Tuesday 31 July 2018

Tuesday, 31-07-18

Good morning.

Yesterday's food was very delicious, one way or another.  I turned the chickpea curry into Jack Monroe's chickpea and peach curry as I like it and it's a very flexible recipe.  Having curry on runner beans does sound odd, I know, but it is really very nice and great for the old healthy eating.
It's quite hard to make a curry for just one and I have a portion left, now in the freezer for a day when I don't feel like cooking.  I might have it with rice next time!

Today's plans are:
B:  overnight oats with peach slices (from the tin I opened last night)
It's the last of the batch of overnight oats that I mixed up the other day and it does indeed get better as you go along, creamy and mmmmmm.  I will do them like that from now on.

L:  hummus with carrot batons
The hummus is from a batch of YS hummus I found several weeks ago and froze in single portions (about 10p a portion, more or less).  It's a very delicious kind of hummus and, while the oil separates as you defrost, it is easily either poured off (which is what I do) or stirred back in again.  I might make a little picnic of this, depending on the weather.

D:  naughty night - with the girls down the Hare for a birthday
I will choose from their small plate options and there won't be alcohol at all because we are all driving so it shouldn't be shocking either price or calorie-wise.  What it will be is fun!

No snacks if I can help it.

Monday 30 July 2018

Monday, 30-07-18

Good morning.

Yesterday's garden vegetable bake was so good.  I ate loads but most of it was veg so no problem - it had onion, red pepper, carrot, mushroom, mange tout, runner beans and new potatoes - oh, and a few wee tomatoes.  There was a little sprinkling of finely grated cheddar over the top and a bit of corned beef in it.
So tasty!

Today's plans:
B:  overnight oats (I really love this) with redcurrant and blackberry sauce
It's almost all home made, including the yogurt that I mix with the oats and the sauce.  I don't have much milk as such but I think I make up with yogurt, a favourite food.

L:  tomato soup
I made enough yesterday for two portions and it was very delicious.  I haven't used my thermomix for a few weeks because of the heat so it was nice to get back to it again

D:  chick pea curry with runner beans instead of rice
I was given some frozen chick peas and I will also use potatoes and courgettes from the allotment, plus wonky onion and pepper.  At the moment the runners are producing enough for me to have a really good portion each day.
Not authentic, but it will taste good and I might dig out the Jack Monroe recipe and add some peach slices too.

Any snacks will be apples.

My veg spending has reduced considerably now the garden veg is coming in and I'm using the cash saved to buy cans of stuff for when things are a bit leaner, either financially or, much more likely, time related.  Things like ham, tuna, etc and the occasional; four pack of baked beans, taking advantage of recent special offers.  It makes frugal sense to me - as long as I remember I have them!

Sunday 29 July 2018

Sunday, 29-07-18

Good morning.  Sorry about yesterday, I just missed a day!

Today's plans:
B:  overnight oats
I made these earlier in the week and they are gorgeous by now - so soft and creamy.  I have some blueberries to use up so will have them on top.
I shall definitely make them like this from now on - they improve with keeping.

L:  tomato soup
Well, it is beautifully cool and I haven't had soup for ages.  I will make this with passata from the freezer, made with last year's crop of tomatoes and all it will need on top of that is a bit of onion, carrot and celery (this last also from the freezer) and a bit of stock/seasoning with a dollop of home made soft cheese on top when serving.. 

D:  corned beef hash
A sort of made up version with garden/allotment veg and a couple of slices of corned beef.  Nice!
I intend to precook potato and runner beans, then fry other veg in a little oil, mix it all together with herbs and seasonings, add some broken up corned beef, sprinkle over a bit of grated cheese (from the freezer) and bake until the cheese has melted.

Corned beef is not cheap but a few slices is OK.  The rest seems pretty frugal for great tasting food.

I had the first tomato yesterday.  It was ripe and I just couldn't wait any longer.  It was wonderful!

Friday 27 July 2018

Friday, 27-07-18

Good morning.

Yesterday's plan went upsy daisy in the extreme heat but never mind, here's todays, all nice and easy.

B:  overnight oats
Made on Wednesday so should be nice and creamy by now.  Frugal oats, milk, home made yogurt and more of the virtually free fruit sauce.

L:  beans on toast
Leftover beans and YS granary bread.

