Tuesday 2 October 2018

Tuesday, 02-10-18

Good morning.

The baked tomato and mozzarella orzo was absolutely delicious and I have posted about it separately.  I've found another orzo recipe I'd like to try at some point soon.  Maybe it could be a holiday recipe.

Today's plans
B:  bacon and tomato
I have bacon to use up and loads of garden tomatoes still so it makes frugal sense.
SW:  free

L:  soup from freezer
Another of the soups I froze last week, probably the tomato one because I have some chopped tomatoes to use up from yesterday which I can add to the mix..
SW free

D:  gammon, broccoli and runner beans (and maybe a fried egg on the gammon); melon
Gammon sounds costly but I bought a gammon joint (a 'proper' one, not a shaped one) that was pretty good value yesterday and am using some of it for bacon/gammon before I boil the rest for ham to take on holiday with me.  I came home from my parents' with the melon and need to use it up.
SW free

Ss:  cheese (healthy extra A), tomatoes, apple

I don't seem to have a healthy extra B today but never mind, missing it once in a while isn't going to hurt, is it?


  1. Morning Joy. Gammon joints are such good value, aren't they? Boiling/slicing one for ham is SO much cheaper (and nicer tasting) than buying those packs of sliced ham.

    1. I agree. Fantastic value, delicious, great texture and they keep for a good long time too. I get one now and again and always for Christmas.