Friday 19 April 2024

Friday evening, 19-04-24

Good evening, everyone!  Home, sweet home.  It's been a lovely five days away but I'm always happy to be home again.  Everything is unpacked and away, the washing is done, I did a small shop for fruit and veg, hopefully to last a week.

This coming week and after next weekend at Five Lakes, going forward . . .
  • Back on SW and back to basics.
  • Back on Intermittent Fasting as much as I can, with the proviso that on days where I have an early morning exercise class (I count 9:15 as early when it is exercise!) I may have an apple beforehand for energy.
  • Back on pretty much 100% home cooking.
  • Back on working through what I have in the freezer
My new block of classes starts on Monday (they started last Monday but, obviously, I couldn't start then) so that will help.  I can catch up on what I missed through this block, if I want to, by attending other classes.

I'll resume my Vlog recommendations tomorrow.  

What I ate today:

I didn't photo breakfast but it was exactly the same as yesterday and the day before and the day before and . . .

Lunch.  Underneath the cheese there's some red onion chutney and some bacon medallions.
One and a half healthy extra As, one healthy extra B, one and a half syns for chutney and one syn for salad dressing.

I was going to have an orange later on but I got busy with the bread making and forgot.  Obviously, I didn't need it, did I?

I was going to egg and breadcrumb some fish but, when I looked, I found a garlic and herb crumbed yellow fin sole for four syns and Had that instead.  It was lovely, as were the home made chips and the bit of salad.  So nice to be back on real food again.  You might say I could make my 'real' food at Center |Parcs but it isn't so easy with such limited kitchen tools and I never really worked out how the oven/microwave combi thingy actually worked.
Four syns for the fish and one and a half for some salad cream for chip-dipping.

And I didn't want any fruit afterwards.

one and a half healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
eight syns
and whatever breakfast was - I have no idea.

Tomorrow's meal plans:

B:  fruit, eaten on our walk
SW:  syn free

L:  cheesy beans on toast; fruit
SW:  one A, one B and half a syn for brown sauce

D:  chicken and pancetta tortellini in a tomato and veg sauce, maybe a side salad; fruit
I bought the tortellini at Center Parcs and didn't use it then.  Fortunately, it has a longish date.  I will prep the whole pack, divide it into three portions and freeze two of them.
SW:  six syns for a third of the finished pasta dish, half a healthy extra A for some parmesan

Exercise:  a walk with SW friends

A get-straight-back-onto-it food haul

I haven't done a food haul for ages, have I?  

This is exactly what I have just come back with from Morrisons.  Very little of it shouts 'full meal' because I have more than adequate supplies of eggs, cheese, meat, canned stuff, etc, already in cupboard, fridge and freezer.  Really, I just needed fresh.

I already had oranges, a few apples and some blueberries, not to mention frozen fruit
The melon is a bit of a treat really.
Salad and veg
I was definitely short on salad stuff but no more . . .
One always leaves something behind when coming home from holiday.  Me?  I left a few slices of my good, home made bread in the little freezer box which I was annoyed about because it will get chucked and it really is nice bread.

I'll put another batch on this afternoon but, in the meanwhile, Morrisons had some really nice looking pumpernickel bread so I got a  loaf.  I don't know if it will could as a B officially, but it will for me.

The bag is a couple of slices of fillet steak.  The way it is cut, I will be able to get three servings from it so, while still expensive, it's not quite as bad as it could have been.  I'm going to treat myself to some on my birthday next week.

I'm rather hoping that this, with what I already have, will see me through until the start of May.
Fingers crossed.

Thursday evening, 18-04-24

Good evening, everyone!
Sorry - I mean good  morning, don't I?
I was so tired again last night, I left this (and the other blog) until this morning.

I am looking forward to getting proper back on track again - starting with today's lunch.  After a week of indulgence, it might be a bit of an uphill struggle for a few days but I have plenty of the good stuff in the freezer so no excuses.  
I think my tummy will thank me.  

I'm now on the no alcohol wagon for a week, then I'm at Five Lakes for a Fun and Fitness weekend with Lindsey and a big group and then it's a long, clear road with no excuses or distractions.
Good old Slimming World helps me to know exactly what I have to do.  Back to basics.

Someone asked me about rice pudding recipes a few days ago.  When I get home, I will put together a post because there are several ways to make a SW friendly rice pudding, depending on what you use - hob, oven, slow cooker . . . and I use Thermione, which isn't all that helpful really.
And I am wondering if one could also use an air fryer - or a microwave?  I must experiment and find out.
What I ate yesterday:

Well, I have to admit that is wasn't a good or healthy day.  It started off OK with this.

