Tuesday 31 January 2017

Recipe: savoury beef mince

I was very pleased with how this turned out, both in terms of taste and also cost, so here it is.

Ingredients to make 14 portions (my size portions which aren't huge)
500g mince (Lidl: £1.59) - 1.59
100g each of frozen peas, corn and mixed veg (Aldi) - 30p
2 bags mirepoix (home made and frozen so bit of onion, carrot and celery in proportion 2:1:1) - 20p
50g red lentils - 12p
50g oats - 2p
can chopped tomatoes - 25p
can baked beans - 25p
2 stock cubes - 6p
garlic puree - 5p
tomato puree - 20p
herbs, seasonings - I used mixed herbs, pepper and a bit of salt but not much because the stock cubes and the baked beans were already salted.

The mince was not low fat so first of all I slowly browned the mince in an oven proof pan to release the fat.  Then I added the mirepoix, corn, mixed veg and peas and sauteed, stirring frequently.

Then in went everything else with another canful of water.  I brought up to a pol, put on the lid, covered it with foil (the lid has steam holes) and popped the lot in a very gentle oven (about 140C) to bubble gentkly away while I went out.

When I got back the house was fragrant!  I gave it all a stir, turned up the oven, added a bit more water and gave it another hour, checking and stirring to prevent catching.

Then I checked the seasoning.  Tasty!

Once it was cooled, I ladled it into plastic pots, one good ladleful per pot as that's a portion for me.  I was absolutely delighted to discover that it gave me 14 pots.  So I did the maths (thank you, calculator) and each portion came to under 22p which I have rounded up.

There's not loads of meat, I know, but with the lentils and the beans as well, it will be fine and there are loads of vegetables.

I will use it to make all sorts
cottage pie, crumble, pasty, topping for pizza, chilli, spag bol, pasta bake, pie, topping for jacket potato, curry, calzone, canelloni, etc.

Off challenge

I'm off challenge for a couple of days as I have a visitor staying.

I won't go bananas, I promise, I will still have an eye to frugality, but it won;t be under a pound a day.

Back on Thursday!

End of Day 7

I have £23.07 left

B:  porridge  - 2p; bit of sugar - 1p; yogurt - apf  Total: 3p
L:  nothing - too busy
D:  very small piece of leftover beef - 20p; bubble and squeak - 10p; runner beans - free; natural yogurt - apf   Total 

I had:  £23.07
Today's total:  33p which seems very low but there you go!
Remaining:  £22.74

Monday 30 January 2017

Day 7

I have £23.07 left

I'm going to be very busy around lunch time today so will probably skip lunch unless the hunger pangs are demanding attention.

Here's today's plans
B:  porridge (I do love porridge) - 2p; bit of sugar (naughty, I know) - 1p; yogurt - apf
L:  perhaps an orange and an apple - 16p
D:  very small piece of leftover beef - 20p; bubble and squeak with some of yesterday's leftovers - 10p; runner beans - free (last year's garden produce); natural yogurt - apf

It will probably change through the day and I'll be back this evening with the final totals.
(apf = already paid for)

Sunday 29 January 2017

End of day 6

Well, today has been a funny old day!
For a start, I totally forgot to have breakfast as I set to prepping stuff for dinner and making the veg soup out of the peelings
Lunch was as expected.
Tea-  didn't fancy it.  I had a little pot of peanuts for protein and I've enjoyed some fruit - an apple and an orange

So, here's the figures.
B:  0p
L:  little bit of roast beef - 30p; roasties - 5p; sprouts - 5p; broccoli - 3p; carrots - 3p; parsnips - 8p; total 54p
T:  peanuts - 8p; apple - 8p; orange =- 8p; total 24p

I had £23-85
Today's total:  78p
Remaining:  £23.07

And I have veg left.  I shall make some bubble and squeak for tomorrow's dinner.  The amounts are about similar to what I had today so I guess the cost will be too,  I won't be far out, anyway.

