Wednesday, 24 May 2017

End of day 20

It all went more or less according to plan really
B:  porridge   Total 5p
L:  egg mayo and salad roll   Total 19p
D:  fried basa fillets with green beans   Total 50p

I also had a spot of luck.  After the governors' meeting this evening, I popped over the road to Morrisons as I was nearly out of bread and have no time in the next few days to bake any.  Not only did I find a nice Warburton's white sliced (still beautifully fresh and soft) for 9p, I also got two packs of bagels for 9p each and some sausages (OK, not great sausages) at 9p for 12.
I shall make the sluiced bread an apf because costing it out as I use it will be complicated.  The rest works out fine.

So . . .
Today I spent 74p
Plus 9p for the sliced bread
Budget so far £23
Spent: £20.85
Money in hand:  £2.15

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