Monday 31 July 2023

Monday, 31-07-23: another week on PoN

Good morning, everyone.
Last day of July.  August tomorrow!  Where HAS this month gone?

Yesterday's meal photos:

As expected, breakfast was just a toastie with an eggy outside but very tasty, all the same.  Next time I could use bacon and beans to make it more breakfast-y.
I had cucumber with tomatoes because I have so much cucumber to eat at the moment.  

The giant Yorkshire worked really well.  It wasn't super crispy because you need oil for proper crispy, but it wasn't soggy except where I poured the gravy and I can see how it would make a jolly good wrap.
It was a delicious roast dinner and I followed it with some melon that really needed using up.

Later on I had an orange and a very small apple.

This chicken piccata was OK but I think I added too much stock and not enough lemon.  I'm undecided about thrying it again but I think maybe I will and see if I can improve it a bit.
To be fair, I had to adapt it because of not having white wise stock so it was most likely my fault.  The little choppy salad was lovely though.

And that was it for Sunday.

Today's plans:

B:  beans on marmite toast
This is the only meal this week that is not from a Pinch of Nom book.  I rather fancied it and the morning is a bit complicated so it works better to have something very quick and easy.
I've worked out those calories, just because . . . and it's around 330 for the lot.

L:  bacon and cheese potato skins, salad; fruit
(Pinch of Nom 158)
The potato filling is some bacon, spring onions, cottage cheese (don't have it so I will use Seriously LIghter instead) and a small amount of grated parmesan on top.
Around 270 calories plus the salad and fruit

D:  Peshawari style baked chicken, maybe rice, maybe small side salad; fruit and/or yogurt
(Enjoy p112)
I've done this before and have a pot of the sauce in the freezer so this will be a very easy meal.  
Around 350 calories plus rice, salad and afters

Exercise:  Two classes today - family circuits in the morning and personal training in the afternoon.  Thank goodness dinner is easy!

Around 950 calories plus all the extras as listed.

Sunday 30 July 2023

Sunday, 30-07-23: another week on PoN

Good morning, everyone.
One day down and I have really loved every recipe.  I've adapted a bit but only to work with my own preferences (e.g. no leaf coriander, thank you) and what I have available.
I'm really looking forward to today's now.
Yesterday's meal photos:

Oh, yes!
Double yes . . . with bells on.
You know how I love my pancakes.  They are usually made with SR flour for the 'American' vibe.  These were made using plain flour for the UK/crepe thing.
I used wholemeal.  The recipe says white but I just prefer wholemeal and, from the SW pov, it's a lot better.
The recipe was for four but I quartered it (the egg was a bit random - try getting a quarter of a beaten egg - but it was OK) and, using my usual pan, got three pancakes where the recipe said one.  That's just a detail, not an issue!!
I will HAVE to make these again, maybe a sweet version next time with a fruit filling and yogurt on the side or the traditional lemon and sugar (sweetener).  I can call it a B if I use wholemeal.  :-)

Another 'oh, yes' for lunch but I knew it would be as I had it a week or so ago.  I made up a whole batch of salt and pepper spice and it is now in a little jar with the other spices and herbs.

It looks an obscene lot but, in fact, it is just two chicken thighs, the spice mix and the rest is all speed food.
I picked the cucumber using apple cider vinegar, a bit of salt and sweetener and some dried dill.  The liquid was so delicious I used some as a salad dressing and the rest is in a little bottle for another time.

No room for anything else.

Then, for dinner, I had peanut butter chicken curry and as soon as I started making it I realised I've made it before and I really liked it then and I really like it now.
There's a fairly long recipe list but I had all but coconut water and I used some coconut powder instead so that was OK.

All the curries I make end up looking like sludge but it tasted fantastic and filled me up so, yet again, no room for dessert.

However later on I fancied something sweet so I peeled and enjoyed an orange to finish off a delicious day's eating.  Very nom.

Today's plans:

B:  Monte Cristo sandwich, tomatoes on the side
Everyday Light, p 22
Basically a fried ham and cheese sandwich, this is probably more a lunch than a breakfast but who cares, eh?
Around 379 calories plus the tomatoes.

L:  Yorkshire pudding wrap, turkey, broccoli, cauliflower, carrot; fruit
Pinch of Nom, p 170
The recipe says to use it as a wrap - I'm planning to use it as a giant one, like those you can buy that you pile your roast dinner into - because it is Sunday!  The turkey is from the freezer, Christmas leftovers.
I have worked out the calories because, in the book, the stated number per serving includes the filling.  I don't have to but, for information . . .
The recipe says don't bake it for long because it will get crispy and be hard to fold.  I want it crispy and won't be folding it, so no worries.
Around 140 calories for the Yorkie (I worked it out) plus turkey, veg and fruit.

