Friday, 12 August 2022

Friday, 12-08-22

Morning, everyone!
SW meeting and weigh in this morning.  It's been a good week, it really has, but you can never tell how the weigh in is going to go, especially when it's hot.

I had a bit of a session in the kitchen yesterday as I had two things I needed to make or start making.
One was a batch of vegetarian sausage rolls, recipe by Delia, that you can easily find if you Google.  Mum had made these ever since Beth  turned vegetarian at the age of around ten/eleven and then I took over.  Anyway, I said I would take some to the afternoon me and the girls (I know it's really 'the girls and I', but the other sounds more matey) are having tomorrow.  I bought the puff pastry (I'm not daft!!), made the filling and ended up with a lovely batch of these vegetarian sausage rolls which have been frozen, uncooked, ready to take out what I need as they can be cooked from frozen.
There was some rolled pastry left over so I cut it into rectangles big enough to top a one person pie, looked up the calories and did the maths and I have five frozen rectangles of puff pastry at eight syns a time to top mince, chicken, etc, if I fancy a bit of a pie vibe!

The other was really just a chicken mixture with chicken, bacon, onion, assorted veg, canned tomatoes, etc.
It made quite a lot of rather delicious sauce so I ladled off two portions of sauce and then two portions of the  mixture, both SW free, and they are now in the freezer too.  The rest will be used tonight.

It wasn't even too hot because the kitchen is on the shady side of the house and I had the extractor fan doing good work.
Yesterday's meals:

I really wasn't all that hungry so I had an apple and it was lovely!

However, I had taken the breakfast bread and the bacon out of the freezer so I subbed the bacon for the Parma ham, made croutons with one slice of bread, added the feta and half a sliced nectarine, plus my dressing (one part grain mustard, one part agave nectar/honey/maple syrup, two parts lime juice (from a bottle is fine) ) and lo and behold - feta and bacon salad with nectarine and croutons.  
The croutons and the cut up bacon cooked together in the ninja while I was prepping the rest.  Very speedy. and dead easy
So, so delicious.

I had the other half of the nectarine later on. 
As for the Parma ham, it did need using up so I added it to what I'm serving up tonight.

When it came to it, I really didn't want sweet potato fries and just had a nice selection of tomatoes with my chicken.  It was delicious.

The day's eating finished with a yogurt.

It turned out to be quite a busy day and my steps were just over 13,500.  That's good!

Todays meal plans:

B:  yogurt and fruit
. . . because I love it and I have lots of lovely berries to use.
SW:  one and a half syns for 5% Greek yogurt and the berries will all be speed

L:  I'm going to try to get away with just fruit because see below!   :-)
SW:  speed

D:  chicken and bacon pasta bake, salad, garlic bread; lemon and mango meringue roulade
Dave and Anna are round for supper this evening.  The main course is definitely on plan, even the garlic bread, but the dessert definitely isn't.  I fell for it when I was shopping and it is in the freezer, ready to be brought out later.
I'm doing another pasta bake because I love it, it's easy, on plan and there might be leftovers for tomorrow!
SW:  no idea!

E:  a walk

not a clue about SW values today but the calories might not be too disastrous as long as I am sensible.

Dave and Anna aren't coming as Anna is unwell so the chicken mixture and the bought garlic bread are now in the freezer and I've got out one of the individual portions instead, the wine has been hidden away (out of sight, out of mind, and today is back on plan.

B:  the same
SW:  speed and one and a half syns

L:  topless bacon and cheese toastie, salad; fruit
SW:  one healthy extra A, half a healthy extra B, maybe one and a half syns for chutney

D:  chicken pasta bake, salad, sort off garlic bread; yogurt
The pasta bake will be the same, ditto the salad.  I might attempt a sort of garlic bread with garlic granules and spray oil - maybe.
SW:  one healthy extra A, half a healthy extra B, one and a half syns for dressing and half a syn for the yogurt

two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
five syns

Thursday, 11 August 2022

Thursday 11-08-22

Morning, everyone!
It's going to be a hottie today so I have my water bottle on stand by and ice in the freezer.

Yesterday's meals:

One choccy weetabix, strawberries, pineapple and some Greek yogurt.  Perfect after an energetic circuits session on a warm summer morning.

(I had a carrot before I went to circuits)

This was so good.  It's not really a pizza so I think I'm going to call it a topless toastie from now on.  A great way to get the toastie vibe when you only have half a healthy extra B left.

Later on in the afternoon, I had an apple and a nectarine.

I should have had broccoli too but when I looked at it, it looked so much . . . It is weird how a little bit of this, that and the other adds up to a very tasty and filling whole.

A Mullerlight finished off the day's food.

