Tuesday 30 June 2020

Tuesday, 30-06-20

Good morning

It's Tuesday but it's not weigh day any more because the Tuesday Zoom group has been amalgamated with the Thursday group for now.  That gives me two more days to work off last weeks atrocious gain!

If you stick with this post to the end, you will see that I've started keeping a record of the month's meals.  That's because sometimes, when I sit down to plan, my mind just goes completely blank and I'm hoping that this, on just one sheet, will act as a memory prompt and start the ideas going.
Fingers crossed.
(there are some gaps - I wasn't on plan every day)

Yesterday's photos:

I know I keep saying this and it must be getting pretty boring but this was so good.
Breakfast bake.
I precooked a smallish jacket potato in the microwave and when it was cool, sliced it (it should be cut into cubes but I wasn't sure there would be enough to cover.
Turn the oven on to about 180 C.
I cut up two bacon medallions, removing a bit of fat left on, sliced one medium mushroom, halved five cherry tomatoes and weighed out half a can of baked beans.
The bacon, mushroom and tomatoes I cooked in some spray oil in a non stick pan.
First in the dish went a few sprays of oil, then the bacon and veg.  I spooned over the beans and then placed the slices of potato on top with a bit of salt, not much as the beans are seasoned.  Then sprayed over some oil and baked it all in the oven for about twenty to thirty minutes, to let the potato brown off a little bit.  I ate it straight from the dish.
There was nothing special about this lunch, it was just nice.  I decided on a simple finger salad, just because . . .
Dinner was not nearly so colourful but, and I know I am totally biased here, the potatoes and the beans were absolutely gorgeous.  Looking forward to the next harvesting now.

Yesterday's calories:
planned meals: 1242 cals
I also had an orange:  80 cals
However, I forgot to have the butter on the potatoes.
So the final total stays exactly the same!

Today's plans:
B:  sweet cinnamon eggy bread, strawberries and yogurt
Soak the bread in a beaten egg with cinnamon and sweetener and then fry in spray oil.  Cut into fingers and serve with the fruit and yogurt for dipping.

one slice wholemeal = 70 cals
one egg = 78 cals
100g strawberries - 33 caks
50g raspberries = 27 cals
50g blueberries = 28 cals
100g yogurt = 60 cals
total = 270 cals
SW:   half a heB

L:  smoked basa with asparagus; apple, orange or pear
I saw the smoked basa in Sainsbury's and, as I rather like smoked fish, thought I'd give it a go.  I guess I will steam both fish and asparagus.

basa = 142 cals
asparagus = 20 calories per 100g
fruit = 55 calories
total = 217 cals
SW:  free

D:  chick pea burger, roasted 'ratatouille' with pasta; yogurt
My SE leader, Jennifer, gave me this idea, which I thought I'd try.  Basically, it is simply roasted veg, then add some chopped tomatoes that have been simmered to thicken with some herbs.  The burger is simply some mashed up chick peas with bits and bobs added, shaped and, probably, sprayed and baked as the oven will be on.  Falafel in a different disguise.
As I haven't planned any healthy extra As today, I'll sprinkle 30g not-parmesan on the top

100 g chickpeas = 121 cals
50g pasta, raw weight = 176 cals
two tsps toasted sesame oil for roasting = 80 cals
30g hard Italian cheese = 116 cals
onion = 24 cals
pepper = 12 cals
courgette = 13 cals
mushroom = 7 cals
tomatoes = 10 cals
chopped tomatoes = 28 cals
yogurt = 80 cals
total = 667 cals
SW:  the oil is four syns, the yogurt is half a syn and the cheese is one heA

S:  fruit

Body Magic:  allotment work

1154 cals
one heA and half a heB
four syns

Sunday 28 June 2020

Monday, 29-06-20

Good morning

Yesterday's photos:
A nice, old-fashioned breakfast, very tasty and filling.

I really don't need to say much about lunch - just more of that quiche and some salad.  Loving the raspberry vinaigrette though!

I thought that would be the last of the quiche but no, I cut it into eight, not six, pieces, so I still have two more.  Great!