Recipe: an a-peel-ing soup

Actually, the thought of it it not necessarily all that appealing but it's worked out great.

On Feed Yourself for a Pound a Day, people often mention using clean vegetable peelings to make soup.  As I had just prepped the vegetables for a Sunday dinner for four, I thought I'd give it a go rather than compost them.  This is what I did.

Ingredients to make four portions
Veg peelings as above - free
half an onion, chopped - 5p
2 stock cubes (Aldi's Quixo) - 6p
50g red lentils - 13p
dollop of marmite - 10p (an estimate as I have no idea really - it might be less, I doubt it would be more)!
splash of milk - apf
(these amounts will vary according to how much veg peeling you have

herbs, pepper

Bung it all in together apart from the milk.  Cover with boiling water.  Bring back to a boil and simmer, covered, until the lentils are cooked (15 to 20 mins).
Zizz with a stick blender or in a zizzing machine, then add the milk and mix well.  If too thick, add more milk or some water.  Adjust seasonings to suit personal taste.

With the amounts above the total is 34p which is  just over 8p per portion.

Yesterday's photos



Day 6: 29-1-17

I have £23-83 left

My little bit complicated plans for today:
(apf = already paid for)

B:  porridge, plum jam and yogurt
L:  beef, roasties, sprouts, broccoli, carrots and parsnips
T:  broccoli soup and bread, apple

It's complicated because I have three people round for lunch today so my prices will be estimates.  I don't intend to pig out and, actually, it is a useful opportunity to use up some veg that rally does need dealing with, hence the long list of veg for lunch.  I will be moderate in what I take!

I'll be back with the money info tonight.

Saturday 28 January 2017

End of day 5

This how it all panned out.
(apf = already paid for)

B:  porridge - 2p with home made plum jam - 3p and natural yogurt - apf     Total 5p

L:  broccoli soup - 12p, bread roll - 2p, choc crispy cake - 3p  Total 17p

D:  spicy pork pizza

pizza base made with 100g SR flour - 3p - and some yogurt - apf
topping of half a portion the pork mince with chilli added (I had the first half yesterday) - 18p
50g cheese - 22p            Total 43p

And - bad me - some peanuts and a smidgen of cheese that fell off while I was grating it for the pizza.  Total 12p

I had £24.60 
Today's total:  77p
Remaining: £23.83

Recipe: Broccoli soup.

This is a great way to use up the stem of a head of broccoli.

Ingredients to make enough for three.
one broccoli stem, chopped (cut the florets off and wrap in foil until you need them) - the broccoli cost 47p and the florets will feed four tomorrow so thats 21p
a bit of onion, celery and carrot, all chopped, in the ratio 2:1:1 - 10p
a few sprays of oil - apf
two stock cubes (Aldi's Quixo) - 6p
some water
a splash of milk - apf
seasonings - not salt because of the stock.  I used pepper and nutmeg

Spray the vegetabl;es with the oil and saute gently for about five or so minutes.  Add the stock cubes, the pepper and nutmeg and cover with water.  Simmer, covered, until the vegetables are soft, then zizz with a stick blender or in a zizzing machine.
Check for taste and adjust as necessary.
If it's too thick, slacken with more water or a splash of milk.  I like it with a bit of milk!

Heat to just under boiling and serve.

Total:  37p so 12p per portion (plus, for you, the cost of the other ingredients)

apf means 'already paid for' - already taken off the £30 I have to use over the 30 days
The prices are right for me with what I have and where I shop.  They are unlikely to be the same for you but it is a frugal recipe anyway, especially as people often throw away broccoli stems.

Day 5: 28-1-17 and a few comments

I've set myself a challenge.  To feed myself for 30 days on £30.  Why?  Well, why not?  I'm enjoying the challenge.

I have £24.60 left!
(apf = already paid for)

This is what I plan to have with prices where I know.

