Saturday 13 October 2018

Saturday, 13-10-18

Good morning!

Until yesterday I did have a few hopes that I might have maintained this week, all the calories burned in exercise compensating for the few lapses but now - the question is 'how much on?'  I'd rather know than remain in doubt, that's just me, so I'm definitely off to a conveniently early Saturday morning SW club here where my parents live.

Not to worry, it happens, it was a great holiday, back on the wagon now and all my meals have been planned.  Dad doesn't seem to have salad veg in so I will stop off on the way home from the SW club here and get some.

So, today's plans are:
B:  fruit salad and yogurt; maybe some scrambled egg before or after

L:  ham and salad

D:  cottage pie (parental request) - I'll make mine separate so I don't have cheesy, buttery mash on top - and a couple of portions of veg; they would like stewed apple for dessert so I'll probably have a fresh apple instead.

Fortunately, my lovely parents don't mind me doing different things for myself and I do the cooking when I'm here so I'm making no extra work for anyone else.

Once I am home - proper home, I mean - I'm going to do three or for days doing what is called 'Extra-Easy SP'.  I'll explain what that is when the time comes.  :-)


  1. Morning Joy, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog and I missed you too! I did try reading and commenting on a few blogs, but my phone wasn't having any of it, so I have some catching up to do. I hope the weigh in isn't as bad as you fear.

    1. Er . . . thanks, but . . . I shall update. :-)