Same as I have had all week and, honestly, it has been a great start to each day.  

Then it all went down hill and, eventually, I ended up with what was either my sinuses playing up or a migraine which I blame entirely on all the junk I have eaten.  

However - no more.  The holiday is virtually over, just one more breakfast here at Center Parcs and then I am home and back on it like a back-on-it mad thing.
The one saving grace is that it has been a very active holiday and, while I'm a bit achey, I still feel great and raring to go, despite all the junk food.  

Tomorrow's meal plans:

B:  the last of the yogurt, fruit and granola
I have more granola at home and will have it but not so often.
SW:  I'm calling the granola five syns, to be on the safe side and the oats one syn (the portions are pretty small)

L:  something cheesy and toasty, salad; fruit
I have bread left over which will have defrosted on the way home.
SW:  one and a half healthy extra As and one healthy extra B plus one syn for salad cream and one and a half for chutney

D:  fish and chips, side salad; fruit
Home made, of course, not take away!
SW:  half a healthy extra A and two syns for cheesy breadcrumbs around the fish (so tasty)

Exercise:  walking

Back to normal posting this evening.  xx

Wednesday 17 April 2024

Wednesday evening, 17-04-24

Good evening, everyone!
Confession time - this Center Parcs break (where I am now) is not turning out to be a particularly healthy eating holiday.  I've eaten healthy meals, sure, and the rest . . .
No details - don't want to trigger anyone - but just assume the worst!  😋
And you know what - I don't mind.  Yes, it could be much better but I'm having a lovely, time limited break and as soon as I get home, I will be straight back on it again.

I've been very active.  I know you can neither out swim nor out run/walk a poor diet, but it will have helped.

In the meanwhile - cheers!!
What I ate today:

I'm having the same breakfast every day - fresh fruit, yogurt and granola and it is lovely.

This should have been with avocado, egg and a salad but it wasn't, it was just cheese triangles on toast - and I really enjoyed it.

The truth is
a.  I had other rubbish stuff and
b.  I couldn't be bothered
It's a holiday!!

Taking this photo was a bit nerve wracking as it kept threatening to topple!
Instead of having steak and chips, I decided to do a steak and onion sandwich and you know what - I am definitely making this again.  It was lovely.
I slow fried some onion, then spray fried one side of two slices if my home made wholemeal and finally whopped up the heat and fried the steak that had been seasoned with salt and pepper (I'd also have used some steak seasoning if I were at home).

Most deeelicious!

Back to normal soon but dinner would fit nicely into a SW day, for sure - one healthy B and one syn for salad dressing

Tomorrow's meal plans:

B:  fruit, yogurt and granola

L:  bacon and cheese toastie, side salad; fruit

D:  chicken and pancetta tortellini in a tomato sauce, side salad; fruit

Exercise:  Hopefully, Lindsey's online SET class (if the connection holds), a swim, a gym session and some walking.
(I can try anyway)


Tuesday 16 April 2024

Tuesday evening, 16-04-24

Good evening, everyone!

What I ate today:

Breakfast was fruit, yogurt and that granola.  And it was lovely!
Lunch - bacon sandwich with a very simple salad followed by some fruit.

Dinner - chicken and veg in a creamy sauce and I cooked some pasta to add.  It was very, very nice - and so it should be, the amount it cost.
Somewhat calorific but not to worry.

I also had various other naughty bits and bobs, ooops.  That's holiday for you.

Tomorrow's meal plans:

B:  fruit, yogurt and granola

L:  avocado toast with s rambled egg; fruit

D:  not sure - I might get an Indian takeaway

Exercise:  the one thing that is on track.  A swim, a good walk and a session in the gym.  

Monday evening, 15-04-24

Good morning, everyone!  Well, Tuesday morning really - I was so tired when I finally got into my room!
I'm at the Elveden Center Parcs for a few days of R&R and very much looking forward to the week.  I'm in the Hotel but in one of the self catering apartments which is not only better from the food perspective but also cheaper overall - it's not cheap to eat out at Center Parcs.

While I am here, I will be trying to eat well but I won't be doing SW values - it's just too tricky.  And I may be posting in the mornings for a few days because it will work better for me.  

What I ate yesterday:

I didn't take any photos, sorry.  There was so much to do.
Breakfast was just half a melon that very much needed finishing off.  
Lunch was a ham sandwich and some fruit, eaten rather late.