As for dinner - oh, my goodness.  It was so, so good.
I used part of a pack of 'Chinese stir fry' vegetables because it has bamboo shoots, water chestnuts and bean sprouts as well as other veg and very tasty it was too.
The 'crispy' cabbage wasn't really crispy.  Bits were but not all of it.  Next time, I will try baking it long and slow instead of high and fast and see if that makes a difference.  I sprinkled over some salt, sweetener and five spice and it was an amazing taste; it definitely added to the dish - I ate it sprinkled over the stir fry and couscous

Yesterday's calories:
The planned meals:  1002 cals
I had a go at something that was not totally unsuccessful but lacking flavour and I 'spent' an extra 90 cals eating one portion.  I will use the other three portions at some point and will go back to the drawing board as I think there's potential there.  They're now in the freezer.
I used more like half of the sweet and sour sauce so I need to pay another 35 calories for that.
I also had a banana that was getting too soft for another 90 calories
To sort of balance all this, I didn't have my after lunch apple and after the dinner I was way too full for the yogurt so that's 130 cals to pay back!
Having done the maths, the total for the day is 1091, which is lower than I expected.  I must see if I can up the calories a bit today; I don't really want to go below 1200 all that often.  But isn't it amazing how much you can have for your calories when you stay off the junk!
Today's plans:
B:  breakfast bake
Based on a Pinch of Nom recipe and basically using what I have in the fridge/cupboard.  Cook the potato (microwave) and cube it.  Cook the bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes in the same pan.
In an overproof dish tip the bacon and veg.  Spoon over the beans and top with the cubed potato.  Spray with oil and back in a 200C oven until the potato is browning.

2 bacon medallions = 104 cals
half a can baked beans = 178 cals
100g potato = 75 cals
mushroom = 10 cals
tomatoes = 20 cals
(the last three are approx until I prepare and weigh)
total = 387 cals
SW:  free

L:  mushroom omelette, salad; apple
I've made this countless times since I invested a small amount on an omelette maker from Aldi.  I expected it would be a typical 'gadget' (ie, stuck in the cupboard) but I use it a lot.  I mix up the egg, start it off, and in the time it takes to cook, I have prepped the salad.  Easy and very quick.

two eggs - 156 cals
mushroom - around 10 cals
salad = 30 cals approx
apple = 50 cals
total = 246 cals
SW:  free

D:  salmon, broad beans, some other veg, new potatoes; yogurt
It was planned to be macaroni cheese until a visit to the allotment yesterday when I came back with these.
Can't wait.

123g salmon = 224 cals
broad beans = 26 cals
broccoli, 100g = 34 cals
new potatoes = 125 cals
1 tbsp butter (have to with new potatoes) = 120 cals
(that's two of the pats of butter in the freezer)
yogurt = 80 cals
total = 609 cals
SW:  six syns for the butter and half a syn for the yogurt

S:  fruit

Body Magic:  hopefully, more work at the allotment.

1242 cals (that's better)
no healthy extras - ooops!
six and a half syns

I'll finish with a link.  This made me laugh out loud, given my opinion on certain Slimming World oddities.
Slimming World Members Arrested
I hope it makes you laugh too.

Sunday, 28-06-20

Good morning!

Yesterday's meal photos:

Well, I can quite honestly say, hand on heart, that the oat bran mixture makes extremely delicious waffles.  The results are softer than when made with wholemeal flour, no crunch to them, bit they are lovely and a bit cakey in texture.

See the cakiness? 

It gives me another idea but I'll come back on that one another time.

Dear, oh dear.  Between paying large cheques to double glazing people, letting my daughter borrow some chairs and admiring the new doors and windows, I totally forgot to take a photo of lunch until it had almost gone.
Two rolls?  Yes, because when I was in Sainsbury's, I saw they have 'snack' rolls, little sort of slider sized rolls and when I weighed them, two is the same as a healthy extra B so I had them instead of two slices of bread (I'd planned one slice but changed it to two).

I can use up the defrosted bread for breakfast tomorrow and I think the rolls will become a part of my normal choices.  They were tasty.