D:  savoury mince, new potatoes and runner beans
Mince from the freezer, runners and potatoes from garden/allotment.

A nice, frugal day today, I hope.

Thursday 26 July 2018

Thursday, 26-07-18

Good morning.

Today's frugal/healthy plans are . . .

B:  overnight oats with blackberry and redcurrant sauce
I've made a batch of overnight oats that should do me for three days (thank you, Ali, for the information)  so no problems with forgetting.  For the sauce, see below.

L:  Not sure as Alex (grandson) and I are going into town and eating at John Lewis  - so more frugal than it could be!

D:  Vegetable stir fry (or maybe oven bake) on runner beans; natural yogurt with more of the sauce.
I've got a selection of veg - potatoes, mange tout and courgette (allotment), red pepper and onion (wonky veg), mushroom (ordinary), runners (garden) and I will stir fry most of it, shred and boil the runners and have the former on the latter.  I have a couple of slices of corned beef so I might add that as well.  A bit make do in style and I don't feel inclined to add any sauce at all as I love vegetables just as they are but the flavours should be wonderful. 

I had some redcurrants and some blackberries, both gifts from lovely friends.  I boiled them up and dripped them through a muslin before adding sugar and boiling to make jelly.  I added some more water to the residue and pushed it through my mouli, added some stevia to what came through and lo and behold, I have rather a nice and extremely frugal fruit sauce to stir into my yogurt or overnight oats.  And very little waste.
I love my mouli.

Wednesday 25 July 2018

Wednesday, 25-07-18

Good morning.

Today's plans (apart from staying as cool as possible)

B:  just a bit of fruit.
I have nectarines and cherries and, while they're not as cheap as oats, they are cooling and I don't fancy anything else.
I wonder if overnight oats can last two or more days in the fridge.  I keep forgetting the night before.  Does anyone know?

L:  leftover frittata with some tomatoes
Using leftovers is good - lots of things taste better second day and frittata is no exception.  My own tomatoes will be in soon and then they will feature in nearly every meal!

D:  beans on toast; natural yogurt
Very little cooking involved today and a more frugal dinner compensates for the fruit!  I love beans on toast so, although it won't cost much with YS bread (from the freezer) and own brand beans, it will be delicious too . . .

. . . and lots and lots of water

Tuesday 24 July 2018

Tuesday, 24-07-18

Good morning.

I'm feeling rich.  Yesterday, my main pension landed in my bank account with a nice ker-ching!  In one way it is a fake-feeling because it is next month's money, August 1st to 31st but in another way it isn't because there's this overlap of a week meaning that if it did get rather close to the bone towards the end of the month, cash wise, I'd not go overdrawn.  I'm used to it now so there's no temptation to splash the cash before the new month starts!

I changed my planning a bit yesterday.  After opening the can of chopped pork, I realised there was more than I needed for two lunches so I ditched the salmon (well, left it in the freezer, anyway) and had the cold meat with the new potatoes and runners for dinner and it was delicious.
It doesn't look much, I'd be the first to admit, and there was no gravy and certainly no butter on the potatoes (although they were cooked with a couple of sprigs of mint) but it really, genuinely was tasty.  I guess the moral is that home grown is best.

.  Must get some more of the chopped pork.

Today's plans:
B:  overnight oats with fruit and natural yogurt.
Same as everyday, deliciously frugal and filling as well.  I love oaty stuff.

L:  I have the remains of the chopped ham so I might have another salad or I might turn it into a pork and salad roll or sandwich.  I'll see how I feel.  It won't be extravagant anyway.  If I go the bread route, that will be out of the freezer.

D:  courgette frittata
 . . . using courgettes from the allotment and bits and bobs of veg like onion, red pepper and so on, eggs that really need using up and a side salad.  If it's not too hot, it will be eaten on an allotment picnic.  If it is, it won't!  Beth will take some of the frittata home and I will have the rest for lunch tomorrow.

I've nearly finished the home made mayo and am umming and ahing about making more as it proved very popular.  After all, salads are not being replaced by warming soups in the next few weeks, are they?  They're here to stay for a while.

So a pretty frugal day today with precious little waste and lots of great flavours . . . and not much cooking.

Monday 23 July 2018

Monday, 23-07-18

Good morning.  I'm back after a weekend of frugal feasting - in other words, someone else paid for the food!

