Tuesday 23 June 2020

Recipe: oat bran galettes

I used to make oat bran galettes quite a lot at one point and then stopped them in favour of using whole oats - Slimming World and not being sure whether oat bran counted as a healthy extra B.
It does now but wasn't on the list then.

This is what I did.
Ingredients to make one portion of sweet galettes (as shown in the photos):
15g (one and a half tbsp) oat bran
30g (one and a half tbsp) natural yogurt
one egg
1/4 tsp baking powder, a capful of vanilla (or citrus) essence and a bit of stevia to taste
Fry light/low cal spray oil

Mix everything together well, add a little splash of water if the batter seems a bit too thick, and use spray oil to cook as you cook pancakes - the amount makes three galettes of about 12cm diameter or two larger ones.  Take your pick.

Calorie total for the pancakes = 164 calories
SW:  half (a bit under half really) a heB

You could quite comfortably make twice the amount and call it one heB although I think that would be too much for one portion, to be honest, especially with yogurt and fruit.

What you could do is use one and a half tbsp of a Mullerlight for the batter instead of natural yogurt and have the rest with fruit as a topping.

Anyway, they make very nice pancakes, much more genuinely pancake-y in texture than using blended whole oats and much quicker to cook too.

If you want to make them savoury, cut the sweetener and essence and add spices/grated cheese (remember to count it as a heA)

They also work well as mini pancakes.


  1. They look filling, could they be made into a savoury pancake?

    1. I'm going to try this. I don't see why not. The basic recipe is the oat bran, the yogurt and the egg. The rest is flavourings.

  2. That's now on my list to try. They will be lovely and filling

    1. It surprised me just how filling they were, Cherie. Oat bran is said to have all sorts of health benefits so one can feel virtuous while enjoying pancakes!!
      I'm now wondering about a more runny version (add a bit of milk) to make a thinner pancake, like a crepe.