Dinner was steak, SW style actifry chops, a Philly and mushroom sauce and a side salad with another find in Sainsbury's.  This was Taste the Difference Raspberry Vinaigrette, 13 calories per tsp and a tsp goes a long way when it's just a salad for one.  I can't find it on Lifeline Online so I'm calling it half a syn for a tsp because when it separates, there's not an awful lot of oil to be seen.

Yesterday's calories:
planned meals:  982 cals
extra bread - 65 cals
clawing back from potato calories: 30
total: 1077

Today's plans:
B:   two boiled eggs, 2 slices toast and marmite
I dearly love a boiled egg with toasty soldiers so that's the plan.  I'd already planned this so it's useful that I can use up the slices of bread I thawed yesterday but didn't use.

two eggs = 156 cals
2 slices bread = 140 cals
I'm not counting the marmite as it's so little
total = 296 cals
SW:  one healthy extra B

L: crustless quiche and salad, apple
I think this is the last piece from the quiche I made right at the beginning of the month.  I must make another one - it has been so very useful.

quiche = 192 cals
extra cheese = 42 cals
salad = 30 cals
two tsp raspberry vinaigrette = 26 cals
apple = 50 cals
total = 310 cals
SW:  one and a half a heA and one syn

D: sweet and sour chicken, stir fry veg, couscous; yogurt
I found a recipe for a sweet and sour sauce on Lifeline Online.  It serves four so I will have some to freeze which will be very useful.  I've done the maths and know the calories as well as the SW values.
So I will stir fry some chicken and some (bought) stir fry vegetables, make up some couscous, add the chicken and the sweet and sour sauce to the stir fry veg and serve with some couscous.  I may also add some soy sauce to the couscous - it's very low in calories.
The other thing I want to try is crispy 'seaweed'.  Generally, it is made from kale but one can also use cabbage.  As it happens, I have some cabbage!  You have to shred the cabbage very finely, cutting out the stalks first.  Then you wash and dry it thoroughly - might do that earlier and leave it to drain on kitchen towel.  You spray it with some fry light, bake it, and when it's crispy, add some five spice, salt and sugar (or sweetener).  Worth giving it a go anyway.  I'll calorie it when I make it but it won't be much.

sweet and sour sauce = 35 calories (per portion)
chicken = around 200 cals (I'll work it out exactly when it's thawed)
Chinese stir fry veg, half the pack = 50 cals
one tsp toasted sesame oil = 40 cals
40g (dry weight) couscous = 45 cals
yogurt = 76 cals
total = 396 cals
SW:  the sauce is one and a half syns per portion, the oil is two syns and the yogurt is half a syn

S:  fruit

Body Magic:  Weeding and mowing down the allotment

1002 cals
one and a half heAs and one heB
five syns

Saturday 27 June 2020

Saturday, 27-06-20


Yesterday's food photos.

 There was too much fruit for the glass dish so I bunged it all in a bowl instead.

The strawberries came to 150 g so 50 cals rather than 66 and the melon was 180g so 54 cals, not 60.  So I owe myself  22 calories.  :-)
I enjoyed the lunch time toasties very much indeed and saved the apple for my late afternoon snack (I often start feeling pecking around five o'clock).

This was really lovely, well worth making.  The only thing I would change is that I would either use old potatoes so they crisp up properly or I would boil new potatoes.  Most certainly, when we start digging up the Charlottes at the allotment (not long to wait now), they will be boiled with some mint, not wasted in the actifry!

I really did feel so very satisfied yesterday and had no extras at all.

The final calories:
the planned meals:  1082 cals
clawing back:  22 cals
total: 1060
Today's plans:
B:  oat bran waffles with fruit and yogurt
I'm going to use the same recipe as the oat bran galettes and see if it will work as waffles too.  Same amounts so it may not fill all four compartments of the waffle maker, but that's OK.

the batter = 150 cals
150 g strawberries = 50 cals
lemon yogurt = 72 cals
total = 272 cals
SW:  half a heB and half a syn

L:  sausage sarnie, salad; melon slices
I have half a heB so that's one slice of a smaller wholemeal loaf and, when wondering how I could use it, really fancied a sausage sarnie.  It will be a small one -  two sausages, skin off and reshaped into a rectangle to fit one slice of bread.

