Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Lemon cleaner

A while ago I posted about making lemonade with some yellow sticker lemons after pancake day.

At the end, I wrote this.
. . .  I thought about the 'shells' - didn't want to just chuck them unless I had to.  I googled around and this is what I've done.
I've chopped up the peel, put it all in a waterproof/air tight container and covered it with white distilled vinegar.  In two or three weeks I will strain it into a spray bottle and lo and behold, I will have a splendidly lemon scented all purpose cleaner (so Google assures me anyway).
I'm looking forward to trying it out!

So that's what I did and I got round to straining the liquid yesterday and decanted some into a spray bottle half and half with water.

I'm very impressed.  It has brought my hob and my sink up to a lovely shine with minimal elbow grease and I'm glad I bought two spray bottles because one is going in the bathroom!

Yes, it smells a bit vinegary but that smell doesn't last long and it's certainly not chip shop!

Definitely doing this again.

By the way, the spray bottle is £1.00 from B&Q but you can recycle a Jif or other spray bottle.  Just wash it well first.

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