Thursday, 20 July 2017

Freezer challenge: day 15

After a gap of several days, it's back!  I've had a friend over and, what with one thing and another, this took a back seat for a few days.

To my shame, today I will be adding something to the freezer.  It's not really my fault though.  Yesterday a friend gave me a plastic pot filled with rice and a casserole/curry (not sure which yet) and there's enough for two good portions so one portion will get frozen.

So - today . . .
B:  toast and fruit
L:  banana pancakes, bacon and maple syrup.  More a breakfast really but it does mean I use freezer things.
D:  the gifted meal, natural yogurt and fruit

From the freezer:
banana pancakes

And definitely a no spend day!

Monday, 17 July 2017

The freezer challenge: day 14

I didn't post the lest few days.  Saturday I was out all day and Sunday I hadn't got my planning hat on in time.  I did use freezer stuff (three veggie burgers, three brioche rolls and a sausage roll - not just for me) but generally it wasn't healthy, it was grab, cook and eat!

Today's plans:
B:  muesli and fruit
L:  not sure - something quick
D:  sausages, new potatoes, courgettes, mange tout, yogurt

From the freezer:
Just the sausages today.  The veg is all from the allotment though.

Friday, 14 July 2017

The freezer challenge: day 13

I've just been out for today's lucky dip and there's definitely spaces in the front opening freezer now.  The plan is to get it as empty as possible, do a proper defrost and then move stuff from the chest freezer so I can see what's in there all the better.  That's the idea, anyway!

Today's plan is . . .
B:  muesli with fruit
L:  quiche with salad and coleslaw
D:  turkey curry with added veg, rice.

From the freezer:
turkey curry

Thursday, 13 July 2017

The freezer challenge: day 12

I had to do a bit of shopping yesterday after realising that the yogurt I was saving for the next batch had gone off.  Annoying!  So I got another carton of milk too.  I'm getting through milk a lot more while I have a decorator to ply with coffee.  Ditto for sugar!

Today's plans
B:  I still have two eggs that are close to floating but not quite so I will have scrambled egg on toast
L:  I have a bit of pepperami to use up plus some gifted veg so I'll get some of last year's home made passata out of the freezer plus a bit of frozen veg and make a sauce to have with 50g pasta
D:  while playing lucky dip yesterday, I dug up some frozen Chinese leftovers - a bit of curry, a bit of sweet and sour and two little veg spring rolls.  I'll have them but not do any rice as I'm having pasta for lunch

From the freezer:
bread for toast
bit of frozen veg
frozen Chinese leftovers

Yesterday I dug out a bag of value mixed berries that have been in my freezer for years.  I simmered them, pushed them through a sieve, added sugar and lemon juice and now I have a nice pot of home made mixed berry jam - it was mostly blackberries, to be honest, but the jam tastes good.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The freezer challenge: day 11


Today's plans look like this:
B:  toast and jam, apple
L:  leftovers from yesterday which are NOT going in the freezer!  Courgette, mince and potato bake (and very delicious it was too!).  Then a mini orange
D:  Has to be freezer based so I think it will be a nice, unhealthy sausage roll with a side salad and some coleslaw.  Or, if it's raining and chilly, maybe baked beans instead of the salad.

No spending today (and the bank balance is looking very healthy a third of the way into the month).

From the freezer:
bread for the toast
sausage roll
also I think I will use some frozen fruit to make some jam for my lovely Mum and Dad who are nearly out of things to out on their morning toast.

The veg for the bake came from the allotment, the salad is mostly either home grown or gifted and, if I have baked beans, they will be frugal ones with a shot of brown sauce to give them spice.
So although I'm not costing things out in great detail right, I am being faithful to the frugal roots of this blog.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The freezer challenge: day 10

The trouble with this challenge is that it's slow: so, so slow.  The good thing is that I'm saving an absolute fortune so no complaints here.

The pulled pork pot pie was scrummy so I have posted what I did as a separate entry.

Today's plans:
B:  muesli, fruit
L:  cheese and onion toastie, salad, apple
D:  mince, courgette and potato bake, peas, yogurt and fruit
S:  carrot batons

From the freezer:
mince (pre-cooked)

The rest is from fridge and cupboard, no spending needed.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Recipe: pulled pork pie

This isn't really a recipe, to be honest, just a way of using the pot of pulled pork I had in the freezer, leftovers from a Sunday dinner last year.  It had some lovely stock in it so I didn't need to add any gravy.  You can use any leftover bits for this.  Just add a bit of gravy if necessary

I make a small amount of pastry using Pat Parker's idea of weighing out your flour (50gs worth), adding a pinch of salt, mashing in 25g of oil and then adding up to 25g of water to make a soft pastry dough.  Wrap it and chill it for a while.

I'm a bit useless with pastry but this works for me for pies, producing a crisp top and a fluffy underneath.  I only ever make pot pies so don't have to worry about soggy bottoms!

So, into a small, ovenproof dish or pot goes the defrosted pork and a few chopped veg - a bit of onion and a mushroom, maybe.  Then I pop over the pastry and bake it for around 25 mins at 180C (fan oven).

That's it!  Dead easy, really frugal, tasty and a good way of using up your scraps of Sunday joint or bits that you froze rather than throw away.