Recommended SW friendly sites

Since starting Slimming World, I've put together a range of internet places where I know I can get workable, economical, sensible and adaptable recipes.
I though it would be a good idea to share them with you although I expect you already know about most of them.
Happy browsing!

Pinch of Nom
Kay and Kate are two chefs who went to Slimming World and developed their own recipes to support their 'journey'.
The site is overloaded with adverts and scrolling through them can be a bit of a pain but, believe me, it's worth it for the excellent recipes near the bottom which are generally practical, down to earth and delicious.
It has quite a good search function and an index to help you find appropriate recipes; some recipes detail different methods, e.g. Instant Pot, slow cooker, stove top and even a few Thermomix recipes.  Very varied and I find I'm spoilt for choice!
The recipes are no longer valued for Slimming World but, even so, they are SW friendly and easily valuedlued.
Kay and Kate also have a very popular and busy Facebook page and several books/food diaries which I would thoroughly recommend (See Amazon but you can find them in many bookshops and supermarkets)

Slimming Eats
This site belongs to Siobhan, born in London and now living in Ontario.  She discovered Slimming World online after various ups and downs and started her blog, gradually developing it into the fantastic resource it is today.
The site is simply loaded with fantastic, delicious recipes with full nutritional information.  They are practical, sensible and very varied.
Siobhan is also a fan of her Instant Pot and a number of her recipes reflect that.
A minus is that it is loaded with adverts, like Pinch of Nom, and one has to scroll down to find the actual recipe itself but, once found, there's a button for printing off the recipe - very handy.  There's also a good search function under the 'recipes' tab.
Like the Pinch of Nom, she no longer values to Slimming World but they are easily worked out.

Jack Monroe
I've been a fan and a follower of Jack since early days, not long after the famous burger hit the world.  I've even had one of my recipes posted by her at one point.
I wouldn't say Jack's recipes conform strictly to Slimming World, but they can be 'optimised' and they are very, very good value and so tasty.
Her site is always worth a rootle through.   There are adverts but they are not intrusive.
Most of all, I love her no-nonsense, sharing and caring approach.  There's not a selfish bone in her body.
Go on - take a look.

Thrifty Lesley 
Have you come across Thrifty Lesley?

She's had a very frugal blog for ages now and her ideas and recipes really do work.  I've used a number of them myself,  She is also a presence on Facebook.

Lesley is doing Slimming World and has been working on a brilliant resource, a month of low syn budget meals.  It covers everything - main meals and snacks.  The lot (as it says).
Here's the link to that page
and while you're there, click around and get to know the place.  There's so much there.

Here's the link to her facebook SW group too.

Two Chubby(ish) Cubs
Another site with adverts but really nothing anywhere near as blatant as some and nowhere near as intrusive.
This one is a bit different as the main body of the text is a blog - rather rude in places, quite earthy language, sometimes very funny . . . it's not totally my cuppa but, big but, the SW friendly recipes are fantastic.  They're pretty casual about some of the less sensible SW rules (as I am) but the proof of the pudding is that they both lost huge amounts of weight in a year , more or less following SW.
The site is laden with recipes and I think it's a fantastic resource for anyone who likes healthy cooking.  And, like Pinch of Nom, you can always just scroll down to the recipe at the foot of each entry, you don't have to read through everything if you don't want to (I usually do).
Like Slimming Eats and Pinch of Nom, there's a 'print' button for the actual recipe, making it simple to get yourself a hard copy.

Fat Girl Skinny
Kirsty lives in Scotland and joined Slimming World after a health scare (sounds very familiar), losing the weight and now working to maintain (which can be just as hard).
In the process, she has developed, adapted and created a huge number of recipes that are realistic, not too expensive and very achievable. 
This site is very SW orientated with loads and loads of recipes, hints, idea and general support stuff but the recipes work whatever plan you are or are not following.
Like most of the others, it is advert laden. so scrolling down is essential, but once you get used to that, it's a treasure chest, it really is.
Unlike some of the other sites, there's no 'print' button so I highlight, copy and paste into Word if I want to keep it or highlight, copy and go straight to print.  Either way works!
There's also a link to her Facebook page, if you use Facebook.
It's well worth a good browse if you are looking to lose weight and enjoy cooking from scratch.

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