Thursday, 15 November 2018

Thursday, 15-11-18

Good morning.  Back to normal again now - better, in fact as the new router is much faster.

It felt very odd not posting my meal plans so let's get straight to it.

B:  bacon, egg, 'fried' bread and sausage
A favourite breakfast and all the protein makes it filling.  I spray the slice of bread and then brown it in the pan - it crisps up like fried bread rather than like toast.  And this might make devoted 'full English' fans wince, but I only fry one side - that's just a family thing that dates right back to childhood.
SW: half a healthy extra B

L:  fruit and yogurt.
As it is weigh day, I try to keep the meals light without missing any out.  Fruit and yogurt fitsthe bill nicely.
SW:  free

D:  I'll most likely make that 'dirty' rice earlier in the day so I can re-heat it after group, although I only have beef mince, not pork so it will taste a bit different, and I inted adding more vegetables than the recipe asks. 
I'll let you know about the rice.
SW:  free

Ss:   I fancy splashing out on a hot choccy drink made using heated milk and Sweet Freedom liquid chocolate (a recent discovery) to enjoy after thr group this evening
SW:  the milk is a healthy extra A and the Sweet Freedom will be 4 syns

There's some changes afoot in Slimming World, a result of developments in nutritional thinking and understanding.  These were supposed to have been revealed in the New Year but I gather they were leaked (is nothing sacred nowadays? ) so SW decided to release some info about them now to slow down speculation and, maybe, worry.

Oh, my word, the fuss on Facebook!!!  You'd have thought they had announced the end of the world!  I know that, generally, change is not a popular thing but really!

I'll tell you about them when I make any necessary changes (from what I have seen, there will be hardly any) and that won't be until after the New Year when I get the new 'handbook' with full information.  Until then, I will happily continue to plan and eat as I have been!

Fingers crossed for tonight.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Tuesday, 13-11-18 (now Wednesday, 14-11-18)

It's now Wednesday 14th.  Router problems meant that I have not been able to access the internet for a day and a half and, oh my, how I have missed it.

Here's the post I was about to send yesterday when the router decided to be awkward and it's back to normal tomorrow!

Good morning.

This was the cheeseburger stuffed peppers I had for dinner yesterday - very, very nice indeed.
Here's the recipe although I used some pre-cooked turkey mince from the freezer.

The rice pudding worked so I've posted about it.

And here's a random and terrified pepper half!

Today's food plans:
B:  porridge made with the coconut drink, yogurt and fruit

L:  leek and butterbean soup

D:  syn free dirty rice

Monday, 12 November 2018

Recipe: aromatic rice pudding

Made this evening as a way of using up some of the Alpro coconut drink.  It's not like 'normal' rice pudding but it was really nice and I will make it again, for sure, maybe with different spices to ring the changes.

It is syn free (but if you use a tbsp or more of sweetner, call it one syn) but I think it would be considered a 'tweak' and I'd be careful only to have it if the main course had no rice, pasta, potato, etc, I think.

Ingredients to make one portion
1/4 cup (55g) short grain pudding rice
1 1/4 cups (265g) Alpro coconut drink
a scant 1/8 tsp each of cinnamon and ginger
a grating of nutmeg
1/2 tbsp stevia or other artificial sweetner

some mango and pineapple, fresh or frozen.
a dollop of natural yogurt

In the morning, mix together the rice, drink and spices, cover and pop in the fridge for the evening
(No idea if this was necessary but it's what I did!)

In the evening, preheat the oven to 160C

Place the mixture in an ovenproof dish and bake for about an hour, stirring now and again and covering with foil if it seems to be drying out.

Fifteen minutes before serving, add the fruit, cover and pop back in the oven.

Serve hot with a dollop of natural yogurt on top (or flavoured yogurt but you'd have to syn it)

Monday, 12-11-18

Good morning.

It was really nice to have a more traditional meal yesterday - a roast with pulled pork (no sauce, just lean pork), roasties, sprouts and mixed roasted parsnip and butternut squash.  No gravy but I've now found a syn free gravy recipe that sounds more than a little odd but - well, if you never try anything, you never learn, do you?

Today's plans:
B:  breakfast roll - bacon, egg, home made sausage and a wholemeal roll - lovely!
SW:  healthy extra B (the roll)

L:  beans on potato waffle, apple or orange
Much more frugal than breakfast
SW:  two syns for the waffle

D:  a recipe I found on t'internet - cheeseburger stuffed pepper, sprouts, maybe runner beans;  aromatic rice pudding
The main is a recipe I found online and it sounded good enough to want to try it.  The dessert is something I am having a go at - a syn free rice pudding - because sometimes you need something like that in the dark evenings and I have that Alpro coconut drink to use up.  It may work, it may be a disaster. 
I'll get back to you on both!
SW:  the cheese will be my healthy extra A and I might use a  bit more for a few syns too, seeing as I have some spare.  The coconut milk is part of my healthy extra A - just under half, in fact.

S:  fruit, maybe a yogurt

I got lucky yesterday.  I went to Morrison's for some dried kidney beans and a few other things and found some fillet steak very much reduced.  That will make me a lovely dinner at some point with SW chips and a salad so it is now in the freezer.  I'd have had it for dinner yesterday but I'd already thawed something else.