two Aldi skinny sausage = 148 cals
one slice bread = 70 cals
half tsp butter = 20 cals
20g caramelised red onion chutney = 38 cals
salad = 30 approx
melon = 54 cals approx
total = 360 cals
SW:  half a heB and one syn

D:  steak, salad and wedges; yogurt
I'm not being terribly frugal right now, am I, but I have the meat in the freezer, already bought and waiting to be used.
I think I will make a mushroomy sauce using some philly light and call it my heA.  It isn't really but it used to be so it can't be far off and anyway - I take calcium.

steak = 197 cals
60 g mushrooms = 7 cals
60g philly light = 90 cals
200g potato = 150 cals
1 tsp oil = 40 cals
salad = 30 cals (approx)
yogurt = 76 cals
total = 590 cals
SW:  half a syn for the yogurt and two for the oil

S:  Fruit

Body Magic:  A step video from Lindsey (personal trainer)

982 calories (better have some fruit to make it up)
one heA (sort of) and one heB
four syns

Friday 26 June 2020

Friday, 26-06-20

Good morning!

Yesterday's photos:

Blueberry oat bran pancakes are very, very delicious, especially when teamed with lemon yogurt.

Lunch - and the bread and scrape just finished it off nicely.  I saved the planned apple for later.

I was looking forward to this all day and it didn't disappoint in the slightest.  The fish was really nice with lovely, crunchy batter (I love crunchy batter) and the SW style actifry chips were as tasty as they always are.

I'm well pleased that there are three more pieces of fish in the box in the freezer.  It may be a lot of syns but it's 225 calories which is fine for the protein part of a meal.

Yesterday's calories:
planned meals:  1108 cals
orange:  60 cals
I forgot to add in the bread and butter yesterday so
bread: 69 cals
butter: 20 cals
Total: 1257 cals

Today's meal plans:
B:  strawberry, melon and yogurt breakfast sundae
It already feels 'hot', even though it isn't really, so I reckon this will be a perfect breakfast.
200g strawberries = 66 cals
melon, 200g = 60 cals (I'll adjust this when I cut the melon)
150g yogurt = 90 cals
total = 216 cals
SW:  free

L:  cheese and ham toastie with a side salad, apple
I haven't had a toastie for ages and it's a great way to get at least two out of the three healthy extras in one fell swoop!
2 slices wholemeal = 138 cals
30g grated cheddar = 136 cals
1 thin slice of ham = 21 cals
onion chutney = 40 cals
side salad = 30 cals
apple = 50 cals
total = 415 cals
SW:  one heA, one heB, two syns

D:  thyme baked trout and asparagus; yogurt
Remember when I bought a side of trout in mistake for salmon?  I found the resulting fillets when I was rootling in the freezer so I googled and found this SW recipe. 

It's quite new (this year) but wasn't on Lifeline Online.
Anyway, I really like the look of it so will be making it, although I'll be adapting the cooking method because I like to do potatoes in the actifry - I think they come out so much nicer, even new potatoes.  If I can't get asparagus, I'll try green beans or broccoli instead.
138g trout = 195 cals
100g asparagus = 25 cals (I'll adjust this when I know)
new potatoes = 128 cals (already weighted these out!)
tomatoes = 18 cals
(I don't bother to count herbs/spices/spray oil)
yogurt = 85 cals
total = 451 cals
SW:  half a syn for the yogurt

S: fruit

Body Magic: a walk (hopefully)

one heA and one B
two and a half syns
1082 cals

With all the food available nowadays, it's proving fairly easy to lower calorie intake and still have varied and delicious meals.  When I was a youngster (comparatively speaking), I did the calorie controlled way and it was very restrictive.  Nowadays, I don't feel restricted at all either by the counting or the underlying SW structure.

Thursday 25 June 2020

Thursday, 25-06-20

Good morning.

Yesterday's food photos.
I do wish overnight oats looked nicer (and it's a lousy photo anyway) because this was absolutely delicious.  I used a vanilla and coconut yogurt and wow!

A perfect lunch for a hot summer day.  Very refreshing with all the salad vegetables.

Dinner was also most satisfying.  Loads of speed in the stir fry and the bit of grated cheese finished it off really nicely.

