Monday 8 October 2018

Recipe: chicken, ham and vegetable soup

This soup was flippin' awesome and I am thrilled to bits that I have made enough for tomorrow too.  (It's actually jolly hard to make just enough soup for one portion anyway!)
It is chunky, flavoursome, meaty, filling and just all round comforting.
(and it is SW free!)
I'd eaten about half before I remembered to take a photo.)

I just used what I had in the fridge/cupboard here at Center Parcs, mostly stuff that I brought from home.

What I did:
I had a bit of soup left over from yesterday's lunch and a bit of chicken stock from roasting the chicken breast yesterday evening,  That went into a saucepan.
Then I added some onion, a bit of carrot, a bit of sweet potato, a couple of small waxy potatoes (didn't want them disintegrating), some chicken breast (about 150g, I reckon), some lean ham (a small slice), some orzo, a couple of tsps of chicken stock powder, some garlic puree and some pepper.  No salt because the stock is salty.  It also needed some water.  All the meat and veg were chopped into dice before chucking in the pan.
I simply boiled the whole lot up together, stirring occasionally and adding water, if needed, until everything was nice and soft.  The starch from the potato and the orzo thickened the soup nicely with no need for anything else.

And it was, as I said, awesomely good.  Another to go on the 'do it again' list.


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    1. As the old ad said:
      Looks good, tastes good and by gum, it does you good.'
      Remember that? Was it for Guinness?