Monday 9 July 2018

Recipe: very simple tuna salad

So, so easy and nice too.

some cooked pasta - I used 40g dry weight
half a tin drained tuna (mine was in brine for the sake of calories)
a bit of red onion, very finely chopped
a bit of cucumber, finely chopped
a bit of orange pepper, finely chopped
two mini tomatoes (I cut each into eight so, effectively, finely chopped!)
a bit of carrot - guess what!
a dsp mayo (I used the lighter than light stuff - proper or even home made would be much nicer)
a sprinkle of salt and pepper
some fresh chives, chopped

Bung it all in a bowl apart from the chives, and mix well.  Keep in the fridge until needed.  Serve on a bed of leaves with the chives sprinkled on top.

You only need a bit of everything and half the tin of tuna so there's some for another day (tuna pitta pizza, anyone?) and it's pretty frugal as well as being filling, balanced and healthy.  It would be even more healthy if you used wholemeal pasta.

Photo to follow


  1. That sounds like a good “bottom of the fridge” recipe to me;
    the summer equivalent of a “bung everything in” soup in winter!
    My OH often asks what the recipe was when I serve soup from the depths of
    The freezer and is becoming used to my saying that I haven't a clue.

    1. Mystery soup! It always tastes good and is never the same again. :-)