Yesterday's calories:
planned meals:

Today's plans:
B:  blueberry oat bran pancakes; yogurt
Looking forward to these.  I love the way the blueberries go all juicy.
Pancakes = 150 cals
blueberries, 100 g = 57 cals
lemon yogurt = 60 cals
total = 267 cals
SW:  half a heB for the oat bran

L:  Tuna pate with shredded lettuce and a side salad; apple
I will mix some canned tuna with a sort of marie rose sauce, some chopped spring onions and cucumber and serve it in lettuce, like a sort of prawn cocktail.  I'll spend my other half heB on some bread and scrape half  a tsp of butter over.
tuna = 110 cals
45g mayo = 45 cals
1 tsp ketchup = 7 cals
salady stuff = 40 cals, max
apple = 50 cals
total = 252 cals
SW:  half a heB for bread, one syn for butter and one and a half syns for the mayo

D:  fish and chips, peas; yogurt
I'm being lazy and using Young's Chip Shop omega 3 fish in batter (Pollack, so a frugal choice for that sort of thing).  The chips will be home made and actifried.  Can't wait!
fish = 225 cals
potato for chips (200g) = 150 cals
oil for chips = 40 cals
100g peas = 64 cals
mayo for dipping, 30 g = 30 cals
yogurt = 80 cals
total = 589 cals
SW:  the fish is nine and a half syns (that's what lifeline online says), the oil is two syns, the mayo is one syn and the yogurt is half

S:  fruit

Body Magic:  not sure as there will be workmen around; I'll probably have it as a rest day.

1108 cals plus fruit
one healthy extra B (no As today, but plenty of yogurt!)
fourteen and a half syns - the highest my syns have ever been.

Wednesday 24 June 2020

Wednesday, 24-06-20

Good morning!

Yesterday's photos!

Breakfast was oat bran galettes with chopped strawberries and some strawberry yogurt.

Omelette goes just as well for lunch as it does for breakfast - and it's quick.

I had a problem at dinner time.  The lemon squash I was going to use for the lemon sauce turned out to be pear and apple squash!  Ooops.
I thought fast and just made a chicken and veg stir fry with a pinch of five spice powder and some soy sauce and it turned out really well.

I forgot to measure the soy sauce so have no idea of the calories but it can't be more than the original recipe in total.
The SW count is two syns for the oil.

Yesterday's calories:
planned meals (calling dinner like for like):  981 cals
banana:  100 cals
bits and bobs of soft fruit: around 100 cals
Total:  approximately 1181 cals - and I felt well fed for that!
Today's food!
B:  overnight oats
The nice thing about overnight oats and breakfast at eleven is that they are then made-early-morning oats - I never remember to make the meal up the evening before.
20g oats = 75 cals
100g strawberries = 50 cals
one smaller Mullerlight = 72 cals
60 mls semi-skimmed milk = 29 cals
total = 226 cals
SW:  half a heB and a quarter of a heA (you're not really allowed quarters but I will have the remaining in cheese)

L:  ham salad, coleslaw; apple
Just what it says, nice and easy! 
three slices ham = 63 cals (according to the label)
salad stuff = 30 cals
cabbage (35g) = 8 cals
carrot (15g) = 6 calories
superlight mayo = 30 cals
apple = 55 cals
total = 192 cals
SW:  one syn for the mayo

D:  sausage bbq stir fry; Mullerlight
I have half a pack of stir fry veg left over and need to use it as these packs really don't last very long at all.  I'm going to de-skin and shape two Aldi skinny sausages into 'meatballs' and cook them, stir fry the remaining veg in one tsp toasted sesame oil (lovely flavour for stir fries), add a portion of the bbq sauce I made last week and have it on couscous with a topping of grated cheese.  I think that will be really nice as well as dead easy.
two skinny sausages = 148 cals
oil = 40 cals
stir fry veg = 44 cals
bbq sauce = 30 cals
couscous (40g dry weight) = 45 cals
22 g grated cheddar = 90 cals
Mullerlight = 80 cals
total = 477 cals
SW:  one syn for the sausages, two syns for the sesame oil, three quarters of a heA for the cheese and half a syn for the Mullerlight

S:  fruit

Body Magic:  half an hour of personal training

planned calories:  935
one heA and half a heB
four and a half syns

Yesterday I bunged 500 g lean pork mince in my instant pot and cooked it all day with assorted veg, chopped tomatoes, some oats, some lentils and various flavourings.  I got ten portions, did the maths and each portion is 150 calories (149.something or other so I'm saying 150!).  They're in the freezer and will be useful for all sorts of things.