B:  porridge - 2p with home made plum jam - 3p and natural yogurt - apf     Total 5p

L:  broccoli soup, bread roll - 2p, choc crispy cake - 3p

D:  spicy pork pizza
          pizza base made with 100g SR flour - 3p - and some yogurt - apf
          topping of half a portion the pork mince with chilli added (I had the first half yesterday) - 18p
          50g cheese - 22p            Total 43p

Someone asked me about pricing.  I use my calculator and thank the Lord that we use a fully metric system which makes the mathematics easy!  Of course, the results don't usually come out to whole numbers so I apply the mathematical rule of rounding up or down.  If is it .1 to .4 it rounds down to the penny below; if it is .5 or more it rounds up to the next penny.  Overall, it works out pretty close.

With the bread, I assume ten slices to the loaf so 1p per slice.  If I get more than 10 slices, the rest is 'free'.  However, it is hard to slice fresh, home made bread too thinly so ten's about right.

I'm still ahead of myself because of the stuff I've pre-paid for but it's not too bad.

Friday 27 January 2017

End of Day 4

Here we go . . .
(apf = already paid for)

B:  2 slices bread - 2p;  butter - apf;  15g peanut butter - 3p; apple - 8p  Total 13p

L:  leek and potato soup (from yesterday) - 12p;  2 slices bread - 2p; clementine - 8p  Total: 22p

D:  half a portion of pork mince and veg - 18p;  kidney beans - 5p;  50g basmati rice - 7p; chilli powder - apf; natural yogurt - apf   Total: 30p

Very tasty!

I'm trying to make sure I get enough f&v while doing this:
leeks, carrot, celery, onion (in the soup)
carrot, celery, onion, peas, sweetcorn, mixed veg, mixed peppers in the chilli - small amounts
kidney beans (do they count as a veg?  Yes, they do!)

Yes, I think I'm OK with my f&v today.

So . . .
I had:  £25.25
Today's total: 65p
Remaining: £24.60

I had a cunning idea; two cunning ideas really.
The first one was to remember that I have some chopped tomatoes in the freezer made from my own garden produce and free, as my dad provided the plants, bless him.  So I added that to the pork mince mixture.
The other one was about tomorrow.  I shall make some of the yogurt pizza dough which is very frugal and use the other half of the pork mince as the topping with some grated cheese over the top.  Should taste good, don't you think.  Spicy pork and veg pizza!

Day 4: 27-1-17. Plans

I have £25,25 to spend

B:  2 slices of toast with peanut butter; apple

L:  Leek and potato soup, bread and butter, clementine

D:  sort of chilli con carne

In a couple of days I shall have to go off challenge for a while for various reasons.  I will slot them in as and when I can though.

Thursday 26 January 2017

Sort of recipe: veg macaroni cheese

I'm assuming a bit of knowledge here, OK.  This was SO delicious.

You need:
some broccoli and some frozen peas - enough for one person

50g macaroni

and for the sauce
125g milk
15g plain flour
about 7g butter
50g strong cheddar (Aldi's is strong and cheap)
8g grated Italian hard cheese - Morrisons Savers
pinch of mustard

Preheat the oven to 160-ish C

Cook the broccoli and peas (in the same pan is fine)
Cook the macaroni
Make the cheese sauce

Spray oil into a single portion oven proof dish.  spread the veg on the bottom, then add the macaroni, distributing evenly.  Spoon over the cheese sauce, ensuring everything has a thin coating.  Sprinkle over the hard cheese.

Bake in the oven for about 15 to 20 mins until the top is just starting to brown.

Eat straight out of the dish - it's nicer that way, honest!

Total cost for me:  53p

End of Day 3

This is how it all panned out on day 3.

First of all - last night after posting
peanuts - 8p (ooops)

B:  porridge with pineapple and yogurt.  Total -10p

L:  leek and potato soup - 12p; 2 slices bread (and butter) - 2p, chocolate crispy cake - 3p  Total - 17p

D:  macaroni cheese with broccoli and peas Total - 53p
(and very nice it was too - I'm definitely having that again before the thirty days are up)

I had:  £26.13
Today's total: 88p
Remaining: £25.25

Recipe: leek and potato soup

I've been giving amounts on my recipes in here but I realise that it's a bit daft as they are really only correct for me.  Different areas, different shops, they all charge different amounts.  Then there's yellow stickers, etc . . .

