Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Wednesday, 18-07-18

Good morning.

Yesterday's food turned out to be very satisfactory.  Also very satisfying.  And pretty frugal to boot.  Perfect, in fact.

I did add one more thing to the menu.  I wanted to make some coleslaw for both lunch and dinner (the cabbage needed using up) and decided that as I had guests for both meals, I would make my own mayo.

Not for me the drip, drip, drip of oil into egg, beating furiously and always in danger of 'splitting'.  Dear me, no.  You see, I have a Bamix.  What's so special about a Bamix?  Well, you can make mayonnaise in about ten seconds, fool proof, delicious, fresh mayonnaise that keeps for around a fortnight (which means more like three weeks or so really).
It is a stick blender with different 'blades' and one of them is an emulsifier.  I'll explain by linking to a Youtube clip that shows how to make it.  Watch and admire (no, not Ramsey, the mayo making)!
The interesting bit starts at about 1:30 and I used mustard powder rather than made mustard.

It's actually surprisingly frugal too - an egg and 300-ish mls of oil with a few other  bits and bobs.  I used veg oil which is basically rapeseed.  The one oil you mustn't use is olive oil as the action turns the oil bitter.
Extremely calorific but really delicious as a treat now and again.  And I have some that has now to be used up in two or three weeks - oh, the hardship!

Today's food.
B:  overnight oats with fresh fruit and natural yogurt
Very frugal because my lunchtime guest gave me some nectarines yesterday.  I gave her some allotment courgettes in return, nice, sunshiny yellow ones.  We were both satisfied with that.

L:  frittata, salad, coleslaw
All leftovers from yesterday.  Yesterday Beth and I had a quarter of the frittata each, she took another quarter home with her for lunch at work and the last quartet is for my lunch.  Leftovers are great and this one is packed with veg.

D:  fish pie with runner beans and, maybe, yellow courgette
In the freezer I have smoked basa and also some prawns.  I'll make the sauce with some home made soft cheese and the topping will be fresh dug new potatoes, cooked and sliced with a spray of oil over so it sort of browns in the oven or maybe I can sprinkle over some finely grated cheddar.  I've just been out and there are six runners to pick plus a couple that might have grown enough by the end of the day - yes, they grow that fast at this time of year

Today looks like being a pretty frugal day, a day to use up freezer stuff and leftovers and a day for garden produce but, more than that, a most delicious day!
I'll take that with gratitude.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Tuesday, 17-07-18

Good morning.  Back into the swing of things after a pleasant weekend with my parents.

Today's plans:
B:  muesli, fruit and natural yogurt
The muesli is a gift from dad.  He tried to give me another bag this weekend but I still have loads from the previous one.  It's really good muesli, mail order only and I'm very lucky. 

The fruit will be the raspberries and blueberries above, all picked from garden and allotment.  There's not loads but they're very delicious.  As the raspberry canes are first year autumn fruiting, what I am getting now is this year only but the new growth is starting to flower prolifically for the autumn fruiting - first time fruit is so exciting!  The yogurt is home made from long life milk so a batch costs under £1 per litre (plus a bit of electricity) which is great value.
So it sounds a posh breakfast but it's actually very frugal!

L:  tuna salad.
I have a friend around for lunch but no need to go bonkers.  I shall mix the tuna with some mayo to spread on crispbread and make up a salad to go with it.  I have everything in; no need to go shopping beforehand.

D:  frittata with new potatoes and salad
Beth (daughter) and I will be having a picnic down the allotment so I will boil up the rest of the new potatoes I dug yesterday, make a frittata with assorted fridge rubble and courgettes cut yesterday, and I'll use more of the salad.    Note to self:  make plenty of salad today!
The frittata is so simple. 
I soften the veg in a little spray oil in a frying pan that can go in the oven (it has a removable handle) - I tend to use onion, red or yellow pepper and mushroom as a base and then anything else I have available.  No meat today as it needs to be vegetarian.  Then I pour over beaten egg with a bit of milk, seasonings, etc, and sometimes some finely grated cheese and bung it into a 180C oven for about 20 mins or so, until set and browned.
It's nice hot or cold so, for a picnic, it is perfect!