I goofed with dinner - by the time I got in and settled and unpacked the chill bag, the steak I had planned to have was still rock hard and wasn't going to thaw in time so I went to the shop and bought rubbish and scoffed the lot.  Oh well . . . holiday.
Back on track today, for sure.

Today's meal plans:

B:  fruit, yogurt and granola

L:   bacon sandwich, side salad; fruit

D:  chicken and veg casserole, pasta; fruit

Exercise:  a swim some gyn stuff and walking.

Sunday 14 April 2024

Sunday evening, 14-04024

Good evening, everyone!

What I ate today:

OK, so I had a go at making a stuffed waffle.  What you see wasn't the first attempt - that was a disaster!!
I wasn't sure how the usual batter would work so I doubled the amount and it was actually more than enough (assuming it comes out OK).
It was nice but the centre wasn't quite cooked - I think I need to try the proper waffle batter (and blow the syns) until; I'm used to it.

One healthy extra B and three syns for the sauce.
Roast dinner seeing as it's been Sunday and I can affirm that duck fat does indeed make very nice roasties.

Two syns for one tsp fat and the rest is syn free.

Later on I had an orange.

Dinner was not at all what I planned but when I had sorted out the fridge, I looked at what I had and . . .

I peeled a potato and thinly sliced it before soaking for a couple of hours.|
In an ovenproof dish I sprayed the bottom with oilt and then layered potato, three bacon medallions, more potato, sliced onion (plus seasonings), then sprayed, covered and baked in Nellie the Ninja for well over an hour before removing the foil and giving it another fifteen minutes to brown off the top.  Then I added grated cheese and gave it another ten minutes (yes, it took all of that time so I was glad I used Nellie and not the oven) so the cheese melted.
Very ad hoc, I know, but it was delicious and I will do it again.
Two healthy extra As.

two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
no idea of syns as I attacked the nuts again.   Ooops a daisy!

Tomorrow's meal plans:

B:  rice pudding, fruit and yogurt
The last of the rice pudding from the freezer.  Must make some more when I get home.
SW:  two syns for the milk.

L:  ham sandwich, finger salad; fruit
- using a couple of triangles instead of butter.
SW:  one and a half healthy extra As, one healthy extra B

D:  steak, chips, salad; fruit
A bit of a treat but not too difficult.
However, I am also having wine.  Naughty me!
SW:  one syn for salad cream and no idea how many for the wine.

Exercise:  lots of walking, maybe a swim.

Saturday 13 April 2024

Saturday evening, 13-04-24

Good evening, everyone!

When I was on the Christmas cruise, one of the very nicest breakfasts I had was fresh fruit, plain yogurt and granola.  It was so nice that I have decided to reproduce that when I am away so, earlier today, I made a batch of granola in the air fryer.  It isn't exactly Slimming World friendly, not with oil and sugar (in the form of a mix of maple syrup, honey and agave nectar because I had some dregs of maple syrup and agave nectar so wanted to use it up)  and all those nuts and seeds, but it is pretty healthy and you don't use much at a time.  I made the full amount and will take some with me in a pot.  The recipe says it keeps for ages so let's hope that is correct.
I will work out the calories at some point but it's not a priority right now.

What I ate today:

After making the granola, with all the naughty nut nibbling (well, wouldn't you?), I wasn't feeling that hungry so changed my plans to just some fruit.  With the nuts, it all kept me going through some serious gardening and two loads of washing, until around two, when it was lunch time.

I have no idea of how many syns my nibbling cost me, not the foggiest, sorry.  

I'm really chuffed with the plum sauce - it was even nicer second day (recipe in yesterday's blog) and the wrap was just like that Chinese starter, shredded duck.
Lunch was so delicious.

One healthy extra B and let's say two syns for the rest of the sauce, to be on the safe side.

Nowhere near as colourful but just as delicious.  A nice, straightforward spag bol and now I only have one more batch meal left in the freezer.  Cheers!

One healthy extra A

one healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
no idea of syns because of the nut nibbling but at least it was healthy nibbling!