D:  chicken piccata, pasta or salad; yogurt
Enjoy, p 40
Pretty much a lemon chicken  recipe and it says serve with pasta.  I might, or I might serve with a nice salad instead.  I do like salads (in case you hadn't noticed over the last months!)
I don't think I have a white wine stock pot but I do have some little pots of leftover white wine from ages ago so I'll use that with some chicken stock granules.
Around 265 calories plus the pasta or salad, the little pot of wine and the dessert.

Exercise:  Rest day but maybe a walk

Around 800 calories (very approximately) plus the extras as listed.

Saturday 29 July 2023

A week of meals on Slimming World

These photos are a resume of most of the meals I have had over the last week, excluding desserts, snacks, naughty things, etc. It starts on Saturday and goes through to the following Friday because our group meets on Friday mornings.

Slimming World - restricting?  Few choices?  Going without?   Absolutely no way!

This week, I am focusing on using up some of my JD Seasonings.

Saturday, 22-07-23
B:  fruit platter
L:  penne arrabbiata with added beans and veg, small side salad
D:  Normandy style chicken with added veg and croutons

Sunday, 23-07-23
B:  bacon, egg, crumpet thin, tomatoes and mushrooms
L:  roast turkey dinner
D:  chicken gyros kebab, pitta, salad

Monday, 24-07-34
B:  Viking toast, tomatoes and mushrooms
L:  chicken gyros salad
D:  burger, chips and salad.

Tuesday, 25-07-23
B:  breakfast omelette
L:  fruit
D:  Normandy chicken with added veg

Wednesday, 26-07-23
B:  avo crumpet, egg and tomatoes
L:  ham and cheese wrap pasty
D:  chicken and bean balti, rice

Thursday, 27-07-23
B:  hm lasagne (!), tomatoes
L:  no photo, eaten out
D:  chilli con carne, salad

Friday, 28-07-23
B:  pancakes with fruit and yogurt
L:  jacket potato with chilli, salad
D:  fish and chips

And that was the end of that week.  On to the next one now.

Saturday, 29-07-23

Good morning, everyone.
Last week (not yesterday) at group, Jen was talking about strategies to stay on track over the summer and it set me thinking that my next 'Week on . . .' could be seen as a bit of a holiday breakout without doing any damage.

So, from today, for a week, I am back on Pinch of Nom (goodness knows, there are enough recipes to keep me going for months!) but without cross referencing to Slimming world.  In other words, a week off-plan but not one that should do any damage.  I'm sure I will be thinking As, Bs and syns because it's pretty ingrained but I'll do my best. 
The calories are what the recipe says but I'm not going to worry too much about them, just be intuitive and use what I know.
It's been good fun going through the recipes solely for what I really fancy.  So some I have already made before and some are new.

Should be a delicious week!

And I'm still doing the above, even though I gained half a pound yesterday, much to my bewilderment.  I had to think 'Am I upset?' and came to the conclusion that, no, I wasn't.  I've been on plan and eaten well so it is likely just one of those things, a 'one in four' that I seem to still get even though I am decades past menopause now.
C'est la vie!

Yesterday's photos:

Yummy pancakes for breakfast and I metaphorically put two fingers up to that half pound by having a tbsp maple syrup.  It was delicious!
At last, finally, after planning it in several times, I got round to having a jacket potato to have with the second portion of yesterday's chilli, some grated cheese and a salad.
It's funny how a nice, choppy salad can turn a meal into a real pig out for very few more calories.  I was stuffed - but in a good way.

No room for fruit for dessert.

Dinner was a beige looking plateful, wasn't it?  Not a speed veg in sight!
But I enjoyed it!

And a new week starts from here on.  I know Jen says it starts from the moment you get off those scales but I find that messy!  😊

Today's plans:

B:  creamy bacon and mushroom pancakes, tomatoes on the side
Enjoy, p 28
The 'creamy' bit is Philly light and the recipe includes spinach which I don't have - I'll use some mixed leaves instead.
And I will cut it down to one portion, as I will for all the recipes.
Calories around 282 plus the tomatoes

L:  salt and pepper chicken, salad; fruit
Budget, p 84
I made this in my last week on PoN and it was delicious.
Calories around 294 plus salad and fruit

D:  peanut butter chicken curry, rice; yogurt
Comfort Food, p 54
It looks a bit complicated but sounds really nice.  The rice and the dessert are extra to the calories.
Calories around 342 plus rice, and extra veg and yogurt

Exercise:  SET class at Shimmy Studio

Calories around 918 plus the extras as listed which should bring it up to a reasonable number.