S:  apples x 2 - or I may use them a dessert as it's quite a busy day so I won't have all that much time between meals

Nothing from the freezer today - no, I tell a lie; if I add cheese to the frittata, that will be from the freezer!  That's all though.  Emptying the freezer isn't so urgent now, though, as I have plenty of room for this year's produce.

Monday, 16 July 2018

Monday, 16-07-18

Good morning.  I've been away for a few days, staying with my parents so have been very self indulgent.  Great frugality though!
Back on the wagon now

B:  overnight oats, fruit, natural yogurt
Oats are always great value although the soft fruit isn't that cheap.  Great flavour, however.  The yogurt is home made.
It's a healthy and filling breakfast that keeps me going all morning.

L:  tuna salad roll, apple
Tinned tuna and there will be some left over for tomorrow.  The bread roll is one from a YS pack, a granary roll that was still perfectly fresh when I bought them and are 3p each.  I won't add any butter to the roll as I mix the tuna with a bit of mayo.

D:  new potatoes, runner bean(s), chicken; frozen fruit foam
The potatoes will be fresh dug from the allotment.  I am hoping there will be enough now runners for the first portion, not just the single on last Friday, but, if not, I still have a few bags from last year to use up.  The chicken will be free range so not the cheapest but thighs are much better value than breasts and one is more than enough (I try to convince myself).

Fingers crossed that I stick to this - it makes the best of what I have and is healthy and tasty, especially the home grown veg.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Friday, 13-07-18

Good morning!  I won't be posting in here for a few days but will be back on Monday!  :-)

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Thursday, 12-07-18

Good morning.
Yesterday's food ended up more than a bit chaotic but off we go again, sort of.
Today's plans:
B:  nothing, maybe an apple later on
L:  eating in town with grandson - need to be careful.
D:  the roasted veg I should have had yesterday - ooops

Cross your fingers for me, please. 

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Wednesday, 11-07-18

Good morning.

Foody stuff is going well this week but I have leftovers.  I have some tuna from Monday and a soft cheese and cucumber roll from the picnic at the allotment yesterday.  No problem - just combine the two and have a soft cheese, cucumber and tuna roll.  Yum.

I also bought two little courgettes home from said allotment yesterday so that sorts dinner too.

My plans for this week.
B:  overnight oats with fruit and natural yogurt
L:  the roll as mentioned above, side salad
D:  roasted Mediterranean (sort of Med anyway) veg and potato, probably with chorizo and chicken - a sort of all in one thing; frozen fruit dessert
S:  apples x 2

The chicken will be from the freezer and the roll was from the freezer yesterday.

It's not too bad for frugality.  I remembered to put in the overnight oats - er - overnight and some of the fruit is from the garden.  Using up leftovers is always good and the courgettes and potatoes are allotment veg.  The season is starting, hurry up, tomatoes.
The chicken is the dearest part but will be delicious, roasted with the vegetables and a bit of chorizo.

A very few fresh picked blueberries and raspberries.  Luvverly!

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Tuesday, 10-07-18

Good morning!
We're a third of the way through July, more or less.  Time really is flying, isn't it?  I'm not quite where I had planned to be - not as slim, not as light - but I'm still on the way and it's OK, a much better place than this time last year so no regrets!

Today's plans
B:  muesli with fruit and yogurt (I forgot to start off the overnight oats!)
L:  ham salad, coleslaw
D:  it's a picnic down the allotment, hopefully, so soft cheese and cucumber rolls, hummus and carrot dippers and a nice selection of fruit.  NO crisps!!!
S:  apples x 2

The rolls and the hummus will be from the freezer.

It's all nice and frugal today
The muesli is a gift
The ham was on special and I only bought two slices of it.
The coleslaw is home made
The rolls and the hummus are YS items, both really well reduced.
The soft cheese is home made!

I made yogurt at the weekend.  OK, so it's a bit cheat.  I don't faff with scalding milk, measuring temperatures, etc, I just bung long life milk and some of the current yogurt into my machine and turn it on.  Hey presto, eight hours later there's a batch!
The machine also has a separate bowl and strainer and I have taken to straining the fresh yogurt for a couple of hours to thicken it a bit.  You get a little less but I find I use less too.  This time, I spooked out most of the thickened yogurt and left the rest to drain further and that became very nice soft cheese after another 24 hours or so (in the fridge).  I added a little bit of salt and Bob's your uncle!

Note to self - tomorrow, use up the rest of the tuna from yesterday!