Friday, 10 July 2020

Friday, 10-07-20

Good morning
 It's funny, isn't it, how you can sometimes just tell straight away that it's going to be a difficult day, food-wise.
Some people call them 'hungry' days although it's not exactly hunger, just a 'need' to eat.  I'm not sure what causes it; it might be the weather, it might be hormones (but not for me nowadays!) or emotional upsets but it's a day where one needs to tread carefully and be alert.

It's on days like yesterday that I am very thankful that I don't have a lot of extra snacky bits and bobs in the house.

What's your strategy on days like that?
Mine are:
  • to be flexible - things might need to be changed/moved around
  • to make myself eat slowly - the old adage of chewing each mouthful twenty times has a ring of helpfulness about it, as does taking small mouthfuls and leaving time between them.  They say it takes about twenty minutes for the tum to register that it feels full so I try to give myself that twenty minutes
  • to drink plenty of fluid (and stay near a loo afterwards!)
  • to use a smaller plate - silly, I know, but if the plate looks fuller, it can help my sense of satisfaction
  • to keep busy
How do you handle it?
Yesterday's photos:

I changed my plans.  I worked out that I could have four babybel lights for two eggs almost to the same calories so I had two with my toast and saved the other two for later on.
The restricted eating went by the board too as I knew I'd have to be in the car heading off to a friends by 9:30 so I ate at nine.

I had one of the remaining two babybels at around twelve thirty . . .

. . . and the other after this gorgeous bowl of soup (and what was left in the saucepan) for lunch.
No piece of fruit as I'd had it at breakfast.

By the time the Zoom meeting came along (half a pound off - better than on, anyway), things had stabilised and everything felt normal again.

I'm glad I swapped items around a bit - I think it helped.

And this was dinner.  I ate the lot, thoroughly enjoyed it, had the yogurt too and felt perfectly satisfied.

So the end of day calorie count was pretty much what I'd planned - 1291 calories and I did have a heA in the babybels, after all

Today's plans:
B:  fruit and yogurt
It's a bit tight today because I will have to eat quickly sandwiched between two events so fruit and yogurt is the way to go, I think.

apple = 50 cals
orange = 55 cals
yogurt = 80 cals
total = 185 cals
SW:  half a syn

L:  minestrone soup, bread roll; apple
The same as yesterday and jolly nice, the soup used up all sorts of bits and bobs.  There's one remaining portion in the freezer for another wet day sometime.

portion of soup = 135 cals
bread roll = 158 cals (ish)
apple = 50 cals
total = 343 cals
SW:  one heB

D:  sweet and sour chicken, stir fry veg, rice; yogurt
I have half of the sweet and sour sauce I made a week or so ago in the freezer which will be just right with chicken and Chinese veg.

the sauce = 70 cals
chicken fillet = 330 cals but it's  big fillet and I may not have all of it)
stir fry veg - 25 cals
rice (50g dry) = 178 cals
yogurt = 80 cals
total = 683 cals
SW:  three syns for the sauce

S:  none

Body Magic:  step, a walk

one healthy extra B (no A but plenty of yogurt)
three and a half syns
1211 calories

Thursday, 9 July 2020

Thursday, 09-07-20

Good morning.
It's zoom meeting and weigh in today so fingers crossed.

Yesterday's photos:
Well, my experiment with the silicon mini-pancake flipper-over thingy was - let's say interesting.  One total success and five that didn't flip so I had to flip them myself.  Bet you can tell which is the perfect one.
I will persist but I'm betting I'd do better just measuring them out in tablespoons when I want mini pancakes.
(Glad it was cheap!)
Slight change - *I had one orange and a couple of small 'flat' peaches instead.  Much of a muchness really.

Nice lunch with loads of speed and the chicken and asparagus quiche certainly keeps well frozen.

A very nice piece of steak and the potatoes (all the tiny little ones I dug up) were gorgeous.

I stayed absolutely on plan yesterday  (apart from the fruit swap) so the final calorie total was 1130 calories.