I need to do my plans for the week but here's what I expect to eat today.

B:  muesli with fruit and natural yogurt
As always, the muesli is a gift.  I have fruit that needs using up - peaches and nectarines mostly - and the yogurt is home made.  I make a litre of yogurt at a time (un-strained) using whole long life milk so under £1 which is cheaper than the very cheapest savers yogurt and so much nicer.  I reckon the new yogurt maker has paid for itself and some by now.

L:  cold meat (I'll probably open a tin of something) and salad
I have some chopped ham which is nice enough and will last more than one meal and I'll use whatever salad very needs using up.  Dad gave me a garden grown cucumber so I will feast on that!

D:  new potatoes, runner beans, salmon; frozen fruit dessert
The beans and the potatoes are garden/ allotment grown (and super-delicious) and the salmon is out of the freezer.  It's a small piece (I only have small pieces) so I don't feel guilty because it packs a flavour punch and is good for me!  The dessert is from the freezer too.  I'm slowly making more space on there!

Last week I saw some large pots of cream on YS for just 10p a pot so I got two (there were loads) and made butter with it.  I used Thermione but any processor will do.  You just beat and beat it until the cream separates into solids and buttermilk, strain off the buttermilk, wash the solids well in very cold water, dry and store.  It's unsalted, of course, but I shall add salt as and when it is needed.
I spooned the butter into little pots and froze them.  If I fancy a bit of butter, I can just get out one little pot.  Definitely frugal and, because of the little pots, it will last me ages.  Once thawed, it should last for a week or so - wouldn't work for packets of butter but does when all you get out is a little bit.
I was pleased with that.

Friday 20 July 2018

Friday, 20-07-18

Sorry for the silence.  I will be back on Monday.  See you!  :-)

Wednesday 18 July 2018

Wednesday, 18-07-18

Good morning.

Yesterday's food turned out to be very satisfactory.  Also very satisfying.  And pretty frugal to boot.  Perfect, in fact.

I did add one more thing to the menu.  I wanted to make some coleslaw for both lunch and dinner (the cabbage needed using up) and decided that as I had guests for both meals, I would make my own mayo.

Not for me the drip, drip, drip of oil into egg, beating furiously and always in danger of 'splitting'.  Dear me, no.  You see, I have a Bamix.  What's so special about a Bamix?  Well, you can make mayonnaise in about ten seconds, fool proof, delicious, fresh mayonnaise that keeps for around a fortnight (which means more like three weeks or so really).
It is a stick blender with different 'blades' and one of them is an emulsifier.  I'll explain by linking to a Youtube clip that shows how to make it.  Watch and admire (no, not Ramsey, the mayo making)!
The interesting bit starts at about 1:30 and I used mustard powder rather than made mustard.

It's actually surprisingly frugal too - an egg and 300-ish mls of oil with a few other  bits and bobs.  I used veg oil which is basically rapeseed.  The one oil you mustn't use is olive oil as the action turns the oil bitter.
Extremely calorific but really delicious as a treat now and again.  And I have some that has now to be used up in two or three weeks - oh, the hardship!

Today's food.
B:  overnight oats with fresh fruit and natural yogurt
Very frugal because my lunchtime guest gave me some nectarines yesterday.  I gave her some allotment courgettes in return, nice, sunshiny yellow ones.  We were both satisfied with that.

L:  frittata, salad, coleslaw
All leftovers from yesterday.  Yesterday Beth and I had a quarter of the frittata each, she took another quarter home with her for lunch at work and the last quartet is for my lunch.  Leftovers are great and this one is packed with veg.

D:  fish pie with runner beans and, maybe, yellow courgette
In the freezer I have smoked basa and also some prawns.  I'll make the sauce with some home made soft cheese and the topping will be fresh dug new potatoes, cooked and sliced with a spray of oil over so it sort of browns in the oven or maybe I can sprinkle over some finely grated cheddar.  I've just been out and there are six runners to pick plus a couple that might have grown enough by the end of the day - yes, they grow that fast at this time of year

Today looks like being a pretty frugal day, a day to use up freezer stuff and leftovers and a day for garden produce but, more than that, a most delicious day!
I'll take that with gratitude.

Tuesday 17 July 2018

Tuesday, 17-07-18

Good morning.  Back into the swing of things after a pleasant weekend with my parents.