So please remember that the total I give is true for me, now, here, with what I use and the way I am doing the 30-30 accounts and they are most unlikely to be exactly the same for you.  The recipe will still be frugal, but it depends on, for example, whether you have used wonky potatoes/carrots or more expensive ones.

Ingredients to make 3 bowls of soup.  One for today, one for tomorrow and one for the freezer!
100g leeks, sliced
about 75g of a mix of onion, carrot and celery, diced
about 130g potato, diced (I don't peel, I push the soup through a sieve after zizzing because I love it super-smooth
a couple of sprays of oil (I love my oil mister)
a squidge of garlic puree
a stock cube (I'm using Aldi cubes - Quixo - which are 3p each)
some water
a little milk (optional)
seasonings (e.g. pepper, herbs and a scrape of nutmeg)

Place the leeks, other veg and potatoes into a pan and spray with oil.  Saute, stirring, for around five minutes.  Then add the squidge of garlic and cook for another minute, stirring.
Crumble in the stock cube and add seasonings.  I don't add salt until the very end as stock cubes can be salty but I did add nutmeg, dried parsley and pepper.
Add some water to cover, bring to a boil and simmer, covered, until all the veggies are soft.
Then zizz with a stick blender or other zizzing machine.  If it comes out very thick, slacken it with more water or maybe some milk.  If it comes out on the thin side, you could add a little instant mash and mix it in well.Taste and adjust seasonings, if necessary.
Heat to piping hot and serve.

For me, it cost 12p per serving.

Day 3: 26-1-17. Plans

B:  porridge - 4p; pineapple - 6p.  Milk and yogurt already costed

L:  leek and potato soup - to be worked out; bread and butter - 2p; crispy cake - 3p

D:  macaroni cheese with broccoli -10p and 50g peas - 4p

I also have to count some peanuts I had yesterday evening after I'd done all the working out and reporting so that's another 8p!  Bad me!

For the macaroni cheese, making enough for just one, I'm reckoning 50g of cheese at 22p and 50g of macaroni at 5p and whatever flour I use which will be negligible so I'm saying 1p.  Milk and seasonings have already been accounted for.

There will be space for some fruit at some point too.

Recipe: pork mince with veg

I did a batch cook today with the pork mince I got from Aldi earlier this week

100g mirepoix (home mixed) - 15p
500g pork mince - £1.89
100g each of frozen peas - 8p; frozen corn - 10p; frozen mixed veg - 8p and frozen mixed peppers - 20p
garlic puree - about 10p
chicken stock cube - 3p
can chopped tomatoes - 25p
50g red lentils - 11p
30g porridge oats - 2p
tomato puree - 20p
various seasonings (pepper, mixed herbs, etc, to own preference) - already accounted for

Put the pork in a large pan that will go on hob and in oven.  Cook, stirring, until it's all coloured and broken up and the oil is releasing.
Add all the veg apart from the lentils and continue stirring while they thaw and heat.
Add the garlic puree, chopped tomatoes, stock cube, lentils and oats.  Add some water so that it is all covered and stir it well.
Put the pan in an oven set to about 180C - no need to preheat.
Let it summer slowly away.  Now and again, get it out and give it a good stir.  Add more water if needed.
Give it a nice long time, then taste and adjust seasonings, if necessary.
Cool, separate into portions and freeze,.  Remember to label each portion unless you like to play lucky dip with your freezer!
For me, it made 9 portions which is 35p per portion and contains loads of the daily F&V requirement!

Wednesday 25 January 2017

End of Day 2

This is how it all worked out.

