Friday 6 July 2018

Friday, 06-07-18

Good morning!
With the ongoing hot weather, it's wall to wall salad today - luckily I like salads.

B:  muesli with strawberries and natural yogurt
L:  turkey salad, coleslaw
D:  frittata, salad; frozen fruit foam
S:  fruit.  I have a friend coming over and instead of biscuits, I shall do a fruit platter.

From the freezer
Just the fruit foam

The frugal factor
Moderate today.  The fruit will up the price but will be worth it, I think.

Such glorious sunshine again - very cheering.


  1. Can I please appeal to your frugal wisdom? Yesterday I made a chicken, new potato and chorizo one pot (BBC good food website), and I am left with 2 chicken legs and a bit of breast (not too hard to think of ideas for), some decent stock (I hope, though will be a bit lemony so maybe risotto) and some new potatoes. I don't know what to do with the potatoes! (Other than maybe roast them until crisp to reheat?
    As an aside to my question, I have found (via a magazine bought in an emergency) the healthy food guide website. Lots of interesting atricles, and great recipes that I am sure can be adapted to frugality.
    I hope you are enjoying the sunshine x

    1. Ooh (train of thought moment) fishcakes! Crush up the potatoes and chorizo with a can of salmon maybe?
      As another aside, I tempted by your fruit foam. And also considering stewing some allotment rhubarb to flavour plain Greek yogurt.(I don't actually like yogurt so this is a big step, but I have been eating the rhubarb activia bought for middle child who claims they never said they liked rhubarb yogurt! And it's not too bad.)