I know I have more regular readers that the comments would indicate (no problems with that whatsoever) and am just wondering how helpful you find all the calories counting.  I'm going to continue to measure intake with both the SW method and in calories until I reach target anyway (because it's helping me) but after that, when I am working to maintain, I'm just having a good think about how much info to record in here.
If you have a view, could you please let me know in the comments.
Many thanks.

Tuesday 23 June 2020

Recipe: oat bran galettes

I used to make oat bran galettes quite a lot at one point and then stopped them in favour of using whole oats - Slimming World and not being sure whether oat bran counted as a healthy extra B.
It does now but wasn't on the list then.

This is what I did.
Ingredients to make one portion of sweet galettes (as shown in the photos):
15g (one and a half tbsp) oat bran
30g (one and a half tbsp) natural yogurt
one egg
1/4 tsp baking powder, a capful of vanilla (or citrus) essence and a bit of stevia to taste
Fry light/low cal spray oil

Mix everything together well, add a little splash of water if the batter seems a bit too thick, and use spray oil to cook as you cook pancakes - the amount makes three galettes of about 12cm diameter or two larger ones.  Take your pick.

Calorie total for the pancakes = 164 calories
SW:  half (a bit under half really) a heB

You could quite comfortably make twice the amount and call it one heB although I think that would be too much for one portion, to be honest, especially with yogurt and fruit.

What you could do is use one and a half tbsp of a Mullerlight for the batter instead of natural yogurt and have the rest with fruit as a topping.

Anyway, they make very nice pancakes, much more genuinely pancake-y in texture than using blended whole oats and much quicker to cook too.

If you want to make them savoury, cut the sweetener and essence and add spices/grated cheese (remember to count it as a heA)

They also work well as mini pancakes.

Tuesday, 23-06-20

Weigh in was Really Bad News, as I had expected after a weekend away but never mind, I know what to do!

Yesterday's breakfast, eaten in the bright sunshine outside.

And lunch, eaten ditto!

Dinner was Hunter's Chicken.

Today's meal plans:
B:  oat bran galettes with strawberries; Mullerlight yogurt
I did a whole long waffle about oat bran galettes here before realising that it would be better as a separate recipe post, so that's what I will be doing later on.
galettes = 150 cals
strawberries = 50 cals
Mullerlight = 80 cals
Total = 280 cals
SW:  half a heB and half a syn

L:  cheesy mushroom omelette with tomatoes; apple
I usually have this as a breakfast but why not have it for lunch? 
two eggs = 156 cals
one mushroom, chopped = 5 cals (roughly)
15 g grated cheddar = 63 cals
100g tomatoes = 18 cals
apple = 50 cals
total = 292 cals
SW:  half a heA

D:  lemon chicken and stir fry veg; Mullerlight
I want to make the lemon chicken like I made the orange chicken last week from the Pinch of Nom book and I'm going to be a little bit naughty (unfrugal) and buy a bag of stir fry veg from Morrisons instead of chopping and slicing..
As the recipe uses orange squash (sounds yuck but works), I will use lemon squash and, if needed, add a dash of lemon juice to ooomph it up a bit.
the recipe = 192 cals
stir fry veg = a quarter of the pack is 52 cals
sesame oil for stirfrying, 1 tsp = 40 cals
couscous = 45 cals
Mullerlight = 80 cals
total = 409 cals
SW:  two syns for the oil

S:  fruit

BM:  watering and weeding

981 calories (plus fruit)
half a heA and half a B plus two and a half syns

It doesn't seem much for a good day's eating, does it?  I'll see how it all goes.

