Sunday 29 July 2018

Sunday, 29-07-18

Good morning.  Sorry about yesterday, I just missed a day!

Today's plans:
B:  overnight oats
I made these earlier in the week and they are gorgeous by now - so soft and creamy.  I have some blueberries to use up so will have them on top.
I shall definitely make them like this from now on - they improve with keeping.

L:  tomato soup
Well, it is beautifully cool and I haven't had soup for ages.  I will make this with passata from the freezer, made with last year's crop of tomatoes and all it will need on top of that is a bit of onion, carrot and celery (this last also from the freezer) and a bit of stock/seasoning with a dollop of home made soft cheese on top when serving.. 

D:  corned beef hash
A sort of made up version with garden/allotment veg and a couple of slices of corned beef.  Nice!
I intend to precook potato and runner beans, then fry other veg in a little oil, mix it all together with herbs and seasonings, add some broken up corned beef, sprinkle over a bit of grated cheese (from the freezer) and bake until the cheese has melted.

Corned beef is not cheap but a few slices is OK.  The rest seems pretty frugal for great tasting food.

I had the first tomato yesterday.  It was ripe and I just couldn't wait any longer.  It was wonderful!


  1. So jealous of your tomato!!

    If you fancy a wee change you can make pancakes with your overnight oats. Just add an egg and baking powder and cook as normal. Sometimes they need flipped a few times to make sure they're cooked right through :-)

    1. That sounds nice - a bit like baked oats then? I think I will try that at some point, thanks, Ali.

  2. I've missed several days - such a busy week, but better like that than be bored and lonely. I'm not keen on overnight oats but I love the SW baked oats. Have you tried them? I split it in half and make it into two muffins, popping a couple of blueberries or raspberries into each.

    1. I have, yes. It's nice but I do prefer overnight oats really. Actually, it's all bnice, including plain old porridge! :-)
      I'm glad you've survived your busy week.