B:  porridge - 4p, pineapple - 6p, milk and yogurt already accounted for.  Total 10p

L:  carrot and lentil soup - 14p, ham sandwich 5p (ham free, bread 2p, butter already counted, mustard 3p  Total 24p

D:  2/3 can baked beans - 16p; small jacket spuds - 7p; grated cheese - 16p; salad cream - 1p; clementine - 8p.  Total 48p

I didn't have the planned apple before swimming so that will be supper.  8p

I had:  £27.03
Today's total: 90p
Remaining: £26.13
. . . plus a clementine

Recipe: chocolate crispy cakes

Very simple - good for a sweet nibble!

1/6 of a bar of Morrisons Savers chocolate (white, milk or dark - up to you)   5p
15g Savers corkflakes - about 1p
Paper cake cases

Melt the chocolate, either carefully in the microwave or in a bowl over very hot water.  Don't use direct heat!
Stir in the cornflakes and mix well.
Spoon into two cake cases and leave to set.

Makes 2 at 3p each.

Recipe: (sort of) Mirepoix

Mirepoix is a posh name for what the Hairy Bikers call the 'Holy Trinity of cooking'.
All is it is a mix of chopped onion, carrot and celery in the ration of 2:1:1 and it forms the base for soups, stews, casseroles and similar.  It's used all over the world in different ways and under different names.  I virtually always start my soups and meaty mixes with it.

I chopped onion (stingy eyes, ouch), carrot and celery this morning and now I have a big bowlful that costs £1.20, more or less
I shall use some in some savoury pork mince I intend to cook today and the rest I shall freeze in single portions with the price on top!  How would I manage this without my scales?

Here's a couple of articles that will tell you more, if you're interested.

Day 2: Plans 25-1-17

Remember the free ham yesterday?  Well, to my delight, I found Mum had wrapped up four slices so I saved two for today.

This is the plan

B:  before swimming: apple; after swimming: porridge with pineapple and yogurt,

L:  carrot and lentil soup, ham and mustard sarnie, clementine

D:  smallish jacket potato, rest of the baked beans from yesterday, maybe a sprinkle of grated cheese (I'll see how the funds last), natural yogurt

S: carrot batons

I'll be back later with the costings and changes!

Tuesday 24 January 2017

Recipe: spicy wedges

These were really delicious and this is what I did.

some floury potatoes, suitable for roasting - mine were Maris Pipers
spray oil (I have a Misto and use it a lot)

For the spicy coating
equal amounts of smoked paprika, garam masala and garlic salt, mixed together

I didn't peel the potatoes as they were sound apart from a few sprouts which I rubbed off.
Cut the potatoes into wedges.
Steam cook them for about seven minutes.  I prefer to steam than to boil as they don't end up so wet.  It's like par-boiling them.
Spread them out to steam dry and cool.
When they are cooler, put them in a bag with the spice mix and some sprays of oil and gently toss them in the mix until coated.

Heat the oven to between 180 and 200C.
Lay the wedges on some parchment on an oven tray.  Bake for about half an hour until browned and cooked.

If you've made a lot, instead of baking them, lay them out on a tray and open freeze them before bagging and labelling.

They really are tasty and so much better value than the ones you buy.  You can do a whole lot at a time and you can ring the changes with the spices. 

End of Day 1

Today's dinner.

Breakfast was as before except that I didn't need the apple so I've saved it for supper this evening - total 10p

Lunch:  carrot and lentil soup 14p.  I didn't have time to eat the yogurt and pineapple   Total 14p

Dinner:  ham - free (from the weekend at my parents'); wedges - 15p  (300g wonky potatoes, Morrisons); sprouts 15p (bought before the prices shot up and kept in foil); home made spicy tomato ketchup - 3p.  Then yogurt (a) and pineapple (6p - a fifth of a Morrisons Savers tin, bought when it was still 27p - I wrote the price on the top).  Total 36p

Supper:  apple: 8p (Aldi)

Total:  71p - but it would be more if I hadn't had the free ham!
Remaining:  £27.03

Recipe: carrot and lentil soup

I could make this cheaper but I'm using up what I already have first!  You can substitute!

