Monday 2 July 2018

Monday, 02-07-18

This is what I posted in 'Slimming on a Shoestring', one of the groups I help to admin on Facebook.  New month, half way through the year, making a few necessary changes and thought it worth reproducing here too.

 I'm going to carry on planning and working out my meals in advance.
I'm going to carry on seeking frugality while I eat healthily, cooking most meals from scratch, using seasonal stuff and watching my portions (something that has slipped a bit).

I shall carry on with the swimming but am going to stop obsessing about 'doing an hour'. I shall stop when I want to stop, however long that is. Any exercise is better than no exercise, after all.

For a while I'm going to eat simply. I think I got a bit hung up on 'different' and not repeating a recipe. No more. I have loads of stuff still to use up in the freezer so simple is the name of the game - for a few weeks at least.
I'm going to up my fruit and veg intake (mostly veg) and watch the fat!  Carbs aren't a huge issue most of the time.

As this is a fresh start, I will start a new 'record' - when I weigh, that will be my new starting point and it's downwards them there. Reflecting on what I've already lost wasn't helping much. It's not about what I've already lost, it's about what I am going to lose!

So there!   :-)

Today's plans
B:  overnight oats, blueberries and yogurt
L:  tongue salad (because I have a bit of tongue left over from before the weekend)
D:  salmon, couscous, runner beans; frozen fruit dessert
Ss:  apples x 2

From the freezer
the salmon and the runner beans

The frugal factor
Breakfast is paid for.  :-)
Lunch is mainly leftovers
The salmon isn't cheap but it's a small piece while the runner beans are from the garden.  Also, minimal cooking time.

So  off I set on the next phase!


  1. I'm so impressed with your determination to stick with the diet. It sounds a good idea to forget the weight you've lost and look forward. It's too tempting to think what you’ve achieved alreadyl and allow yourself too many treats.
    When you make your fruit iced desert do you allow the frozen fruit to thaw or blitz it frozen?
    I assume the latter but just wanted to check.
    I made the curry you adapted from Jack Monroe yesterday. I also adapted it to suit my larder. It was absolutely delicious.
    Tonight I’m going to stretch what's left to feed eldest son! Thank you for the idea.

    1. Thank you, Sue, that's exactly it. Too many pats on the back and not enough boots up the backside, I think!

      I blitz it all frozen. It thaws a bit as it is zizzed and it is pretty noisy but is still icy enough to eat straight off, if you want. It does freeze solid so next time I might do scoops onto easy leave and freeze and bag so I don't have to soften the whole lot to get one helping.
      Really glad you loved the recipe. I think it is so good. I hope ES likes it too. xx