Thursday 26 July 2018

Thursday, 26-07-18

Good morning.

Today's frugal/healthy plans are . . .

B:  overnight oats with blackberry and redcurrant sauce
I've made a batch of overnight oats that should do me for three days (thank you, Ali, for the information)  so no problems with forgetting.  For the sauce, see below.

L:  Not sure as Alex (grandson) and I are going into town and eating at John Lewis  - so more frugal than it could be!

D:  Vegetable stir fry (or maybe oven bake) on runner beans; natural yogurt with more of the sauce.
I've got a selection of veg - potatoes, mange tout and courgette (allotment), red pepper and onion (wonky veg), mushroom (ordinary), runners (garden) and I will stir fry most of it, shred and boil the runners and have the former on the latter.  I have a couple of slices of corned beef so I might add that as well.  A bit make do in style and I don't feel inclined to add any sauce at all as I love vegetables just as they are but the flavours should be wonderful. 

I had some redcurrants and some blackberries, both gifts from lovely friends.  I boiled them up and dripped them through a muslin before adding sugar and boiling to make jelly.  I added some more water to the residue and pushed it through my mouli, added some stevia to what came through and lo and behold, I have rather a nice and extremely frugal fruit sauce to stir into my yogurt or overnight oats.  And very little waste.
I love my mouli.

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