Wednesday 31 October 2018

Wednesday, 31-10-18

Good morning.
The bean and veg soup came out really well yesterday, as did the chicken fajita pasta.  Both made so much that I have a proper amount of leftovers for another time.  Got to love leftovers - in fact, sometimes they are deliberate (the soup was) so maybe they shouldn't be called leftovers.

I was also sorting out what I'm going to take to the meeting on Thursday which is a taster meeting - everyone brings something Slimming Worldy to share with everyone else.  I hope I've found something a bit different.  I think it tastes good anyway.   I'll tell you more later in the week.

Today's plans:
B:  french toast with fruit and yogurt
This is a new recipe, a sweet and cinnamonny one by the looks of things so I thought I'd give it a whirl.  As always, I'll let you know.
The fruit will be from the freezer - it's so very handy having some bags of fruit and it often comes out cheaper than fresh as well.  Win-win.
SW:  healthy extra B

L:  bean and veg soup
Made yesterday, enough for more than one day!  Kept overnight in the fridge and the flavours should have developed well.
SW:  I might add 20g of grated cheese for half a healthy extra A

D:  macaroni cheese bake
The base is some cooked savoury mince from the freezer.  The top is macaroni with dairylea light.    I'll add some veg on the side too
SW:  the dairylea will be the other half of my healthy extra A.  If I add cheese on top, I will syn it.

Ss:  fruit, maybe a fruit yogurt


  1. I see that you posted 42 times in October, Joy. That's amazing. Love soup now the days are getting colder. I've made leek & potato and pea & mint this week.

  2. I love both of those soups - leek and potato in particular is real comfort soup, isn't it
    Forty two times? Goodness, I don't half go on!!!