Sunday, 20 January 2019

Sunday. 20-01-19

Good morning.
I'm back at home instead of at my parents' home, feeling a bit sorry for myself but it's just a cold, I suspect, at the achy, sore throat, sneezy yucky stage before it all 'starts flowing'!  Not the sort of germs I want to share with two vulnerable people in their 90s!

When I got home yesterday, I decided to make a big pot of emergency bean and veg soup and I'm so glad I did as all I had to do is pile some into a bowl and heat it in the microwave now and again.  Great flavour, little effort and loads more left for today AND some to freeze.

It has onion, celery, carrot, potato, sweet potato, squash, parsnip, peas, sweetcorn, chickpeas, mixed beans and orzo plus vegetable stock, garlic and some seasonings. 
It will keep me going, that's for sure.

Today's plans are:
B:  yogurt and fruit.  One of the raffle contents was a pineapple but it still looks a bit green so I'll leave that for a few days.
SW:  free

L:  bean and veg soup; pitta dippers
As above.  It's a mixture of fresh, froxen and canned foods so it's also cleared a few spaces in freezer and cupboard
SW:  the soup is free, the dipper is my healthy extra B

D:  steak, SW chips and mushy peas
- assuming I feel OK.  If I don't, it'll be more soup.  I might make cheesy chips instead of plain ones.
SW:  free if it's plain chips, two healthy extra As if I make cheesy chips

Ss:  yogurt (one syn each), fruit.  If I have plain chips, I'll have my cheesy As as a snack.

No photos today, I'm afraid but I'll try and remember to photograph today's food.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Saturday, 19-01-19

Good morning.
I'm not feeling wonderful and may stay off the food today so no menu yet.
If there's no post tomorrow, don't worry, I'll be back!

Friday, 18 January 2019

Friday, 18-01-19

Good morning!

Yesterday's photo diary

plus more mini-oranged and two Hi-Fi bars

Two pounds off at group and I got Slimmer of the Week - sort of.  I wasn't the person who lost the most but first week losers are not eligible, neither is anyone who gained the previous week.  There were several of us who lost the same this week so the leader added in last week's losses as well as this week's to sort us out and that's how I got Slimmer of the Week.  No complaints from me - it was a lovely basket of goodies (including those two Hi-Fi bars which I ate as a sort of celebration).

I lost two pounds, by the way.

Today's plans:
B:  corned beef hash with fried tomatoes, apple
I have half the tin of corned beef to use up so this seems ideal!  Pre-cook some potato and some onion, cube/slice them, add cubes of corned beef, spray with oil and fry  and turn until getting crispy round the edges.
SW:  One and a half syns for the corned beef.

L:  tomato soup, bread for dunking
The soup is from the freezer and that's it, all gone now, so I will need to make some more next week.
SW:  the bread is half my healthy extra B and I will add some milk to the soup for part of a healthy extra A

D:  salmon, chips and peas; melon
Not that cheap but it doesn't matter as I'm not paying!
SW:  free

Ss:  fruit, Mullerlight yogurt (one syn), cheddar (the rest of my healthy extra As)

I won't be able to do a photo diary over the weekend but will be back with it on Monday.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Thursday, 17-01-19

Good morning.

After posting yesterday, I looked in my diary and realised I was out for lunch with a friend and I forgot to take the breakfast photo so all I have for my photo diary is this.

Not a pretty sight but it tasted fantastic!

Lunch was curried cauliflower soup and that was really delicious too.  Probably high in syns but too bad, I had it and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I've looked up a recipe and will see if I can adapt it

Today's plans are:
B:  I have to have the smoked mackerel and I'm not wasting the pasta so I'll spray the pasta with butter frylight and then mix in the flaked fish and warm it all up.  Might add some sliced tomato too.  Weird but fingers crossed.
SW:  the fish is one and a half syns

L:  yogurt and fruit
My usual Thursday lunch.
SW: free

D:  Corned beef and cheese on toast
You see, I have my healthy extras to eat and it has to be something quick so I will use half a can of lean corned beef, mushed and spread on toast and melt some cheese over the lot.  Some Lea and Perrins shaken over should pep it up nicely.
SW:  both lots of healthy extras and one and a half syns for the corned beef (more if I have more)

Ss:  mullerlight, mini-oranges

Weigh in this evening.  :-)

Wednesday, 16-01-19

Good morning.

