Sunday 22 January 2017

The challenge

Forgive the ramble - this is really me talking to myself . . .

I've set myself a challenge which is to feed myself for £30 lasting 30 days.

I help to admin a Facebook Group called 'Feed yourself for £1 a day.  As the title suggests, it is a frugality group and it's huge - over 100,000 members.  I know it can be done - people do and I have done when I did Live Below The Line, but 30 days is a different kettle of fish.  Easier in some ways, harder in others.

So - the rules - no, guidelines!

1. They won’t be consecutive days as I have commitments in my diary. I could have cheated and started a couple of days ago but, but as I wasn't providing my own food for a few days, that seemed a bit unfair.  So I am starting on Tuesday.

2. I’m not going to get things in just for this but work as much as possible within what I already have – such as pasta, rice, flour, etc. However, I will use My Supermarket and price everything out.  My scales and calculator will be working overtime!

3. I shall use my herbs, spices, etc, and take off £1 right at the beginning to cover what I use. I only cook for one so it can often be minimal.  Cooking for one (usually) makes it a lot simpler as I don't have to worry about anyone else's needs.

4. I’ll shop around because I always do, but I expect I will be more vegetarian than usual as it is a cheaper way to eat.  Beans, beans are good for your heart, etc.

5. If I have access to things that are cheaper, I will use that – for example, I have access to very cheap, good quality strong flour so my bread is going to work out at around 10p for a 1lb loaf.  

6.  I don't go out of my way to find Yellow Sticker foods - they don't have much around my way and anyway, life's too short!  However, if I find any AND it is something that I used or will use, I'm not going to walk away and leave it!  Ditto with BOGOFs.

7.  Most things will be costed when I use them (I have stuck labels on things saying how much per 100g or whatever) but a few will be costed when I buy/make them, such as bread, butter (1/4 pack at a time), milk, yogurt.  I have an oil mister and I know how much I can put in it so that's come off the £30 too.

8.  Some things will be free.  Things like the jar of marmalade a friend gave me when she came round for coffee, produce from garden and allotment, frozen last year, stock from a chicken carcass . . . 

9,  When using my home mades - jam, chutney, ketchup - it's well nigh impossible to cost so I will have to be a bit arbitrary about it and just say an amount.

10.  There's got to be a 10 to round it off.  Oh, yes.  This is me doing it for me so I will be true to the way I do things because I want it to work and maybe to take it on longer term (with flexibility).  

11.  Thought of another one.  I'm not including drinks unless they go into a food recipe.  However, that doesn't mean I shall go bananas with wine, elderflower cordial, etc, I shall still be aiming for mostly water with a few coffees thrown in for good measure.

So there you go.  I'm looking forward to it!

Here's a link to the Pound a Day group - you will need to ask to join as it's a closed group.


  1. Love the blog Joy, wishing you all the best with the challenge xx

  2. Hi, Jean, and thank you very much. :-)
    J x