Today's plans:
B:  muesli, fruit and natural yogurt
The muesli is a gift from dad.  He tried to give me another bag this weekend but I still have loads from the previous one.  It's really good muesli, mail order only and I'm very lucky. 

The fruit will be the raspberries and blueberries above, all picked from garden and allotment.  There's not loads but they're very delicious.  As the raspberry canes are first year autumn fruiting, what I am getting now is this year only but the new growth is starting to flower prolifically for the autumn fruiting - first time fruit is so exciting!  The yogurt is home made from long life milk so a batch costs under £1 per litre (plus a bit of electricity) which is great value.
So it sounds a posh breakfast but it's actually very frugal!

L:  tuna salad.
I have a friend around for lunch but no need to go bonkers.  I shall mix the tuna with some mayo to spread on crispbread and make up a salad to go with it.  I have everything in; no need to go shopping beforehand.

D:  frittata with new potatoes and salad
Beth (daughter) and I will be having a picnic down the allotment so I will boil up the rest of the new potatoes I dug yesterday, make a frittata with assorted fridge rubble and courgettes cut yesterday, and I'll use more of the salad.    Note to self:  make plenty of salad today!
The frittata is so simple. 
I soften the veg in a little spray oil in a frying pan that can go in the oven (it has a removable handle) - I tend to use onion, red or yellow pepper and mushroom as a base and then anything else I have available.  No meat today as it needs to be vegetarian.  Then I pour over beaten egg with a bit of milk, seasonings, etc, and sometimes some finely grated cheese and bung it into a 180C oven for about 20 mins or so, until set and browned.
It's nice hot or cold so, for a picnic, it is perfect!

S:  apples x 2 - or I may use them a dessert as it's quite a busy day so I won't have all that much time between meals

Nothing from the freezer today - no, I tell a lie; if I add cheese to the frittata, that will be from the freezer!  That's all though.  Emptying the freezer isn't so urgent now, though, as I have plenty of room for this year's produce.

Monday 16 July 2018

Monday, 16-07-18

Good morning.  I've been away for a few days, staying with my parents so have been very self indulgent.  Great frugality though!
Back on the wagon now

B:  overnight oats, fruit, natural yogurt
Oats are always great value although the soft fruit isn't that cheap.  Great flavour, however.  The yogurt is home made.
It's a healthy and filling breakfast that keeps me going all morning.

L:  tuna salad roll, apple
Tinned tuna and there will be some left over for tomorrow.  The bread roll is one from a YS pack, a granary roll that was still perfectly fresh when I bought them and are 3p each.  I won't add any butter to the roll as I mix the tuna with a bit of mayo.

D:  new potatoes, runner bean(s), chicken; frozen fruit foam
The potatoes will be fresh dug from the allotment.  I am hoping there will be enough now runners for the first portion, not just the single on last Friday, but, if not, I still have a few bags from last year to use up.  The chicken will be free range so not the cheapest but thighs are much better value than breasts and one is more than enough (I try to convince myself).

Fingers crossed that I stick to this - it makes the best of what I have and is healthy and tasty, especially the home grown veg.

Friday 13 July 2018

Friday, 13-07-18

Good morning!  I won't be posting in here for a few days but will be back on Monday!  :-)

Thursday 12 July 2018

Thursday, 12-07-18

Good morning.
Yesterday's food ended up more than a bit chaotic but off we go again, sort of.
Today's plans:
B:  nothing, maybe an apple later on
L:  eating in town with grandson - need to be careful.
D:  the roasted veg I should have had yesterday - ooops

Cross your fingers for me, please. 

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Wednesday, 11-07-18

Good morning.

Foody stuff is going well this week but I have leftovers.  I have some tuna from Monday and a soft cheese and cucumber roll from the picnic at the allotment yesterday.  No problem - just combine the two and have a soft cheese, cucumber and tuna roll.  Yum.

I also bought two little courgettes home from said allotment yesterday so that sorts dinner too.

My plans for this week.
B:  overnight oats with fruit and natural yogurt
L:  the roll as mentioned above, side salad
D:  roasted Mediterranean (sort of Med anyway) veg and potato, probably with chorizo and chicken - a sort of all in one thing; frozen fruit dessert
S:  apples x 2

The chicken will be from the freezer and the roll was from the freezer yesterday.

