Tuesday 3 July 2018

Tuesday, 03-07-18

Here's yesterday's dessert (changed from plan).  A fresh fruit salad with a sprinkle of stevia, some home made yogurt which looked and almost tasted like cream and, on the very top, the first two raspberries from the allotment.  It was so good.

Today's plans
B:  overnight oats with fresh fruit and yogurt
L:  feta and couscous salad
D:  pinto bean and vegetable bake; strawberry foam (not the top of the jam but a very simple dessert to make - will post the recipe separately)
Ss:  apple and orange

From the freezer
The pinto beans for the bake and the couscous for the salad.
However, the fruit foam will go into the freezer as I doubt we will eat all of it in one go..

The frugal factor
It will be a good day today, I think.  Oats are always frugal, the feta will be Morrisons savers feta and the bake will contain the first courgettes from the allotment (yay), a wonky yellow pepper and various other bits ands bobs while the pulses were soaked and cooked before being frozen - much better value than tinned pulses.

I've weighed (ouch) and have my new starting point.  Onward and downward!

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