Tomorrow's meal plans:

B:  filled waffle, yogurt
I'm trying a filled waffle today.  It takes more batter so I will be using double quantities, just to make sure I have enough.
SW:  one healthy extra B

L:  lamb leg steak, roasties, steamed veg; fruit
I think I may have enough mint growing to make my own mint sauce  - fingers crossed!
Also, I have pure duck fat from Friday so I'm using a tsp for my roast potatoes - I've never used either duck or goose fat for toasties but it is supposed to make lovely roast potatoes so - here's hoping!
SW:  two syns for gravy, two syns for a tsp of duck fat

D:  I don't know - I have had my B for the day.  Maybe I will cook some chicken and have a simple salad.
Edited Sunday morning:  I think I'm going to make a potato based pizzas type thing using a healthy A

Exercise:  tomorrow will be quite a busy day so I'm counting all the energy used as my exercise!  :-)

Friday 12 April 2024

Friday evening, 12-04-24

Good evening, everyone!
I was so pleased with one and a half pounds off at group this week.  Now to keep the motivation high over the coming week or two.

Another vlog I really enjoy watching and get a lot from is Claire Marie Howard.

Claire's vlogs cover weight loss, lifestyle, holidays, recipes, she does a few sponsored posts but not that many, she's a successful Slimming World girl and she has a very engaging way about her, making her vlogs really watchable.
Oh, and she's also doing Couch to 5K - good for her.

The blurb at the beginning says:
Hi welcome to my channel I’m Claire I’m wife of Mark and Mummy of Harrison and Joshua I’ve created this channel because I love making video memories of our life together. I’ll be sharing videos on lifestyle and eating I follow slimming world, our Holidays and general family life including our current home renovation.
(The renovation is now pretty much done)

This is her latest vlog, at time of typing.  Take a look and see what you think.

What I ate today:

A favourite breakfast - mind you, I have so many sometimes it's hard to choose.

Half a healthy extra B

A sausage and throw it all in pasta bake that ended up really delicious.
Three Heck chicken Italia chipolatas, some more hpme made passata from the freezer, onion, pepper, mushroom and I had a few baked beans so I rinsed off the sauce and added this.  Also Italian all-rounder seasoning, garlic, chicken stock powder and some cheese on top.
Phew - really filling so no need for fruit through the afternoon.

One healthy extra A and one and a half syns.

The duck I used for dinner had been sous vide cooked and was still in the sous vide bag - it came with a Hello Fresh meal and I subbed chicken for some reason; I can't remember why now.
I reheated the contents in the bag, then strained off the liquid and sort of syphoned off some of the stock from under the fat.
(I have kept the rest of the stock with the fat hardened on top and might use it (the fat) to make roasties on Sunday).
I pulled the meat off the bones and semi shredded it.  There's enough left for something else tomorrow.

The sauce was . . .
two plums, stoned and roughly chopped
one tbsp demerara sugar (3 syns)
vinegar (I used sherry vinegar)
splash water
pinch cinnamon
pinch of chilli flakes
pinch salt
(all to own taste)

I put all of the above into a pan, brought it up to a simmer, cover and let it simmer on very low until the plums had softened adding more water as necessary.  Then I blended it to a puree.

Then I added:
around 30mls duck stock (no fat)
some soy sauce to own taste
It was simply delicious, quite sweet and sour-ish.

For the actual meal, I used toasted sesame oil (one tsp = three syns) to stir-fry onion, carrot, pepper and broccoli while some noodles were cooking.
When the noodles were cooked, I added some of the shredded duck and the sauce to the vegetables, strained the noodles and combined the two.
Totally scrummy and a real Friday evening treat.

I had some grapes for afters.

It came to six syns - I don't syn cooked fruit - but there's some sauce left so I'm going to say five syns and the other syn will go with the left over sauce.

one healthy extra A
half a healthy extra B
Six and a half syns
Tomorrow's meal plans:

B:  bacon, egg, mushroom and tomatoes
SW:  syn free

L:  shredded duck wrap (or pitta or whatever), salad; fruit
I'll reheat the duck and the sauce and load it into whatever I choose tha have in the bread line.
SW:  one healthy extra B, one syn for the sauce.

D:  spag bol, side salad; fruit
The sauce is from the freezer.
SW:  one healthy extra A and one syn if I have salad cream

Exercise:  gardening and a walk

Thursday 11 April 2024

Thursday evening, 11-04-24

Good evening, everyone!  
A break from vlog call-outs for a day to say other stuff.  :-)

After my couple of weeks of using up leftovers and batch meals from the freezer (very successful, well worth the minimal effort it took), this week I've been going through my other freezer bags - the bread products bag, the chicken, pork and veggie bag and the meat, fish and lamb bag.
It was well worth it - I really won't have to buy much meat for several weeks and, while it will all eventually run out and need replacing, I'm in a place where I can do what Frugal Queen in France does and buy when there's an offer of some kind.  Every little helps, as they say.