Today's plans:
B:  boiled eggs and toasty marmite dippers
I will have to have breakfast early as I'm off out later on.
two eggs = 156 cals
two slices bread = 140 cals
total = 296 cals
SW:  one heB

L:  home made minestrone soup; nectarine
It was so very miserable yesterday, I set to and made a nice big bowl of soup, basically using bits and bobs.  I used a carton of chopped tomatoes, chicken stock powder, onion, potato, broad beans and mixed veg (both finishing off bags in the freezer), orzo, sweet potato and tomato puree plus some spices and seasonings, some Lea and Perrins and some soy sauce.  It's made three good portions.
I weighed everything, totted up the calories and did the maths.
It's been standing overnight and the flavours have developed nicely.

one portion of soup = 135 cals
two thin slices ham = 42 cals
30g grated cheese on top = 126 cals
nectarine = 50
total = 353 cals
SW:  free

D: bacon cheese burger, salad and chips; yogurt
I just really, really fancy this so why not?

skinny burger = 122 cals
cheesy slice = 52 cals
bacon medallion = 52 cals
wholemeal roll = 158 calories
150g potato (for a few chips) = 113 cals
salad = 20 cals
45g mayo = 45 cals
yogurt = 80 cals
total = 642 cals
SW:  eight syns for the roll (as I've already had my heB), two and a half syns for the cheese (cheese slices don't count as healthy extras - shame) and one and a half syns for the mayo

S:  none

Body Magic:  some step exercises

one heB
twelve syns
1291 calories

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Wednesday, 08-07-20

Good morning.

Yesterday's photos:
Oh, dear.  When I drizzled the choc shot on, it looked really nice but by the time I got the plate to the camera, it had splurged all over and looked like marmite or something.  Never mind, it tasted great all the same - coffee flavoured oat bran pancakes with choc hot, strawberries and yogurt.

Now, because of dentist and then shopping, I didn't have breakfast until nearly twelve.  Then I went to the allotment and by the time I got home it was nearly four.  I really didn't want lunch so late so I skipped it and just had some fruit - a nectarine, two little flat peaches and an easy peeler with a can of diet lemonade.
It was delicious!

Dinner may not be very colourful but, oh, I did enjoy it so much.  The beans and the potato, both from allotment, had such flavour and the fish in the crunchy batter just hit the spot.

Here's some changes to the calories.  I didn't have lunch, I had fewer potatoes than expected and changed the planned peas for beans.  Sometimes plans remain just that - plans only.
I won't bore you with the numbers, just to say the final calorie total was 1007 cals (not really enough).  Makes up for Friday evening last, maybe.  :-)

Today's plans:
B:  pancakes, fruit and yogurt
Yes, I know, pancakes again.  The reason is that I had ordered a little silicon gizmo for making and flipping seven mini pancakes - you may have seen it in the adverts - and it arrived yesterday so I want to try it out.
(I've giggled my way through some you tube clips that indicate that it's not as easy as it would appear to be - we will see!  After all, I still remember with horror the first few times I use my beloved waffle maker . . .)
I'll go for orange flavouring and orange segments today, I think.  Yum.

pancake recipe = 150 cals
two oranges = 120 cals
yogurt = 60 cals
total = 330 cals
SW:  half a heB and half a syn

L:  chicken and asparagus quiche, salad; pear
From the freezer and I have just one slice left from the eight.  It's been such a useful thing to have tucked away

quiche = 234 cals
salad veg = 30 cals, approx
2 tsp raspberry vinaigrette - 26 cals
pear = 55 cals
total = 345 cals
SW:  one heA, one and a half syns

D:  steak, new potatoes, broccoli and fried tomatoes; yogurt
It's a right miserable day today and by the evening I suspect I will need something special, something that makes me feel I've been spoiled.  I have steak in the freezer, I have gorgeous new potatoes, loads of tomatoes (I went to Aldi yesterday) and broccoli is a favourite veg.
It's one of those meal that's easier to do that at first appears.
The potatoes will go in the bottom of my one the hob steamer with the broccoli above.  The steak will need attention but it's easy.  Once the steak is done and resting, the tomatoes can go in the same pan with a bit of spray oil.
Dead easy!