And steps came to just over 8,000

Todays meal plans:

B:  bacon sandwich with tomatoes on the side
SW:  one healthy extra B

L:  feta, parma ham and nectarine salad; fruit
. . . just because why not?
SW:  one healthy extra A for feta cheese and one and a half syns for salad dressing

D:  chicken escalope, sweet potato fries, salad; yogurt
What I plan to do is bash out the smallest chicken breast fillet I have, dust it with that Schwartz run and spray fry it.  I might make a spicy tomato sauce to go with it, if there are enough tomatoes (and there probably will be)
SW:  half a syn for the rub and half a syn for the yogurt

E:  nothing specifically planned today

one healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
two and a half syns

Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Wednesday, 10-08-22

Morning, everyone!
Half way through the week and all's well at Chateau Slimming World!  It rather puzzles me how sometimes it can be so very straightforward and sometimes such a struggle.  Weird.

Yesterday's meals:

I rarely make toast nowadays.  Instead, I spray the slice of bread with spray oil and pop it in the pan to brown and crisp.  Yesterday, I kept it warm while I then cooked the tomatoes in the same pan, and then the egg.
I overcooked the egg, I know, but it was all delicious anyway!  Eggs are good, however you do them.

The corned beef pate worked really well.  I will definitely be doing it again and, maybe, add some horseradish to it next time, rather than chutney.  It made an awful lot - maybe, next time, I'll divide the contents of the can into thirds.
I added three syns to the daily total with another slice of bread.

Afters was a nectarine and later on I had a flat peach.

This was a big old plate of food, basically some chicken breast and a shedload of veg - sweetcorn, courgette, tomatoes, salad leaves, pepper, cucumber and carrot.  So good!
It looks burnt but it's more a sort of bbq charring effect - it didn't taste burnt except for the very edges of the corn.  It all had twenty minutes in the Ninja and I think probably seventeen would have been better.
The Schwartz rub was so delicious - I will use some of what's left to dust a battered out chicken breast sometime soon  - like an escalope but without breadcrumbs.

I was absolutely stuffed so no room for the planned dessert.

Todays meal plans:

B:  weetabix, fruit and yogurt
Just because I love it so much!
SW:  half a healthy extra B for one weetabix and one and a half syns for 100g 5% Greek yogurt

L:  brown bread pizza, salad; fruit
I plan to crisp up the bread as described above, spread over a sauce made just from my fresh tomatoes,  add pepper and mushroom and with cheese on top, melted under the grill.  Not quite a pizza, I suppose, more a fancy toast topper!  Yum.
SW:  one healthy extra A, half a healthy extra B and, perhaps, one and a half syns for salad dressing

D:  corned beef pasta bake, side salad; yogurt
I know one doesn't usually use corned beef for a pasta bake but I so enjoyed the bake on Saturday and Sunday and corned beef should give a different flavour.  As usual it will be loaded with veg too.
SW:  one healthy extra A, two and a half syns for 100g lean corned beef and half a syn for a yogurt

E:  circuits

two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
six syns

Tuesday, 9 August 2022

Tuesday, 09-08-22

Morning, everyone!
I can't believe how well this week is going.  (fingers firmly crossed, touching wood and any other superstitious stuff you can think of).

I think working on a biggish crochet project is helping a lot.  I'm having to concentrate on learning new stitches and following a pattern, something I haven't done much with crochet before, and it is keeping my mind off food and my fingers out of the fridge.

Long may it last!

Yesterday's meals:

Delicious fruit and yogurt on a bed of crushed weetabix.  What style, eh?!!!
I do love a good toastie!

Later on, I had a nectarine.  I might also have had a few strawberries while I was prepping them to make jam!
Nice, tasty and all done in the actifry!

A yogurt finished off the day's eating.

Just over 5,000 steps today.  Not great but it was a pretty static day so I'm glad I managed that many.

Todays meal plans:

B:  egg and tomatoes on toast
I have loads and loads of tomatoes now so breakfast can be a real tomato-fest.
SW:  half a healthy extra A for one slice of toast and the rest is protein and speed

L:  corned beef meat paste, melba toast, finger salad; fruit
I plan to turn my other slice of B bread into melba toast.  The meat paste will be half a can of Princes lean corned beef (100g), mashed with one tbsp chutney and a bit of cheese spread.  It's just an experiment, it might be horrible, but worth a try, I think.
(I'll have the rest of the corned beef tomorrow!)
SW:  half a healthy extra B, half a healthy extra A, two and a half syns for the corned beef, one and a half syns for the chutney and half a syn for some spray salad dressing.