Friday 28 July 2023

Friday, 28-07-23

Good morning, everyone.
Weigh day!  As usual, I have absolutely no idea.  Yes, I could step on my own scales but I choose not to.  Not all scales read the same and what's the point of paying for SW (hopefully not for much longer) if I do it all myself?

Yesterday's photos:

OK, lasagne for breakfast is a bit unconventional but why not.  It was great and I'm definitely making it again sometime soon - just not necessarily for breakfast.

Lunch was taken at the Blue Egg; Val and I shared a chicken, bacon and avocado sandwich and I'm jolly glad we did because it was ENORMOUS.  The bacon and chicken was lovely, thick and lean and it was just scrumptious!  Absolutely no need for any dessert, nor for any fruit when I got home again.

I decided to just have a salad (tomatoes from my garden) with my chilli con carne and I'm glad I did as it was delicious.  There's two portions left, without beans, to have at other times.
No need for dessert.

Today's plans:

B:  pancakes, fruit and yogurt
As always, on Friday, using my usual pancake recipe and counting the wholemeal SR as a half B.  I'll probably add a few blueberries to the batter for those lovely bursts of flavour - my blueberry bush has failed dismally this year with just one little clump of now ripe berries which I will use today.
SW:  half a healthy extra B

L:  chilli jacket potato, salad; fruit
I have leftovers of the chilli con carne from yesterday but without the beans.  Perfect to go over a jacket potato with some cheese on top.  I'll probably add some courgette, mushroom and maybe some spring onion too.
SW:  one healthy extra A

D:  fish, cheesy chips and something; yogurt
One of the yellowfin sole fillets for four syns and I'll make some lemon mayo as well.
SW:  four syns for the fish and one for the mayo plus one A for some cheese to go over the chips

Exercise:  a rest day today

two healthy extra As
half a healthy extra B
five syns

Thursday 27 July 2023

Thursday, 27-07-23

Good morning, everyone.

Yesterday's photos:

Such a lovely breakfast after a very energetic circuits session at Shimmy Studio.  

I had an apple before the session too.
Very tasty lunch but I still haven't test driven the crimpit as the WW wrap I used was fractionally too small.  I just brushed water round the edge and sealed it with a fork and it worked fine.
I spent another one and a half syns on some chutney instead of mushrooms.

It filled me up beautifully.

This was a delicious balti, courtesy of J D Seasonings.  I just used two chicken thighs and made up the protein with some mixed beans (enough for two portions).  I also added mushrooms.

It wasn't very hot, just spicy, but I had yogurt with it anyway because I love yogurt with a curry.

(Downstairs reeks of curry this morning though - that's the big disadvantage.  I had the extractor fan on too.)

For afters, I had a couple of nectarines.  Lovely.

Today's plans:

B:  Lasagne, tomatoes and mushrooms
Weird, I know, but it needs using up so . . . let's bend the expectations a bit.
SW:  half a syn and half a healthy extra A

L:  I am out at my friend's house.  Val always provides healthy and very SW-friendly lunches so no worries.
SW:  unknown

D:  chilli con carne, rice or jacket potato; yogurt
This will use some JD seasoning, I'm going to include loadsa speed veg in the chilli and I have mixed beans to use up.  I'll probably top it with a dollop of yogurt and, maybe, some grated cheese, depending on what Val makes for lunch.
SW:  The con carne is free and I'll probably use up the rest of my As on grated cheese because - you have to with con carne.

Exercise:  online SET class

two healthy extra As
no healthy extra Bs
unknown syns but only half a syn planned.

Wednesday 26 July 2023

Wednesday, 26-07-23

Good morning, everyone.

Yesterday's photos:

I started off with an apple and a nectarine before Groove.  I've tried it both ways and when I exercise fasting, I definitely have less energy and the enjoyment is less too.  It doesn't take much; just a bit of fruit makes all the difference.

Then I had this when I got home.  Delicious and very, very filling - I suppose it would be with all that protein.

Do you find that sometimes you have a not-all-that-hungry day?  I do and yesterday was one of them.

I had planned to have the Normandy style chicken for lunch and a meatball calzone for dinner but lunch time came along and I wasn't feeling it at all.
So I had some fruit instead and it was perfect.

I had already defrosted the chicken so I popped the meatballs in the freezer, added the creme fraiche and spooned it up like a chunky soup.
Not the most appetising looking bowlful, I think you will agree, but it was really delicious.  I added a bit of carrot that was left over from Sunday lunch so that was good.