Monday 22 June 2020

Monday, 22-06-20

Good morning!
I'm home now after a good drive from Dad's and a lovely weekend.  The minus side is that I have eaten for England so it's straight back to the drawing board with some pretty strict planning.
If I've gained tomorrow (what do I mean - if??), I won't be discouraged because I know why.

Today's plans:
B:  yogurt and an apple
Something quick and easy because I really can't be bothered to fuss around when I've just got home.
yogurt = 80 cals
apple = 50 cals
total = 130 cals
SW:  free

L:  beef salad pitta, salad kebabs; orange
100g cold roast beef = 188 cals
one pitta = 155 cals
assorted salad stuff = 30 cals
30g superlight mayo = 30 cals
orange = 60 cals
total = 463 cals
SW:  one heB, one syn for mayo

D:  hunter's chicken, broccoli; raspberries and yogurt
The chicken is the dish I froze last week and my lovely neighbour has brought round some fresh raspberries so I will be having them with some natural yogurt
the chicken dish = 443 cals
extra cheese = 40 cals
broccoli = 34 cals (ish)
raspberries = 44 cals
natural yogurt = 60 cals
total = 621 cals
SW: one heA and two syns

S:  none

BM:  plenty of up and down stairs, clearing and tidying.  Ironing.

1204 cals
one heA and one heB plus three syns

Saturday 20 June 2020

Saturday, 20-06-20

Good morning!

Yesterday's photos:
Breakfast - tasty!

 My picnic lunch - ham salad couscous with dressing in a wee pot to add when wanted and eaten with one of my trusty sporks.  Such a clever idea, aren't they?  I got mine from Lakeland.

Sorry, no photos of dinner and I won't do a calories summary as it's all over the place what with one thing and another.
I'm off for my first weekend with Dad for over three months so it's most unlikely that I will be in here tomorrow as I really have no idea what he has in.

Monday's post will be late.
So don't worry about my non appearance.  I'll be back!
Have a super-healthy weekend!

Friday 19 June 2020

Friday, 19-06-20

Good morning!

Yesterday's meals.

For breakfast (or pre brunch snack) I added 100g cherries for another 50 calories.  I do love cherries!

There's something just 'right' about simple, old fashioned flavours on a wet day that makes them very warming and comforting.  I loved this easy lunch.

And oh, my, one of my most favourite dinners, the Pinch of Nom version of hunter's chicken (it's on their web site).  Chips would have been amazing with it but the salad was pretty good too.

After fluff for dessert, I was still pecking so finished off with a Mullerlight for 80 cals.

Yesterday's summary:
the planned meals:  1070 calories
cherries:  50 cals
10g gruyere (extra on the chicken):  41 cals
Mullerlight:  80 cals
Total:  1241 calories (much better that just the meals were)

Today's plans:
I can't give all the calories accurately today because it's not sensible to ignore all the ready home-made frozen stuff, just because it's not marked with calories!

B:  bacon, egg and beans
two bacon medallions = 100 cals
half a can baked beans (left over from yesterday) = 162 cals
one egg = 78 cals
total = 340 cals
SW: free

L:  ham couscous salad; apple
A sort of picnic that I can take out with me and eat out, if I want to, or can leave until I get home again.  I think that will depend on the weather.
ham = 61 cals
half pack Thai style couscous = 179 cals
various salad veg = 30 cals
30g superlight mayo = 30 cals
apple = 50 cals
total = 350 cals (approx)
SW:  half of the pack of couscous is one syn and the mayo is one syn

D:  chilli con carne, rice, broccoli; yogurt
The con carne is one of my portions of pre-cooked mince and I honestly can only estimate the calories in it on the basis of 100g (ish) lean mince, some chopped tomatoes and some veg.
mince mixture = 200 cals
kidney beans = 64 cals
50g (dry) basmati rice = 178 cals (ouch)
100g broccoli = 34 cals
Mullerlight = 80 cals
total = 556 cals
SW:  the yogurt is half a syn

S:  none

Body Magic:  a good walk around Hyde Hall (weather permitting)

two and a half syns
1246 cals (approx)

I'm going to have to eat earlier than eleven this morning so as to get to Hyde Hall around 11:30 so the eating window will be around nine hours today.