Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Day 9

I shall forget that I am due a £1.50 day and move on, I think, because today's food is going to be exactly the same as yesterday's food, partly because it's there and needs using and partly because it was tasty and satisfying and filling.
I do have one thing to add that I had yesterday after I'd wrapped up the accounts for the day and that is a banana.  I'll put it on today's food.

B:  strawberries (garden), natural yogurt (apf) and muesli (gifted)
L:  beans (9p) on toast (2p)
D:  chicken curry and rice (50p)
S/S:  bananas x 2 (24p)

End of day update
B:  Total 2p  (I had some stevia on the berries)
L:  Total 12p (one extra slice bread)
D:  Total 50p
S:  Total 12p (didn't have one banana)

Today I spent 76p
Budget so far £9.50
Spent: £7.86
Money in hand:  £1.64

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