It's not too bad for frugality.  I remembered to put in the overnight oats - er - overnight and some of the fruit is from the garden.  Using up leftovers is always good and the courgettes and potatoes are allotment veg.  The season is starting, hurry up, tomatoes.
The chicken is the dearest part but will be delicious, roasted with the vegetables and a bit of chorizo.

A very few fresh picked blueberries and raspberries.  Luvverly!

Tuesday 10 July 2018

Tuesday, 10-07-18

Good morning!
We're a third of the way through July, more or less.  Time really is flying, isn't it?  I'm not quite where I had planned to be - not as slim, not as light - but I'm still on the way and it's OK, a much better place than this time last year so no regrets!

Today's plans
B:  muesli with fruit and yogurt (I forgot to start off the overnight oats!)
L:  ham salad, coleslaw
D:  it's a picnic down the allotment, hopefully, so soft cheese and cucumber rolls, hummus and carrot dippers and a nice selection of fruit.  NO crisps!!!
S:  apples x 2

The rolls and the hummus will be from the freezer.

It's all nice and frugal today
The muesli is a gift
The ham was on special and I only bought two slices of it.
The coleslaw is home made
The rolls and the hummus are YS items, both really well reduced.
The soft cheese is home made!

I made yogurt at the weekend.  OK, so it's a bit cheat.  I don't faff with scalding milk, measuring temperatures, etc, I just bung long life milk and some of the current yogurt into my machine and turn it on.  Hey presto, eight hours later there's a batch!
The machine also has a separate bowl and strainer and I have taken to straining the fresh yogurt for a couple of hours to thicken it a bit.  You get a little less but I find I use less too.  This time, I spooked out most of the thickened yogurt and left the rest to drain further and that became very nice soft cheese after another 24 hours or so (in the fridge).  I added a little bit of salt and Bob's your uncle!

Note to self - tomorrow, use up the rest of the tuna from yesterday!

Monday 9 July 2018

Recipe: very simple tuna salad

So, so easy and nice too.

some cooked pasta - I used 40g dry weight
half a tin drained tuna (mine was in brine for the sake of calories)
a bit of red onion, very finely chopped
a bit of cucumber, finely chopped
a bit of orange pepper, finely chopped
two mini tomatoes (I cut each into eight so, effectively, finely chopped!)
a bit of carrot - guess what!
a dsp mayo (I used the lighter than light stuff - proper or even home made would be much nicer)
a sprinkle of salt and pepper
some fresh chives, chopped

Bung it all in a bowl apart from the chives, and mix well.  Keep in the fridge until needed.  Serve on a bed of leaves with the chives sprinkled on top.

You only need a bit of everything and half the tin of tuna so there's some for another day (tuna pitta pizza, anyone?) and it's pretty frugal as well as being filling, balanced and healthy.  It would be even more healthy if you used wholemeal pasta.

Photo to follow

Monday, 09-07-18

Good morning! 

Lots of salad worked really well yesterday so I guess I am sticking to the same today.

B:  muesli with fruit and natural yogurt
L:  hummus with salady things
D:  tuna pasta salad; frozen fruit foam
S:  apples x 2

The hummus is from the freezer (still getting there slowly) and there's certainly loads more freezer space for the summer and autumn harvests

The muesli is a gift, the yogurt is home made, the hummus is yellow sticker and the tuna pasta will be home made too.  The breakfast fruit takes it out of the very low cost area but not bad all the same and, with all the salad as well, good on F&V.

I was frugal in another way yesterday.  After noting that my garden arbour looked somewhat forlorn, I dug out the seat pad I got last year, found some old bedroom curtains and some bits of fabric and made a cover for the pad and three cushion covers, using a disappearing nine block pattern for the cushions.  Really pleased with the result - I had to buy the seat pad but the rest, including the chshion innards were all things I already had so not only have I used up some clutter and cleared some space, I have made something satisfyingly useful.  Gotta love a bit of frugality, eh?

Sunday 8 July 2018

Sunday, 08-07-18

Good morning.  :-)

Phew, it was such a hot day yesterday.  It really puts one off the thought of food.  It's the minimal approach today.