And then I was totally full again.  Just one of those days.  And I'm not feeling 'empty' this morning like i usually do either.

Today's plans:

B:  avocado on a toasted crumpet thin with scrambled egg and tomatoes
I'm so glad I started incorporating a bit of avocado into my diet.  It is delicious with egg or with smoked salmon.
SW:  a bit synny - three syns for the crumpet thin and two and a half for the avocado.  Worth it though!

L:  Crimpit wrap with ham, mushroom and cheese, salad; fruit
Using the new gadget I didn't use for last night's planned 'calzone', this is basically a toastie in a different coat - and you know how much I love a toastie!  Will this be as good?
SW:  one healthy extra A (or maybe more, depending on how it looks), one healthy extra B

D:  chicken balti, rice; yogurt
Using a JD balti seasoning and I will probably add extra veg because I always do!  
SW:  syn free

Exercise:  small group circuits

up to two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
five and a half syns

Tuesday 25 July 2023

Tuesday, 25-07-23

Good morning, everyone.
I had fun planning the next few weeks yesterday - I have themes in my head for both of them, nothing that dramatic, just designed to keep me on track and motivated.
More when the time comes.

Yesterday's photos:
Viking toast - just as nice the second time although I think the topping mixture makes too much for one slice of toast though and have made a note to that effect on a post it!  :-)
This is what I call a plateful!
The rest of the chicken from yesterday with a salad and a mint and lemon dressing.  So good.

The orange tomatoes are sungolds from the garden - unbeatable flavour!

There was a little bit of the gyros (or is it gyro?) chicken left and I had that when I got home from Personal Training.

Dinner!  Very good and filling.  I always plan in some yogurt for dessert but rarely have any room left after the main course.

Today's plans:

B:  omelette wrap with tomatoes, mushroom, bacon, sausage and cheese
I found this lovely and filling last week and investing in a bit of cheese really worked well.
SW:  half a healthy extra A, three syns (for sausage)

L:  Normandy style chicken, maybe a side salad; fruit
The other half of what I had last Saturday and I'm going to try lower fat creme fraiche instead of philly light
SW:  half a syn for dijon mustard, two and a half syns for two tbst creme fraiche

D:  meatball calzone with meatballs in tomato sauce, cheese and mushrooms, side salad; yogurt
The other half of the burger blend mix made yesterday, shaped into meatballs and cooked in a tomato and red pepper sauce and then put with cheese and mushrooms in a crimpit wrap and baked.  We will see.
SW:  up to one and a half healthy extra B, one healthy extra A, 

Exercise:  Groove

two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
six syns

Monday 24 July 2023

Monday, 24-07-23

Good morning, everyone.
No waffle today, you'll be glad to know!  :-)

Yesterday's photos:

This appears in one form or another pretty much every week and it's so delicious.  There's a crumpet thin hidden under the egg.

Very satisfying.
You have to love a roast dinner, however simple.  So yummy and filling in a really good way.

Later on, I had some nectarines that really needed eating.

I used the JD seasoning to make the chicken gyros kebab - you can't see it that clearly as it's stuffed into the pitta - and it was absolutely delicious.  I'm definitely getting that particular mix again or - maybe better -  having looked up the recipe, make it myself.  I have everything needed!

I totally forgot about the few chips in Nellie; I had them when I remembered them.

I used salad cream but I reckon a yogurt and mint sauce would be really delicious with the chicken.

I didn't have anything else, I was full up.

Today's plans:

B:  Viking toast (Enjoy, p34), tomatoes and mushrooms
I found this so very delicious, I am adopting it as one of my semi-regular breakfasts.
SW:  3 syns for toast (may need to up this a bit after weighing bread), one healthy extra A for cheese

L:  gyros kebab, salad; fruit
Leftovers from yesterday as I used half the pot so made enough for two.  I so enjoyed it yesterday and I think I'll make a yogurt mint sauce to go with the chicken today instead of using salad cream, using yogurt, mint (sauce, probably), garlic puree, lemon juice and zest and seasonings
SW:  the mint sauce I will use for the yogurt dressing is so low in syns as to not count while the rest is free/speed.

D:  cheese burger in a roll, salad, few chips, lemon mayo; yogurt
I'll be using the JD Seasonings burger blend mix with my usual burger recipe and halving it to make one burger and some meatballs for Tuesday.  I'll add some salad and chutney to the roll and the lemon mayo is for the chips.
SW:  half a healthy extra A, one healthy extra B, one syn for mayo and one and a half syns for chutney

Exercise:  family circuits and personal training

one and a half healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
six and a half syns

Sunday 23 July 2023

Sunday, 23-07-23

Good morning, everyone.