Also, I've been sitting down and planning meals for some time I will be away soon.  It's self catering but there is the option to eat out or get takeaways.
It was more than a bit of a surprise, but a very pleasant one, when I started pencilling in meals, to realise that what I really want to do most of the time is continue to make my own meals because I enjoy them so much more.  I've been aiming for that mindset (I think you'd call it a mindset) for a while so a feeling well chuffed.
I think I will get one take away one evening (and it will do lunch the following day) because - well, holiday!  But I may very well change my mind on that one too.
And There Will Be Alcohol.  Yup!  The wagon time is over - temporarily!

I'll continue posting and photoing though.
What I ate today:

I totally forgot to photo breakfast.  It was blackberry and apple with some yogurt and it was lovely.  

Utterly delish cheese and chutney toastie with carrot, celery and tomatoes.  So, so good

One and a half healthy extra As, one healthy extra B and one and a half syns.

Later on, I had a couple of plums.

Then I had more fruit - banana and easy peelers and a nibble of cheese, which meant that I wasn't hungry when it came to dinner time, silly me.  
So that was that for the day - no dinner and no photo.  Not the best SW day.

two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
one and a half syns

Tomorrow's meal plans:

B:  waffles or pancakes, fruit and yogurt
The usual treat.  I want to try making a fairly low syn peanut butter sauce using peanut butter powder, reconstituted to think with water, some sweetener and some 0% Greek yogurt just mixed together.  It might work, it might be a disaster, but worth a go.
Real peanut butter sauce is made with peanut butter (obviously) and some sort of syrup, warmed together but that sounds terribly sweet and high in syns.
I'll let you know.
SW:  half a healthy extra B for wholemeal SR flour

L:  sausage pasta, side salad; fruit
Using some chicken Italia sausages, some chorizo and some garden tomato passata from last year
SW:  one and a half syns for three chipolatas, two syns for a bit of chorizo and one A for cheese

D:  something with duck.
For a long time, I have had a couple of duck legs that have been cooked sous vide.  I think they were part of a Hello Fresh box and I subbed them and popped them in the freezer.  I will warm them up, take the meat off the bone and make - well, something.Maybe an orange sauce?  And some vegetable couscous?
SW:  not known at present

Exercise:  a pre record on YouTube.

Wednesday 10 April 2024

Wednesday evening, 10-04-24

Good evening, everyone!  How can we be a third of the way through April already!

For the next week or so, I'm giving a 'call out' (as they say) to some of the YouTube vloggers I watch regularly and who have helped me, one way or another.  They're not all doing Slimming World but they all have valuable things to say and give.

Today, it's about Stephanie's vlog, Stephanie 1975_SW

Now, Stephanie is a target member of Slimming World, doing it all at home and she's the perfect example of how things can go up and down and it's perfectly OK, no need to worry.  She's lost a shedload of weight in the past and is keeping it off now and I think she's amazing.

I love how she is always cheerful, despite some serious challenges in her life (watch the videos for more info), always kind, always understanding, very community minded and just a fantastic, all round, lovely lady.
Generally, she posts once a week; occasionally there are 'what I eat in a day' type videos too.  I always look forward to her vlogs and always finish them feeling happier and more cheerful - she's just that sort of person.
(Also, she's an admin in Roe's Facebook Group, mentioned yesterday)

Here's the most recent one, posted yesterday.

What I ate today:

Beans and marmite toast is just so very easy to make, so quick and so scrummy!
The toast wasn't quite a B weight.  It was from a home made loaf, both the crust ends and quite small but never mind.

One healthy extra B

I swapped over lunch and dinner so the chicken pasta bake came next.  It was delicious and the sauce nice and thick because I cooked the pasta in the sauce instead of separately in water.
I had some melon for afters and, later on, an orange and a plum.
No olives so that kept the syns down, not that it was the reason - it was just really nice as it was.

One healthy extra A.

One jacket potato, halved.  Salad cream and cheese on one side (I love salad cream with potato - sorry!), baked beans on t'other and a red salad (carrot, pepper and tomato).  Flippin' delicious.
And I still have a few baked beans left

One healthy extra A and one syn.

two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
one syn

Tomorrow's meal plans:

B:  fruit salad (and, maybe) yogurt
I want to go into town in the morning and might take fruit with me or I might wait until I get home.  Thankfully, I'm rarely tempted by breakfasts out.
SW:  syn free

L:  toastie, salad; fruit
. . .  because why not - I dearly love a toastie!  I have a few baked beans left so they might go in the toastie.
SW:  one healthy extra A, one B and one and a half syns for chutney

D:  cranberry and chestnut falafels, salad, roasted veg; fruit
I've had these falafels in the freezer for ages and it is about time I started using them up, isn't it?
SW:  if I have five falafels, that will be three and a half syns

Exercise:  a walk around town, gardening

Tuesday 9 April 2024

Tuesday evening, 09-04-24

Good evening, everyone!  