B:  overnight oats with blueberries and natural yogurt
L:  crustless quiche with salad
D:  more crustless quiche with salad and, maybe, a small potato; fruit
S:  apples x 2
I'm also going swimming this morning.

Nothing from the freezer today apart from ice cubes!

It's pretty frugal because the blueberries have just been picked from the garden, the yogurt is home made, the quiche will be vegetarian and contain bits and bobs that need using up and the potato was dug up from the allotment yesterday.
It is a simple plan but tasty!

Stay cool!

Saturday 7 July 2018

Saturday, 07-07-18

Good morning.
On these hot days it's hard to think about food but here are my plans for today

B:  muesli with fruit and yogurt
L:  salad of some kind
D:  roast chicken portion with more salad - salad is easy and cool.
S:  apples x 2

The only thing from the freezer is the chicken today.
It should be fairly frugal.   Fruit isn't cheap but I don't need much and the raspberries and blueberries are from the garden.

The fruit platter went down a treat yesterday.  I ought to do it more often.

Friday 6 July 2018

Friday, 06-07-18

Good morning!
With the ongoing hot weather, it's wall to wall salad today - luckily I like salads.

B:  muesli with strawberries and natural yogurt
L:  turkey salad, coleslaw
D:  frittata, salad; frozen fruit foam
S:  fruit.  I have a friend coming over and instead of biscuits, I shall do a fruit platter.

From the freezer
Just the fruit foam

The frugal factor
Moderate today.  The fruit will up the price but will be worth it, I think.

Such glorious sunshine again - very cheering.

Thursday 5 July 2018

Thursday, 05-07-18

Good morning.  Another hot day in store so it's salad for me!

B:  muesli with natural yogurt
L:  no idea as I'm helping grandson tidy his room.
D:  tuna salad; watermelon slices
S:  fruit x 2

From the freezer. 
Nothing, but I wish I had room to get INTO the freezer at times!  :-)

The frugal factor
There's nothing really expensive today.  Even the tuna was one of those special offer stack of tins.

Wednesday 4 July 2018

Wednesday, 04-07-18

Good morning!

The first fruits of the allotment, the mini courgettes, were delicious in the potato topped vegetable thingy Beth and I had yesterday and there's a good portion left that I will freeze for another time.
It was simple - just vegetables (onion, leek, courgette, red pepper, carrot, mushroom) gently softened in a little bit of butter before adding chopped tomato, tomato puree and seasonings, topped with cooked, sliced potato, nutritional yeast and a few sprays of oil and then backed at 200C for about 20 minutes or so.

Today's plans:
B:  overnight oats, fresh fruit and yogurt
L:  ham salad, coleslaw
D:  savoury mince, runner beans, new potatoes; stewed rhubarb and strawberries with natural yogurt
Ss:  fruit x 2

From the freezer
The mince and the runner beans.

Into the freezer (ooops)
Hummus (see below)
Beany mix (see above)
Chopped tomatoes (not needed in the beany mix)
Four chicken fillets (nearly out)

The frugal factor
The oats, obviously, and the home made yogurt
The mince is home cooked and loaded with healthy bulking out stuff - oats, lentils and vegetables.
The runner beans are still from last year's garden crop but I'm almost at the end of them which is just as well because this year's plants now have titchy baby beans growing.
As for the potatoes, they are from the allotment.  We wondered if the Charlottes were ready so forked up one that seemed to be dying off a bit.  Not quite ready as the potatoes were very small but I came home with enough for a delicious portion!
The rhubarb is from the allotment but the strawberries are shop bought as the garden season is now over, sadly.

While picking up a few non-food items in Morrisons yesterday, I glanced at the YS shelves (as you do) and there were a number of pots of posh hummus.  Someone had obviously over-bought.  So I came home with two and they have now been portioned out into seven individual pots and frozen for lunches.  Well, at 13p for each large pot, how could I not?

Tuesday 3 July 2018

Recipe: frozen fruit foam

This is a Thermomix recipe really but I guess it can be adapted to work in any good prozessor that does zizzing and whisking.