After a day of leftovers yesterday, I'm cracking open the first JD Seasoning pot this evening.  Never had this one before so we will see.

Yesterday's photos:

I thoroughly enjoyed this fruit platter.  The pear and the nectarine needed bits chopped off but the rest was so sweet and juicy.
I didn't have any yogurt.
So nice.  Penne arrabbiata with beans and added veg.
Spicy food is always so much better second day - it mellows and deepens somehow.  I added pepper and mushroom to the chilli and the little salad is just yellow pepper and some mixed tomatoes.
No room for any fruit so I saved it for later when I had an apple and a couple of easy peelers.

The Normandy style chicken was a long time a-coming and worth the wait.
I added edamame beans, broccoli and cauliflower to the mix and, with the Philly light, it was delicious.  It was a cold and miserable day so this chunky soup-like amended recipe was just perfect.
I made some croutons with my healthy extra B and I'm glad I did.
I had a few cherries for dessert.

There's another portion, without Philly, in the freezer for later in the week ands I think I'll add lighter creme fraiche instead, just to see how that works.

Today's plans:

B:  crumpet thin, bacon, egg, tomato, mushrooms
A good old cooked breakfast.
SW:  three syns for the crumpet thin.

L:  roast turkey, roasted parsnips, yellow courgette, broccoli, gravy; fruit
The turkey is leftovers from last Christmas and I might spend one and a half syns on some chutney.  I will probably roast the courgette with the parsnips.
SW:  one and a half syns for chutney, up to two for gravy and I think the rest is free.

D:  gyros kebab wrap or pitta (using a JD Seasonings kit), maybe feta, salad, few chips; yogurt
I had to look up what gyros is; I've heard the name, just never known what it is.  Basically, It's spiced up chicken!  Maybe I'm going OTT with pitte or wrap and some chips but it feels fakeaway which is nice.
SW:  one healthy extra A if I have some feta, a healthy extra B, half a syn for 2% yogurt

Exercise:  A Shimmy Snippet or two.

one healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
seven syns

Saturday 22 July 2023

Saturday, 22-07-23

Good morning, everyone.

REALLY happy with a pound off yesterday.  Slowly getting nearer and nearer to target again and really enjoying the journey as I do so.

After last week's PoN explorations, I fancied having another theme for this week.  I recently made a small order of JD Seasonings and will be using them as a basis for dinners and lunches this coming week.
I was so ashamed to discover a pile of them in the cupboard out of date a short while ago.  I hate throwing food away!  So this week I am targeting them.

This is what they look like - little pots of spice mixes with a card wrapper that has a recipe on it.
And all the spice mixes are syn free on Slimming World and there's enough for four portions.  The pots have replaceable lids so you can use what you need and set the rest aside for another time.
I'm not an 'ambassador' or anything, I have no discount code, I just think they are really good.  Here's the link to the site.

Yesterday's photos:

A brilliant start to my last day of the week on PoN.  Cinnamon and apple pancakes teamed with some yogurt and raspberries and half a tbsp maple syrup for one syn extra.

Very nice penne arrabbiata with added courgette.  It came out very spicy, hence the yogurt, and, in fact, what I made was way too much so that's today's lunch sorted out.

Courgette will probably feature strongly for a while, while they are producing in the garden.  😋
This is as far as I got with the Normandy style chicken because I committed that classic faux pas of not reading the recipe, just the ingredients.  Turned out this needed time in the oven so I had some bread and cheese for dinner (wasn't that hungry anyway) which takes me over syns but it won't be that bad really.

What you see didn't have the cream cheese added.  I'll do that today after reheating it before dinner.

I had got today's meals all worked out but now it's all change and the JD Seasonings meals will just have to wait.

Today's plans:

B:  fruit platter, yogurt
I have plenty of fruit so this should be good.
SW:  half a syn for 2% Greek yogurt

L:  penne arrabbiata with mixed beans, cheese and yogurt, side salad; fruit
Yesterday's lunch leftovers.  I think I will add some mushroom and maybe some more pepper.  I do love what SW calls 'speed food'.
SW:  half a healthy extra A for cheese, half a syn for 2% yogurt

D:  Normandy style chicken with added veg; yogurt
What I made yesterday and I will add some more veg rather than cook it separately, I think, and have it as a sort of chunky casserole rather than cook rice.
It will make enough for a big portion today and another big portion later in the week (I'll plan it is and freeze it before adding the cheese.
SW:  one tsp Dijon mustard is half a syn and 45g philly light is three and a half syns.  

Exercise:  an online SET class

no healthy extras
five and a half syns