Tuesday, 30 May 2017

End of day 26

All change on the planning after a fridge sort out and a trip to Aldi.

B:   banana (didn't want anything else)   Total 12p
L:  ham trimmings with a salad which was mostly apfs.   Total 20p
D:  gammon, coleslaw, salad, natural yogurt and strawberries from the garden   Total 20p
I know that sounds daft but the gammon was from a pack of cooking bacon, great value, and most of the salad was either garden or apf.  My wonderful strawberry plants gave me 7 berries today and there will be more tomorrow.
S:  apple   Total 8p

Today I spent 60p
Budget so far £30
Spent: £26.41
Money in hand:  £3.95

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