I had the first sprouts of the season yesterday - they were lovely!  I do like sprouts!

And I now have a bad of dried kidney beans cooking in the slow cooker after overnight soaking and a good boil up on the hob (extremely important for kidney beans).  I just have to do one more kind of bean now (haricot, maybe, or pinto) and I have a good selection in the freezer to mix and match for all sorts of dishes.

It's all go in my kitchen today!

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Sunday, 11-11-18

Good morning.

I discovered that the Alpro coconut drink IS a healthy extra - and you can have 600mls of it.  I won't use that much in a day so it leaves room for a nibble of cheese as well.

The one pot Mediterranean chicken orzo was lovely and when I make it again I shall add extra veg - some pepper, leek and sweet potato would go really well with it, as would a scattering of olives, although they would need to be synned.  Here's the link in case anyone is interested.

Today's plans
B:  overnight oats using yogurt, some of that coconut drink and some mango and pineapple.  I added a pinch of cinnamon too and am looking forward to it.
The fruit is from my collection of frozen fruits so not shockingly expensive and, of course, you can just take out what you want to use instead of chopping up a whole fruit.  The coconut stuff was free and oats are the best frugal food!
SW:  part of my healthy extra A and all of B

L:  the last of that bean and vegetable soup.  It was a most delicious batch.  I'll add some grated cheese for extra yumminess as well as my calcium.
One large pot of soup has made seven good meals - and they were filling meals too what with all the veg plus the bean protein.  Beth (daughter) said she was having the portion she took home with rice as a main meal.
SW:  the rest of the healthy extra A

D:  a nice traditional dinner.  I'll see what I have in the freezer in the way of sliced meat and add to it roasties, roasted parsnip and squash and sprouts with a yogurt for dessert.  In fact, I might zizz it with some frozen fruit to make a kind of icecream.
Frugally, the meat has been in the freezer for ages and ought to be used up while none of the vegetables are that costly. 
Now and again you can get Mullerlight yogurts on special which is what I did the other day.  I look out for this fairly regular offer
SW:  one syn for the yogurt

Ss:  fruit as always

I have another non-scale victory to share!
On Friday, I needed something that was smart but not posh for the do at school.  I didn't think jeans really worked and didn't want to go the long skirt route.
On the offchance, I tried on my 'mini-target' black trousers and, lo and behold, they fitted perfectly.  So yesterday I tried on the next-size-down jeans and they are no longer next size down either!  Cheers!

(I wore the trousers with a nice top and the hooded knitted jacket I got at Center parcs, and felt like a million pounds, especially with all the nice comments!)

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Saturday, 10-11-18

Good morning

At the 'do' last night, there was hardly anything I could have and nothing really appealed either - that's a big step forward.  So when I got home, I dug out some wholemeal bread and my light cheese and had that.  It met my healthy extras and was satisfying!  No problem!

Todays meal plans are . . .
B:  porridge with fruit and yogurt
I'll probably use some of the coconut and rice drink from the raffle in this as it has to be used.  I don't want to waste it.
SW:  2 syns for 200 mls, so not too bad.  I am unsure if it counts as a healthy extra so I'm playing safe here.

L:  bean and veg soup; orange
I made a nice big pot of soup yesterday.  Beth and I had a good portion each and Beth had a second portion.  She took one portion home, I saved two portions for today and there was one for the freezer.  Great value.
SW:  free

D:  one pot chicken orzo
A new recipe that sounds both easy and tasty.  Got to love something that only uses one pot.  I might very well bung in some extra veg; I'll see how I feel.
SW:  as far as I know, free

I have some healthy extras to fit in somehow, don't I?

Friday, 9 November 2018

Friday, 09-11-18

Good morning!

Last night was better than last week.  A pound and a half off, I got my Club Ten award (for losing 10% of body weight since starting there) and, just to cap it all, I won one of the raffles and came home with a collection of free and low syn goodies that will help with the frugality this week!  I'm now three pounds off the next half stone certificate so that's the next target.

The chick peas are now done and ready to see the inside of the freezer!  Kidney beans next and these will need some hard boiling, after soaking, before going into the slow cooker.

Today's plans:
B:  bacon, egg and home made sausage; apple or orange
I would say this is a middle cost meal but all the protein will be very sustaining so I can live with that!
SW:  free

L:  I had planned yogurt and fruit but Beth (daughter) will be here so I might make a nice bean and veg soup instead.
This will be frugal.  It doesn't take a huge amount of veg by the time it's all cubed up and the beans will be from a can of mixed beans I won last night!  It's also dead easy.
SW:  free unless I add some grated cheese; if I do that will be my healthy extra A

D:  this is tricky as I am out for a 'do' at school and have no idea what sort of stuff they will have.  I know it's not far to walk but I will drive as it will be dark and also it will keep me off the alcohol!  If I don't have much there, there will be some bean soup waiting at home as I intend making a nice big pot of it.
SW:  it might be free or it might not and I have no idea how it will work with the SW plan.  Fingers crossed.