What you need:
a 500g bag of frozen fruit (or the equivalent amount of home-and-open frozen fruit - it needfs to be in separate chunks)
icing sugar to taste or other sugar that you zizz down to powder consistency - or granulated sweetener.  I used stevia
about 15g lemon or lime juice (from a bottle is fine)
one egg white

What to do (in general terms - adapt to suit the machine you use)
Zizz the sugar if you need to.
In the bowl, add all the ingredients.  I guessed on the low side with the sugar and added just a bit more after tasting

Zizz everything together until the fruit is pulverised and pretty smooth.  It took me about a minute.  Then install the whisk blade and whisk (thermo - speed 5) for about three minutes.  It should go all pale and fluffy.
Like this.

And that's about it.  If you're not going to eat it straight away as a chilly, fluffy sort of fruit mousse, carefully spoon it into a container (or containers) and pop it/them in the freezer.

Once frozen, it needs to come out about twenty minutes before you want to scoop.

It's gorgeous and basically it is fruit.  Each portion has a titchy bit of egg white and lemon/lime juice and whatever sweetener you choose.  Ever so good for hot day healthy eating.

Tuesday, 03-07-18

Here's yesterday's dessert (changed from plan).  A fresh fruit salad with a sprinkle of stevia, some home made yogurt which looked and almost tasted like cream and, on the very top, the first two raspberries from the allotment.  It was so good.

Today's plans
B:  overnight oats with fresh fruit and yogurt
L:  feta and couscous salad
D:  pinto bean and vegetable bake; strawberry foam (not the top of the jam but a very simple dessert to make - will post the recipe separately)
Ss:  apple and orange

From the freezer
The pinto beans for the bake and the couscous for the salad.
However, the fruit foam will go into the freezer as I doubt we will eat all of it in one go..

The frugal factor
It will be a good day today, I think.  Oats are always frugal, the feta will be Morrisons savers feta and the bake will contain the first courgettes from the allotment (yay), a wonky yellow pepper and various other bits ands bobs while the pulses were soaked and cooked before being frozen - much better value than tinned pulses.

I've weighed (ouch) and have my new starting point.  Onward and downward!

Monday 2 July 2018

Monday, 02-07-18

This is what I posted in 'Slimming on a Shoestring', one of the groups I help to admin on Facebook.  New month, half way through the year, making a few necessary changes and thought it worth reproducing here too.

 I'm going to carry on planning and working out my meals in advance.
I'm going to carry on seeking frugality while I eat healthily, cooking most meals from scratch, using seasonal stuff and watching my portions (something that has slipped a bit).

I shall carry on with the swimming but am going to stop obsessing about 'doing an hour'. I shall stop when I want to stop, however long that is. Any exercise is better than no exercise, after all.

For a while I'm going to eat simply. I think I got a bit hung up on 'different' and not repeating a recipe. No more. I have loads of stuff still to use up in the freezer so simple is the name of the game - for a few weeks at least.
I'm going to up my fruit and veg intake (mostly veg) and watch the fat!  Carbs aren't a huge issue most of the time.

As this is a fresh start, I will start a new 'record' - when I weigh, that will be my new starting point and it's downwards them there. Reflecting on what I've already lost wasn't helping much. It's not about what I've already lost, it's about what I am going to lose!

So there!   :-)

Today's plans
B:  overnight oats, blueberries and yogurt
L:  tongue salad (because I have a bit of tongue left over from before the weekend)
D:  salmon, couscous, runner beans; frozen fruit dessert
Ss:  apples x 2

From the freezer
the salmon and the runner beans

The frugal factor
Breakfast is paid for.  :-)
Lunch is mainly leftovers
The salmon isn't cheap but it's a small piece while the runner beans are from the garden.  Also, minimal cooking time.

So  off I set on the next phase!

Sunday 1 July 2018

Sunday, 1-07-18

Good morning!
New post, new month, new start.  A good time to re-weigh and start again so I am - well, I can't weigh until tomorrow or Tuesday but that's OK.

Today's plans:
B:  muesli, strawberries, natural yogurt
L:  probably ham salad
D:  sirloin steak, mash, broad beans; rhubarb and strawberry crumble
Ss:  apples x 2

The frugal factor
Same as yesterday - it's all free for me!  However, it's not frugal in the least but it could be pretty healthy.  The only naughty thing is the crumble and then only the topping really.
The steak is something I am cooking for Father's Day.  I couldn't do it then because dad had dental problems so today's the day!

I have to plan next week's meals today - I know from experience that, as the saying goes, if I fail to plan, I plan to fail.  Not a great idea!