Recipe links

I've collected all the SW friendly recipes I've posted in this blog and created links to them here - click on the recipe you want and it should take you straight there.
Hopefully you will find it helpful;  I know I will.
If you find a broken link, please do let me know.  Thanks.

An actifry breakfast
Baked eggs
Banana-oat pancakes
Breakfast Buns
Breakfast muffin
Hash brown waffles
Hot cross bun baked oats
Christmas baked oats
Light and fluffy oat bran pancakes
Orange baked oats
Oat galettes
Rosti egg cups
Seven Slimming World Breakfasts
Strawberry and vanilla baked oats
Sweet pancakes
The definitive waffle
Meatballs in tomato sauce
Mediterranean stuffed peppers
Mince and broccoli macaroni bake
Pasta with salmon and peas
Pizza quesadilla
Pork casserole
Pork sausage (home made)
Salmon curry in a hurry
Sausage and roasted veg pie
Syn free savoury/dirty rice
Spicy beanburgers
Spicy chicken rice one pot
Spicy smoked salmon pasta
Spicy pasta and meatballs
Turkey tomato gratin SP
A stir fry sauce

Mumbai (Bombay) potatoes
Cajun spiced carrot and parsnip chips
Cheesy potato cakes
Chicken round the world
Chips the Slimming World way
'Creamed' swede
Syn free coleslaw
Courgette fritters
Hash browns
Syn free potato waffles
Spanish cauliflower rice
Spicy sweet potato chips
Wholemeal Yorkshire puddings

Chocolate 'cake'
Egg custard (Instant Pot recipe)
Fresh fruit not-crumble
Frozen fruit foam
Raspberry/strawberry roulade
Aromatic rice pudding
Custardy yogurt
Pancake treats
Sweet pancakes

Barbecue sauce
Barbecue relish


  1. Thank you for all this Joy.

    1. It's a great pleasure. I keep adding to it when I post a recipe and I do find it helpful. xx