Saturday 27 June 2020

Saturday, 27-06-20


Yesterday's food photos.

 There was too much fruit for the glass dish so I bunged it all in a bowl instead.

The strawberries came to 150 g so 50 cals rather than 66 and the melon was 180g so 54 cals, not 60.  So I owe myself  22 calories.  :-)
I enjoyed the lunch time toasties very much indeed and saved the apple for my late afternoon snack (I often start feeling pecking around five o'clock).

This was really lovely, well worth making.  The only thing I would change is that I would either use old potatoes so they crisp up properly or I would boil new potatoes.  Most certainly, when we start digging up the Charlottes at the allotment (not long to wait now), they will be boiled with some mint, not wasted in the actifry!

I really did feel so very satisfied yesterday and had no extras at all.

The final calories:
the planned meals:  1082 cals
clawing back:  22 cals
total: 1060
Today's plans:
B:  oat bran waffles with fruit and yogurt
I'm going to use the same recipe as the oat bran galettes and see if it will work as waffles too.  Same amounts so it may not fill all four compartments of the waffle maker, but that's OK.

the batter = 150 cals
150 g strawberries = 50 cals
lemon yogurt = 72 cals
total = 272 cals
SW:  half a heB and half a syn

L:  sausage sarnie, salad; melon slices
I have half a heB so that's one slice of a smaller wholemeal loaf and, when wondering how I could use it, really fancied a sausage sarnie.  It will be a small one -  two sausages, skin off and reshaped into a rectangle to fit one slice of bread.

two Aldi skinny sausage = 148 cals
one slice bread = 70 cals
half tsp butter = 20 cals
20g caramelised red onion chutney = 38 cals
salad = 30 approx
melon = 54 cals approx
total = 360 cals
SW:  half a heB and one syn

D:  steak, salad and wedges; yogurt
I'm not being terribly frugal right now, am I, but I have the meat in the freezer, already bought and waiting to be used.
I think I will make a mushroomy sauce using some philly light and call it my heA.  It isn't really but it used to be so it can't be far off and anyway - I take calcium.

steak = 197 cals
60 g mushrooms = 7 cals
60g philly light = 90 cals
200g potato = 150 cals
1 tsp oil = 40 cals
salad = 30 cals (approx)
yogurt = 76 cals
total = 590 cals
SW:  half a syn for the yogurt and two for the oil

S:  Fruit

Body Magic:  A step video from Lindsey (personal trainer)

982 calories (better have some fruit to make it up)
one heA (sort of) and one heB
four syns


  1. We have enjoyed our first Charlottes this week, they are so good in taste and texture. Sounds like you're well back on track this week. I'm wavering a bit, and I have too many glasses of wine or rum n coke in the garden if an evening. But sat in a friend's garden this week and she gave me Robinson's no added sugar Apple & Blackcurrant squash with sparkling water which I really enjoyed so had that yesterday, much less calories than the wine, I haven't checked the syns. Lots of welcome rain today so not watering the allotment x

    1. If it's no added sugar and just fizzy water, it should be free. It sounds extremely refreshing indeed.
      Lucky you, tasting your first potatoes. I can hardly wait!

  2. I'm usually peckish at about 4pm and am inclined to nibble either then or a little later whilst getting dinner. Love the blueberry pancakes form yesterday

    1. They are really delicious, aren't they. I'm glad you liked them.

      I think late afternoon is a danger point for many. Apart from anything else, we're getting tired.