steak = 195 cals
150g new potatoes = 113 cals
100g broccoli = 34 cals
100g tomatoes = 18 cals
mustard = 15 cals
yogurt = 80 cals
total = 455 cals
SW:  one syn for the mustard and half a syn for the yogurt

S:  fruit

Body Magic:  it's personal training today and the way it's raining, I guess it will be delivered online.

one heA and half a heB
three and a half syns
1130 calories

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Tuesday, 07-07-20

Good morning

Yesterday's photos:
No photo of breakfast which was a yogurt and an apple.  I missed the orange because I didn't have any - I forgot I'd taken them to Dad's.

These courgettes really are very filling indeed.  I was so full, I didn't want the apple until later on.

A very tasty dinner and, again, filling.  I sprayed the breadcrumb and Italian cheese topping with some frylight and it came out quite crunchy.
Boy, it was filling!

Yesterday's calorie summary:
First of all, I made a huge mistake in the broad bean count.  It most certainly isn't what I said it was, it's 98 cals for 100g so let's call it 50 for the 50g I had.
Then I didn't have the breakfast orange and by the time I'd finished dinner I was way too full for any yogurt.
So I had to pay myself back 260 calories which means yesterday's food was only 915 cals which, obviously, was not at all good so a bit later on I pretty much made up the deficit with some peanut butter.  Lovely stuff!

Today's plans:
B:  oat bran pancakes with fruit and yogurt
It's a great favourite and the choc shot is to console myself after a visit to the dentist!

pancake recipe = 150 cals
50g each of blueberries, raspberries and strawberries = 50 cals
lemon yogurt = 80 cals
1 tbsp choc shot = 39 cals
total = 319 cals
SW:  half a heB, two syns for the choc shot and half a syn for the yogurt

L:  cheese and chutney toastie, fried tomatoes; apple
Just what it says, using 30g cheese and two slices of wholemeal, one as half a heB and three syns for the other

two slices wholemeal = 140 cals
30g grated cheese = 126 cals
25g red onion chutney = 47 cals
tomatoes = 18 cals
apple = 50 cals
total = 381 cals
SW:  two syns for the chutney, three to the bread, one heA and one heB

D:  fish, new potatoes and peas; yogurt
I just love that frozen and  battered fish so I'm spoiling my self today.  The new potatoes are from the allotment and are so delicious.

the fish = 223 cals
200g new potatoes = 150 cals
100g peas = 64 cals
30g super light mayo (I love it with fish) = 30 cals
yogurt = 80 cals
total = 547 cals
SW:  eight syns for the fish*, one for the mayo and half for the yogurt

S:  fruit

Body Magic:  not sure yet

one heA and one heB
sixteen syns but I'm not fussed because see the calories!
1247 cals

Monday, 6 July 2020

Monday, 06-07-20

Good morning.

Yesterday's photos:
No food photos (I will start taking them again today) but it's been a good weekend.  A bit of a slip on Friday evening (I blame the over-large G&T) but after that it's been a great SW-friendly weekend.  I'm so pleased!

However, I do have a photo of some fresh produce.  The courgette is from Dad's garden, the beans and potatoes are from the allotment and the baby cucumber is from my garden.  Most satisfactory.
(and then I found another cucumber - they camouflage themselves well)

Today's plans:
B:  yogurt and fruit
It's easy and I can have it when I get home with no hassles

yogurt = 80 cals
apple = 50 cals
orange = 60 cals
total = 190 cals
SW:  half a syn for the yogurt

L:  courgette fritters, salad; apple
I've come home with that courgette from Dad's garden which needs to be eaten so why not, seeing how much I like them!