Ingredients to make two portions (one today, one tomorrow) at around 20p a bowlful
60g onion, chopped (4.5p)
60g celery, chopped (6.5p)
200g carrots, topped, tailed washed and chopped (15p)
sprays of oil (a)
10g Marigold vegetable bouillon powder - 14p
squidge garlic puree (a)
50g red lentils (12.5p)
seasonings (I used black pepper) and pinch of dried mixed herbs (a)

Spray the onion, celery and carrots and saute in a pan.  then add the stock powder, lentils and seasonings.  Be careful with salt as stock tends to be salty.

Add some water - enough to cover and a bit more.  I made around a litre of soup.  Bring to a boil and simmer, covered, for 20 mins or until the lentils and veg are cooked.

Zizz with a stick blender or in a machine.  Taste and adjust seasonings if needed.  It was quite thick so I added a splash of milk and it went well.

(a means I have already accounted for the cost of that item)

Apologies - I forgot to take a photo until I was over half way through.  My photos are not usually as messy as that!

Later edit.
I found that the amount I made gives me three portions of what I can get in my soup bowls so it's about 14p per portion which is even better.  One for today, one for tomorrow and one for the freezer for another day.  Can't complain, can I?

Recipe: home made bread

I've made bread.  Each gorgeous loaf costs me 10p because I am lucky enough to have a friend who can get me excellent quality strong flour greatly reduced.  Aldi/Lidl do great bread flour for 75p so your loaf will still be well under 20p.

So this week, I am using up odds and ends so my loaves are white, wholemeal and granary, all in one!  One is in the bread bin and the other has been sliced (10 slices, more or less, so 1p per slice) and frozen.  I might actually do the same with the one in the bread bin too.

Here's the recipe which can easily be doubled or more.  It makes one delicious, quality, frugal loaf 1lb loaf

250g strong flour, or mix your flours.  Granary and wholemeal is lovely
half tsp each of dried yeast (the breadmaker kind), salt and sugar
a sploosh of veg oil
water - if the loaf is white it is 63% water, going up to 70% for a wholemeal.

Bung everything together, mix it all well, then tip it out and knead it for 10 mins or so.  Or cheat and use a food processor of some kind.  I do!

Leave in an oiled bowl, covered, until double in size.

Knock the dough back, shape and place in your loaf tin (or it can be free form).  Cover and allow to rise again until double in size (not necessarily double height though).
Preheat the oven as high as it will go.  Put the loaf in and turn the head down to 180 fan.
Bake for about half an hour.  It is done when it sounds hollow if you tap the bottom.
Cool on a rack and then bag up.

Day 1 24-1-17

So - off we go.  I think the best thing to do will be to post in the mornings with the plans and again in the evenings, once I know exactly what I've had and what it costs.

I have £27.71 left after taking out bread (home made), oil (in my misto), butter (1/4 pack), milk (1 pint) and herbs/seasonings.

Today's plans:
B: a third of a tin of baked beans (Aldi, 25p - 8p); 2 slices of toast (home made - 2p); bit of butter (a)*
L: home made carrot and lentil soup; yogurt (a) and tinned pineapple (Morrisons Savers 27p - 6p)
D: sliced of ham (free as I brought it home after visiting my parents), home made spicy wedges, brussels sprouts, home made spicy ketchup (3p)
I'm also going to a baby shower after school and there will be cake. Even better - free cake!   Free cake is always good!

Back later!

(a means already accounted for)

Monday 23 January 2017

Some useful sites

The amazing Jack Monroe site, packed with ideas and recipes.

Or just Google Lie Below The Line recipes to get a lot of suggestions.

One of my favourite places.  A wise, sensible, frugal lady is Lesley!

and also from the same site

Loads of ideas.

. . . and follow through, day by day.

Warning - some of these have irritating pop ups.