There's a lot of support structures out there for those of us trying to lose weight/ get healthier/both.
I follow a number of vlogs on YouTube and I'm going to share some of them with you over the next days.

The first one is the vlog of a lovely lady called Roe.  Roe lives in New York and she vlogs about her journey to weight loss and is currently following the Slimming World plan.
Roe's vlogs are so thoughtful and very supportive and, having 'met' her via a group chat or two, I think she is such a very lovely and caring person.
Here's the link to her vlog.

She also has a private Facebook group which you can find here.

She supports others so much; do pop over, watch her vlog, like and subscribe.

Here's her most recent vlog post.

What I ate today:

Breakfast was just a mixed fruit salad with yogurt - melon, orange, raspberries, strawberries and a bit of kiwi.

Syn free

Cheesy egg salad sandwich for lunch.  I hard boiled two eggs and mashed them with some grated cheese, bit of seasoning and some salad cream as a sandwich filling, using a couple of cheese triangles instead of butter.

One and a half healthy extra As, one healthy extra B and one and a half syns for the salad cream.

Later on, I had an apple and an orange.

Perfect comfort food after quite a chilly and windy day.
The 'gammon' was actually from a pack of cooking bacon and I just got lucky as there were several slices that were big enough for gammon steaks.  I've got one left now.

Two syns for one tsp oil for the chips and half a syn for salad cream.

I had a proper dessert for once.  I blended frozen cherries with yogurt and some skinny syrup to make a soft 'iced dessert'.  Strictly speaking, the cherries should have been synned because they were blended but, seeing as it would all have been syn free had I just dolloped the yogurt onto the cherries, I'm not synning it.  What I did also have was one and a half syns worth of squirty light cream.  It was really nice.

one and a half healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
five and a half syns
Tomorrow's meal plans:

B:  beans on toast
SW:  one healthy extra B

L:  jacket potato with beans and cheese, side salad; fruit
. . . so I can use up the rest of the beans; one can is way too much for one portion.  I tried getting the smaller cans but they are so much more expensive bought that way.
SW:  one healthy extra A, one syn for salad cream

D:  chicken pasta bake, veg on the side; fruit
I might make this a bit arrabbiata-ish with some chilli flakes and I might add some olives too for extra deliciousness.  If I have any, that is.
SW:  one healthy extra A

Exercise:  gardening, online pre-record.

Monday 8 April 2024

Monday evening, 08-04-24

Good evening, everyone!

In conclusion, the things that have really helped me on my SE journey are:

Planning - why and how
Flexibility and mindset

End of waffle for now.  😁
What I ate today:

I do love this breakfast so much.
One healthy extra B for the bagel and two and a half syns for the avocado.

Tomato and red pepper soup is tasty anyway but when you use passata you made from your own garden grown tomatoes and froze, it just lifts the whole thing so, so much.
Colourful too!
One healthy extra A for cheese and one syn for mixed seeds.

Later on, I had an apple and an easy peeler.

I found this recipe, lemon chicken cous cous, on the SW site although I changed it a bit.  I didn't have broccoli so used green beans, I had a bit of carrot, cauliflower and parsnip left over from Sunday lunch so I added that, I used more lemon juice and zest than it said and there's no way I would let leaf coriander anywhere near something I was going to eat.

It was scrummy!

one healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
three and a half syns

Tomorrow's meal plans:

B:  fruit and yogurt
I have yogurt to use up so why not.
SW:  one syn for some mixed seeds

L:  cheesy egg salad sandwiches, finger salad; fruit
I want this to be a thick old sandwich so will hard boil two eggs and them mash them up with some grated cheddar and some salad cream.
SW:  one healthy extra A, one healthy extra B, two syns for salad cream

D:  gammon, egg and chips
Rather comforting, this.  I'll see what veg I have to use - it might be a side salad.  I'll use some olive oil for the chips because air fried chips are much crispier for a bit of proper oil - and, you know, healthy fats, etc.
SW:  two syns for a tsp oil

Exercise:  gardening and maybe a walk