15g oat bran = 55 cals
egg = 78 cals
100g courgette = 18 cals
little bits of red pepper, onion and muhroom = 20 cals approx
30g not-parmesan Italian cheese = 116 cals
salad = 20 cals
1 tsp raspberry vinaigrette = 13 cals
apple = 50 cals
total = 352 cals
SW:  half a heb, one heA, half a syn

D:  courgette topped cottage pie
I'm going to use one of the pots of pork mince and probably zip it up a bit with chilli, add some extra veg, top it with courgette slices and then sprinkle over a mixture of grated cheese, breadcrumbs and herbs or spice before baking until the mixture is bubbling and the topping is browned.  Sounds OK, doesn't it?

pork mince = 150 cals
breadcrumbs = 70 cals
30g not parmesan Italian hard cheese = 116 cals
added veg = 29 cals
100g courgette = 18 cals
broad beans, 50g = 170 cals (ouch)
yogurt = 80 cals
total = 633 cals
SW:  one heA and half a heB, one syn for the pork mince mixture and half a syn for the yogurt

S:  none

Body Magic:  allotment work, I hope

two heAs and one heB
one and a half syns
1175 cals

Sunday, 5 July 2020

Sunday, 05-07-20

Good morning

Well, yesterday went pretty well.  Plans changed slightly because when I went down to Dad's veg patch, there was a courgette all ready for cutting - so I did and we had some for dinner.  Very nice indeed.
Lunch turned out to be the scrambled egg because Dad was out of ham and the online shop wasn't coming until the afternoon so that's scheduled for today now.

Dinner was gorgeous.  I know it's not necessarily authentic and purists may shudder but both Dad and I like out lamb cooked very long and slow so these lamb gigots had two hours, covered, at gas 3 and they just melted in the mouth.  With it we had a mix of left over peas and sweet corn, the new potatoes and that courgette, fried in a little brushed over melted butter (it really doesn't take much) with my other heA of grated cheese sprinkled on top.  Mmmmm.  No dessert - no room for any!

Today's plans:
B:  yogurt and fruit - same as yesterday.
SW:  half a syn for the yogurt

L:  ham salad, bread and spready cheese; apple
Just what it says really.  I'm having spready cheese on the bread because it's a way of getting my healthy extra A
SW:  one heA, one heB and one syn for some dressing

D:  beef, roasted beetroot, asparagus, new potatoes (from the allotment again); yogurt
I did roasted beetroot (from Dad's garden) last time I was here and Dad requested it again.  It's very simple - just take off the leaves, leaving about a cm of stem, carefully wash the beetroots, smear over some oil, sprinkle over salt and a few herbs and slow roast.
The beef is one of those huge ribs (shared between the two of us) and I'll discard all the fat.
It's fun raiding Dad's freezer - a bit like a lucky dip.
SW:  two syns for oil on the beetroot (probably not as much as that but better safe than sorry); two syns for some gravy (again, a bit over-estimated, I think) and half a syn for the yogurt. 

S:  none

Body Magic:  really no idea.

one heA and one heB
six syns

Back to normal tomorrow!  The post will be later than usual but it will be here. 

Saturday, 4 July 2020

Saturday, 04-07-20

Good morning.

I don't have any photos from yesterday as, stupidly, I left my tech bag at home so am using Dad's PC.  However, I will say that those cheesy courgette fritters were absolutely delicious, really good, and I will, as I did actually take some photos of that, do a proper recipe post when I get home.
I'm definitely making them again, especially when the allotment courgettes get going!
Today's plans:

I'm not doing calories for a few days - I can't really prep before hand and at my convenience in someone else's home so I will just do SW values.  Back on the calories on Monday!

B:  apple, orange and yogurt
Nice and simple.
SW:  half a syn for the yogurt (I always bring my own to Dad's

L:  Either ham salad or scrambled eggs on toast, depending on what Dad fancies; fruit
I'll have to check with him and it's way too early for that.
SW:  one heA for some spready cheese on toast or bread and one heB for the bread itself

D:  lamb steak, broccoli, sweet corn, new potatoes; yogurt or fruit
The potatoes are from my allotment and are delicious.
SW:  half a syn for the yogurt and an estimated two syns each for any gravy/mint sauce

S:  none!!

Body Magic:  a walk

one heA and one heB
around five syns