D:  citrus Brazilian chicken kebabs, sweetcorn, salad; cherry yogurt ice
Last week, while I was shopping, I got a Schwartz sachet, Grill Mates Citrus Brazilian BBQ seasoning rub.  I checked it and it's two and a half syns for the whole pack so half a syn, pretty much, for a quarter.  I plan to make kebabs with courgette, mushrooms and tomatoes and I will either grill of Ninja them - or I might get out the Cobb and use that instead.  I don't want to use the BBQ grill because the tomatoes might drop off and then I have lost them.
Anyway, I will decide that later.
SW:  half a syn for the rub, half a syn for the yogurt and I don't intend synning the frozen cherries, even though they will be blitzed.

E:  Groove aerobics

half a healthy extra A
one healthy extra A
five and a half

Monday, 8 August 2022

Monday, 08-08-22

Morning, everyone!
It's so nice to be properly back on track again and enjoying my healthy meals without feeling any cravings (well, very few, anyway) to snack on nasty stuff!
Fingers crossed it continues.

Yesterday's meals:

Scrunched up choc weetabix, fruit and yogurt.  Tasty and, with the weetabix, jolly filling too.  I can see this becoming a regular choice and it still leaves me with a slice of bread for lunch, should I want it.

The pasta bake leftovers.  I refreshed the salad leftovers with leaves, pepper and tomatoes and it was all jolly tasty.  I love a good old choppy salad!

Later on, I had a peach.
I haven't had a roast-type dinner for quite a while so I really enjoyed this one.  Lamb leg steak, mini roasties, carrots, broccoli and tomatoes with a home made mint sauce.  So good and all that speed!!
I had a yogurt for afters.

Steps were low yesterday, around 3,500, but on Saturday they were over 10,000.
Todays meal plans:

B:  fruit, weetabix and yogurt
This was so very nice yesterday, I want it again today.  I'll have to syn the weetabix as I'm using my B choice for lunch.
SW:  three and a half syns for the weetabix (Aldi's wheat bisks really) and up to one and a half syns for 5% Greek yogurt

L:  cheesy bacon toastie, salad; fruit
I rather fancy this and it should use all my healthy extras, something I've not been all that good at recently.
SW:  up to two healthy extra As, one healthy extra B, one and a half syns for some onion chutney and ditto for my salad dressing

D: roast chicken, roasted vegetables (such as onion, squash, sweet potato, pepper), tomatoes; yogurt
I have some chicken pieces (on the bone and I'll have to take the skin off).  I heard that the ninja roasts chicken really well so I'll give it a go and see.
SW:  half a syn for the yogurt but the rest should all be speed and free

E:  Some of Lindsey's exercise video clips

up to two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
eight and a half syns

Sunday, 7 August 2022

A week in meals

 Starting 30-07-22, just the 'mains'.

eating out
Spanish chicken and rice

cooked breakfast
cheese and chutney toastie
chicken makhani

scrambled eggs with Parma ham and mixed veg
chicken makhani, pitta and salad

smoked salmon and cucumber sandwiches
loaded chips (nicer than it looks)

(breakfast was an apple)
tuna and cottage cheese salad

baked egg
nasi goreng and pickled salad
chicken salad

fruit and yogurt
cottage cheese and smoked salmon salad
burger and chips

Sunday, 07-08-22

Morning, everyone!
I was so pleased with how dinner went yesterday.  All SW friendly, on plan and we all very much enjoyed it - you'd have never known it was part of a 'slimming' plan.  I think that, for me, that is one of the strengths of SW - it is all so normal!  Nothing fancy, nothing particularly 'specialist', just an emphasis on healthy eating really.
Yesterday's meals:

No real photos but not for any negative reasons.  I didn't have much during the day because I just wasn't that hungry.  I had a banana for breakfast, I finished off the bit of cottage cheese later on and I tasted what I was making for dinner, obviously.  Apart from that, I pretty much fasted.  I thought I might feel hungry this morning but I don't, no more than usual.

This was the pasta mixture before cheesing and baking . . .
. . .  and this is what was left over.  Perfect for lunch today.

I did have both the planned slices of garlic bread but I chose the smallest two - can you see my halo?
All in all, it was a good SW friendly dinner.
Todays meal plans:

B:  weetabix fruit salad and yogurt
The fruit salad and yogurt are leftovers from last night and the yogurt is flavoured with Sugarly and some vanilla essence.
I thought I might add some B by scrunching a choc weetabix (or the Aldi version) into the bowl as well.  Nice!
SW:  half a healthy extra B, half a syn for the yogurt (there isn't all that much really) and the rest is speed or free

L:  pasta bake and salad; fruit
See above.
SW:  one healthy extra A for cheese and one and a half syns for some of my salad dressing

D:   lamb leg steak, assorted veg, roasties; yogurt
I'm going for a traditional roast dinner for once.  :-)
SW:  I might use a tsp of oil for the roasties for two syns and half a syn for the yogurt


one healthy extra A
half a healthy extra B
four and a half syns