Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Tuesday, 19-06-218

Good morning!
Well, I took a deep breath, exhaled again (no extras inside me for this) and stepped on the scales . . . and . . . spit, spit, spit!  Eight pounds on!  Hopefully, some of that will disappear pretty quickly and anyway, any other option is not acceptable so it's onward and downward as I jump back on the wagon!
(It was a lovely holiday so no real regrets)

Today's plans, interrupted by strawberry picking and lunch out with a friend - unfortunate timing but Real Life goes on.
B:  muesli, strawberries, natural yogurt and a splash of milk.
L:  no idea . . . I've looked at the lunch menu and none of it is frugal or particularly healthy but that's just tough.  Here's a link to it - what do you think?   http://www.eapples.co.uk/uploads/Lunchtime-Menu18.pdf
D:  Beth and Alex are round for dinner so I shall get some savoury mince out of the freezer for me and Alex and some bean mix for Beth.  That. with new potatoes and runner beans, should make a good first course without too much hassle   If I do dessert, it will be strawberries and yogurt or maybe fresh fruit yogurt ice (zizzed frozen fruit with natural yogurt and a bit of sweetener).  It all depends how many strawberries I pick
S:  apple

From the freezer.
Several portions of savoury mince (Alex will manage two portions!) and one of bean mix.
Two bags runner beans
Perhaps some frozen fruit

The frugal factor
Taking the lunch out of the equation (and I will try to be good), it's not such a bad day.
The muesli is gifted and the yogurt home made while the strawberries are from the garden
The savoury mince and the bean mix are both leftovers from the last family meal I gave and are both bulked out with lentils, oats and veg, the potatoes really do need using up and the runner beans are from last year's crop.  The dessert will be more expensive but nice!

I shall be making strawberry jam with the berries tomorrow.  Naughty but lovely and makes great gifts.

Monday, 18 June 2018

Monday, 18-06-18

Good morning!
Here we are, back again after my holiday.  Everything took a battering last week and I shall do three weeks back on the liver shrinking diet because my liver certainly needs a re-shrink!  No regrets, I've had a good time, but must lose the weight I gained and then press on again.  I really CAN'T go back now, not after coming all this way.
It's a bit of a complicated week but I will do what I can, when I can.

So here's the plan for today
B:  muesli (30g) with natural yogurt (about 40 mls)
L:  Mini frittatas (2 eggs and some onion and pepper filling plus 20g finely grated cheddar) with side salad
D:  chicken (leftovers from a roast - 100g), SW chips (not many!), side salad; strawberries and natural yogurt

From the freezer:
Just the chicken.  It is in stock so maybe I will make a soup with the stock tomorrow.

The frugal factor:
The muesli is free (gifted) and the yogurt is home made.
The frittatas are not specifically frugal but are not expensive.  Eggs are a great frugal food and the cheese was reduced.  I will grab a few veg from Mum and Dad before leaving after breakfast and have some leftover salad veg (yes, I did manage to have salad last week!!) to finish off.
The chicken is leftovers and I will have to hack at the potatoes to get some chips as they will be sprouting by now.
Beth tells me that there are still strawberries in the garden and she didn't pick yesterday so there should be some for dinner

However, I will need to go shopping either today or tomorrow as supplies of fresh stuff are minimal!

Monday, 11 June 2018

Darn it!

I've left my power cable at home so won't be posting this week, sorry.  Back on Saturday.

Monday, 11-06-18

Good morning.

Holiday starts today at around midday - before, if you count the journey.  I have all my meals planned and prepared but I am totally sure that extras will creep in and, as I said in a reply to a comment, both frugality and healthy eating will maybe take a hammering this week.  Never mind - I intend to enjoy myself.

Today's plans:
B:  muesli. fruit and natural yogurt
L:  ham sandwich, fruit (eaten on the shore of the lake, I hope)
D:  salmon couscous parcel, side salad, fruit
S:  apples (maybe)

No freezer or frugal comments this week and I am just hoping the kitchen is reasonably equipped.  Fingers crossed.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Sunday, 10-06-18

Good morning.  Sorry about yesterday.  There just wasn't time early and, when I got to my parents', there was other stuff to do.

Today's plans
B:  muesli, strawberries (I brought some of my garden produce here for us to enjoy) and natural yogurt.
L:  no idea
D:  cottage pie with cheesy crumble topping, cabbage; fruit salad

Looking forward to my holiday tomorrow.  It's nice to know that I will feel well this time.  The plan is to swim in the morning and have walks around in the afternoon but you know what they say about plans so we will just have to wait and see.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Bits and bobs salad

I'm trying to use up some bits and bobs and this is what I made.  It was jolly tasty.

some couscous, soaked in boiling water with some chicken stock powder added
ham, chopped into chunks
carrot, peeled and chopped into chunks
one radish, cut into eight
some cauliflower florets
some mini tomatoes, halved
a scattering of walnut pieces and dried cranberries
a slick of celery, sliced
the fag ends of the bottle of balsamic syrup.  Must get some more, it's very nice

Put everything in a bowl, mix well and devour!

Friday, 08-06-18

Good morning.

The chicken pitta pizza yesterday was really lovely.  Rarely will I bother with a proper pizza base any more.  I'm amazed at how good the half and half ketchup and tomato puree sauce tastes, especially with chopped fresh oregano sprinkled over and you can pile on whatever toppings you fancy - great for odds and ends at the end of the week and it finished off the last of the chicken very nicely indeed!  Sadly, I forgot to take a photo!  Sorry.

Today's plans:
B:  bacon and tomatoes
L:  ham salad of some sort
D:  cottage pie with cheesy couscous topping. runner beans; fruit and natural yogurt
S:  apple
E:  dashing around getting ready for going away and getting the house ready for my lovely house sitter friend.

From the freezer:
cooked mince, grated cheese

The frugal factor
Well, the chicken and the ham cost me together under £10.  They have formed the basis of fourteen meals (good portions too) so that's not so shabby really.  As a 'side product' I also have seven little pots of really good chicken stock in the freezer, ready for soup, gravy or whatever.
I'm finishing stuff off today so things like the salad will be quite random and I may be adding extra bits to the mince before making the cottage pie.

The weight has stayed the same this week (boo) and goodness knows what will happen over this coming week but never mind, I will be back on the wagon again when I get home.