Thursday, 29 June 2017

The freezer challenge: day 1

As I said yesterday, the 30-30/5-2 budget challenges are on hold right now or, rather, they have morphed into something else.

I'll still post what I'm having in here because I've become accustomed to the accountability, but I can't guarantee it will be frugal in terms of being inexpensive.  In another way, it will be pretty frugal in that I won't be spending very much each week as I will be using up the many and varied things I have in the freezers.

The aim is to gain space in the freezer, pure and simple, by using up all the pre-frugal stuff that is cluttering the lower depths right now.

So today:
B:  fruit (rhubarb from the lotty and strawberries from the garden, natural yogurt and muesli
L:  leftovers from last night - turkey and rice
D:  roast pork, roast potatoes, roast parsnips - all from the freezer.  The pork is a small rolled belly pork joint that will do tonight, tomorrow lunch in a roll and tomorrow dinner in a tomato sauce with veg and pasta and will be slow roasted this afternoon.
S/S:  fruit

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