Here's the photo diary although I had Beth (daughter) round and forgot to take a photo!

Today's plans are:
B: overnight oats with fruit (from the freezer)
 I haven't had OO for ages and I do love it.  I have added pineapple and wanted to use up some fresh blueberries too but, bad me, they had gone off so ended up in the recycling.  I try very hard not to do this but failed this time.
SW:  the oats are a healthy extra B and I will have half a healthy extra A as well in the form of milk

L:  Smoked mackerel pasta salad
The mackerel needs to be used by tomorrow and I cooked extra pasta yesterday so this will be a nice, easy lunch.  I intend to just flake the mackerel into the pasta and might add a bit of sauce of some kind - I'll see how it goes.   The salad will probably just be leaves and cucumber.  Simple.
SW:  one and a half syns for the mackerel

D:  tuna, bacon and cheese jacket potato with coleslaw and a side salad
Another one I haven't had for ages and I'm so looking forward to it.  Nice and easy to prepare in advance and great value
SW:  45g grated cheese is one and a half As and I will load up the extra light mayo with four tbsp for two syns (some for the tuna, some for coleslaw

Ss:  Mullerlight, banana, oranges

Look what I found yesterday in Morrisons.  I had one last night and it was very acceptable.  I daresay I couldn't have told you the flavour if I hadn't known but - smooth and sweet does it for me!

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Tuesday, 15-01-19

Good morning!
We're half way through the month, would you believe?  Where does the time go?

Here's yesterday's photo diary.
. . . and 30g cheese!

There a few changes from the plans, mostly due to lack of time.
I didn't have a poached egg with the breakfast fish and I didn't make any croutons for lunch.  I also had a mini orange rather than an apple.
Basically I had one and a  half healthy extra As and no B.  Not a great Slimming World day but never mind - could be worse!  I was full and felt well fed and the savoury rice was delicious.  I'm sure freezing develops the flavour.

Today's SW plans are . . .
B:  marmite on toast, fruit.
Quite simple today but I just fancied some toast.
SW:  the bread is my healthy extra B and I will use some dairylea light as well because it's so tasty with marmite.  Two wedges will be half of a healthy extra A

L:  broccoli soup, more fruit
I have a stem of broccoli to use and there's no way I'm going to chuck it.  Far too flavoursome.
SW:  the soup is free and I will sprinkle on 15g grated cheddar for the other half of one of my A

D:  bacon and mushroom cheesy pasta
Just a concoction using what I've got in the fridge!
SW  four dairylea wedges will be the other healthy extra A and I'm hoping the rest is free.

Ss:  Mullerlight, carrot batons

Monday, 14 January 2019

Monday, 14-01-19


Here's yesterday's photo diary.  It looks loads but it was all completely on plan!

Today's plans:
B:  Smoked haddock and poached egg
Yesterday was higher in meat so I want today to be lighter.  The fish isn't cheap but yesterday was pretty frugal what with using leftovers and bits and bobs so no problem.
SW:  I thought mackerel was free but I looked it up and the smoked kind carries syns - my portion will be one and a half syns which is hardly the end of the world.

L:  tomato soup with grated cheese and croutons, apple
Yes, I still have some of that tomato soup.  It really is a great value recipe.
SW:  I'll have 15g grated cheese which is half a healthy extra A and two of my three slices of crustless wholemeal for the croutons which will be one healthy extra B in total.

D:  Syn free savoury rice
Found in the freezer so I shall use it up.  No idea if it has meat in but it probably has as it's not labelled 'vegetarian' or 'meat free' and I will add some extra speed - pepper and mushroom.  It just needs heating to piping hot so an easy one.

Ss:  one slice of bread (might toast and marmite it), hot milk at bedtime (my other healthy extra A), fruit