Wednesday, 17 May 2017

End of day 16

Today went OK.
B:  very tasty toast and marmite   Total 10p
L:  chicken drumstick which I cooked, I stripped off the meat and used it to fill the roll, adding some salad leaves from the garden and very tasty it was too, plus a flapjack   Total 30p  It's really nice to be starting to use some summer produce.
D:  chicken chow mein   Total 82p  Yes, it's taken a real chunk out of the day's budget with a double portion of chicken to offset (more than offset) using savers spaghetti instead of noodles (perfectly acceptable substitute) but it was truly delicious and very filling.  I think next time I won't bother with the egg though; I don't think it added anything.

Plus one red onion   Total 13p.  I used a quarter of it in the chow mein and the rest is now an apf so I'd better use it up, hadn't I?  Maybe tomorrow.

Today I spent £1.35
Budget so far £18.50
Spent: £14.78
Money in hand:  £3.72

So not looking too bad, although I'm a bit short on fruit today.  The good news is that I popped into Morrison's and managed to pick up two large helpings from the salad bar for 9p each.  One is pasta based and the other is chick pea based so that's my lunch sorted for the next couple of days.
Maybe I have really been missing a trick not looking out for YS stuff more.

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