Wednesday 25 July 2018

Wednesday, 25-07-18

Good morning.

Today's plans (apart from staying as cool as possible)

B:  just a bit of fruit.
I have nectarines and cherries and, while they're not as cheap as oats, they are cooling and I don't fancy anything else.
I wonder if overnight oats can last two or more days in the fridge.  I keep forgetting the night before.  Does anyone know?

L:  leftover frittata with some tomatoes
Using leftovers is good - lots of things taste better second day and frittata is no exception.  My own tomatoes will be in soon and then they will feature in nearly every meal!

D:  beans on toast; natural yogurt
Very little cooking involved today and a more frugal dinner compensates for the fruit!  I love beans on toast so, although it won't cost much with YS bread (from the freezer) and own brand beans, it will be delicious too . . .

. . . and lots and lots of water


  1. Yes, overnight oats can be kept in the fridge for a few days. You might need to add more liquid if they go a bit stodgy

    1. That's great, thanks, Ali. I shall definitely be doing that then! xx