Monday 30 July 2018

Monday, 30-07-18

Good morning.

Yesterday's garden vegetable bake was so good.  I ate loads but most of it was veg so no problem - it had onion, red pepper, carrot, mushroom, mange tout, runner beans and new potatoes - oh, and a few wee tomatoes.  There was a little sprinkling of finely grated cheddar over the top and a bit of corned beef in it.
So tasty!

Today's plans:
B:  overnight oats (I really love this) with redcurrant and blackberry sauce
It's almost all home made, including the yogurt that I mix with the oats and the sauce.  I don't have much milk as such but I think I make up with yogurt, a favourite food.

L:  tomato soup
I made enough yesterday for two portions and it was very delicious.  I haven't used my thermomix for a few weeks because of the heat so it was nice to get back to it again

D:  chick pea curry with runner beans instead of rice
I was given some frozen chick peas and I will also use potatoes and courgettes from the allotment, plus wonky onion and pepper.  At the moment the runners are producing enough for me to have a really good portion each day.
Not authentic, but it will taste good and I might dig out the Jack Monroe recipe and add some peach slices too.

Any snacks will be apples.

My veg spending has reduced considerably now the garden veg is coming in and I'm using the cash saved to buy cans of stuff for when things are a bit leaner, either financially or, much more likely, time related.  Things like ham, tuna, etc and the occasional; four pack of baked beans, taking advantage of recent special offers.  It makes frugal sense to me - as long as I remember I have them!

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