Monday 23 January 2017

More ideas

On to ideas for dinners.  Again, I asked in Pound a Day and got some good ideas to add to my list.  I have enough suggestions that I could have something different every day, if I wanted to, although some might prove too expensive.

savoury rice
pasta bol (I don't have any spag!)
mince with various toppings - pastry, mash, mashed veg, crumble
macaroni cheese with veg underneath
Jack burgers or other veg burgers
yogurt pizza
pasta bake
jacket potato
quiche or crustless quiche
omelette, frittata, etc
egg and chips (home made, of course0
red lentil loaf
veg stir fry
tuna fishakes
sausage meat and stuffing roll
ham, veg and chips
yorkshire pudding with veg and gravy
bean and potato bake
nut loaf
leek and ham bake

See what I mean!

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