Monday, 22 May 2017

End of day 18

To start with, as I am well under budget, I have bought some apfs (already paid fors).  Healthy ones too.  So the cost of these will be taken off the budget.
tomato puree x 2  74p
broccoli 39p
red pepper  47p
tomatoes   65p
(all the above from Aldi)

plus, from Morrisons, a lettuce (50p) and a batch of yogurt  55p
. . . which all comes to £3.30

Today's food - some slight changes
B:  toast, orange, nectarine   Total 0p as I was still away
L:  banana and apple, flapjack   Total 23p
D:  roast chicken, new pots, broccoli, carrots   Total 4p as the chicken and potatoes were gifted and the broccoli is an apf
Today is one of those great days - ridiculously frugal and down to apfs and gifts.  It's always tempting to blow a budget surplus on something tempting but useless but I prefer to get apfs of things that I use a lot (or want to use a lot)

The figures look like this.
Today I spent 29p
(Plus apfs that came to £3.30)
Budget so far £21
Spent: £19.29
Money in hand:  £1.71

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