More ideas

On to ideas for dinners.  Again, I asked in Pound a Day and got some good ideas to add to my list.  I have enough suggestions that I could have something different every day, if I wanted to, although some might prove too expensive.

savoury rice
pasta bol (I don't have any spag!)
mince with various toppings - pastry, mash, mashed veg, crumble
macaroni cheese with veg underneath
Jack burgers or other veg burgers
yogurt pizza
pasta bake
jacket potato
quiche or crustless quiche
omelette, frittata, etc
egg and chips (home made, of course0
red lentil loaf
veg stir fry
tuna fishakes
sausage meat and stuffing roll
ham, veg and chips
yorkshire pudding with veg and gravy
bean and potato bake
nut loaf
leek and ham bake

See what I mean!

Sunday 22 January 2017


I've been thinking long and hard about meals.  I've asked on Pound a Day, I've Googled, I've made lists!

Here's my ideas for breakfasts which I hope will come to around 20p-ish

toast with things on - jam, marmite, peanut butter, scrambled egg, baked beans, etc
boiled egg
porridge/overnight oats/baked oats
crumbers/pikelets (home made)
eggy bread
granola and yogurt (both home made)
savoury scones (tomato scones)
bacon sarnie

Before I thought if this, I got some bacon from Morrisons that was reduced so it comes to 10p a rasher that I bunged in the freezer.  This makes bacon sarnies a distinct and delicious possibility!

The challenge

Forgive the ramble - this is really me talking to myself . . .

I've set myself a challenge which is to feed myself for £30 lasting 30 days.

I help to admin a Facebook Group called 'Feed yourself for £1 a day.  As the title suggests, it is a frugality group and it's huge - over 100,000 members.  I know it can be done - people do and I have done when I did Live Below The Line, but 30 days is a different kettle of fish.  Easier in some ways, harder in others.

So - the rules - no, guidelines!

1. They won’t be consecutive days as I have commitments in my diary. I could have cheated and started a couple of days ago but, but as I wasn't providing my own food for a few days, that seemed a bit unfair.  So I am starting on Tuesday.

2. I’m not going to get things in just for this but work as much as possible within what I already have – such as pasta, rice, flour, etc. However, I will use My Supermarket and price everything out.  My scales and calculator will be working overtime!

3. I shall use my herbs, spices, etc, and take off £1 right at the beginning to cover what I use. I only cook for one so it can often be minimal.  Cooking for one (usually) makes it a lot simpler as I don't have to worry about anyone else's needs.

4. I’ll shop around because I always do, but I expect I will be more vegetarian than usual as it is a cheaper way to eat.  Beans, beans are good for your heart, etc.

5. If I have access to things that are cheaper, I will use that – for example, I have access to very cheap, good quality strong flour so my bread is going to work out at around 10p for a 1lb loaf.  

6.  I don't go out of my way to find Yellow Sticker foods - they don't have much around my way and anyway, life's too short!  However, if I find any AND it is something that I used or will use, I'm not going to walk away and leave it!  Ditto with BOGOFs.

7.  Most things will be costed when I use them (I have stuck labels on things saying how much per 100g or whatever) but a few will be costed when I buy/make them, such as bread, butter (1/4 pack at a time), milk, yogurt.  I have an oil mister and I know how much I can put in it so that's come off the £30 too.

8.  Some things will be free.  Things like the jar of marmalade a friend gave me when she came round for coffee, produce from garden and allotment, frozen last year, stock from a chicken carcass . . . 

9,  When using my home mades - jam, chutney, ketchup - it's well nigh impossible to cost so I will have to be a bit arbitrary about it and just say an amount.

10.  There's got to be a 10 to round it off.  Oh, yes.  This is me doing it for me so I will be true to the way I do things because I want it to work and maybe to take it on longer term (with flexibility).  

11.  Thought of another one.  I'm not including drinks unless they go into a food recipe.  However, that doesn't mean I shall go bananas with wine, elderflower cordial, etc, I shall still be aiming for mostly water with a few coffees thrown in for good measure.

So there you go.  I'm looking forward to it!

Here's a link to the Pound a Day group - you will need to ask to join as it's a closed group.