for one portion (I am assuming you have a little oven dish), Total without veg is 34p
one medium or two small potatoes (I didn't peel them but I might next time) thinly sliced to the thickness of a pound coin  I use potatoes to the weight of 200g which came to 10p
half an onion (or one small one), finely sliced (2p)
stock cube - I used chicken  (3p)
milk (apf)
strong cheddar, grated (17p)
salt and pepper
butter for greasing  (2p)
Spray oil (apf)
Total without veg is 34p

Preheat your oven to 200C
Grease your dish with butter (or you can use oil but butter is nicer)
Start with the onion and layer up onion, potatoes, salt and pepper.  Continue until you run out or the dish is full, finishing off with potatoes.  I had three potato layers and two onion layers.
Make up the stock and add a splash of milk.  Pour the stock over the potatoes until it is just below the top layer of potatoes
Spray over a little oil and cover the dish with foil.
Place on a larger dish or oven tray (to catch any drips) and bake in the oven for around an hour or until all the potatoes are soft.
Remove the foil, sprinkle over the cheese and continue to bake until the cheese is coloured.
Serve immediately with veg.

I ate it straight out of the dish with broccoli arranged around the outside and it was very, very nice indeed.  Possibly a tiny bit too salty - I shall be careful next time.

It might be nice with some added flaked canned sardines or some shreds of ham or bits of bacon.

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