Thursday, 6 April 2017

End of day 27

It's been a funny old day, food-wise

B:  toast and peanut butter.   Total 6p
L:  I didn't fancy beans on toast and wanted to go fruity so I had the banana from breakfast and a couple of plums.   Total 22p
D:  Late afternoon I had a tuition session and the student's mum gave me coffee and three rather substantial and delicious chocolate biscuits - great for the budget, not so great for losing weight!  They totally spoiled my appetite for dinner so that was that.  Total 0p
S/S:  The toast I didn't have for lunch.  Total 2p
Plus: another portion of butter - 27p

I had  £6.87
I spent 57p
Remaining: £6.30
 . . . and three days to go!  I'm getting quite nervous now.  I wonder if I've lost any weight.  I will know on Sunday morning, won't I?

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