Sunday 30 July 2023

Sunday, 30-07-23: another week on PoN

Good morning, everyone.
One day down and I have really loved every recipe.  I've adapted a bit but only to work with my own preferences (e.g. no leaf coriander, thank you) and what I have available.
I'm really looking forward to today's now.
Yesterday's meal photos:

Oh, yes!
Double yes . . . with bells on.
You know how I love my pancakes.  They are usually made with SR flour for the 'American' vibe.  These were made using plain flour for the UK/crepe thing.
I used wholemeal.  The recipe says white but I just prefer wholemeal and, from the SW pov, it's a lot better.
The recipe was for four but I quartered it (the egg was a bit random - try getting a quarter of a beaten egg - but it was OK) and, using my usual pan, got three pancakes where the recipe said one.  That's just a detail, not an issue!!
I will HAVE to make these again, maybe a sweet version next time with a fruit filling and yogurt on the side or the traditional lemon and sugar (sweetener).  I can call it a B if I use wholemeal.  :-)

Another 'oh, yes' for lunch but I knew it would be as I had it a week or so ago.  I made up a whole batch of salt and pepper spice and it is now in a little jar with the other spices and herbs.

It looks an obscene lot but, in fact, it is just two chicken thighs, the spice mix and the rest is all speed food.
I picked the cucumber using apple cider vinegar, a bit of salt and sweetener and some dried dill.  The liquid was so delicious I used some as a salad dressing and the rest is in a little bottle for another time.

No room for anything else.

Then, for dinner, I had peanut butter chicken curry and as soon as I started making it I realised I've made it before and I really liked it then and I really like it now.
There's a fairly long recipe list but I had all but coconut water and I used some coconut powder instead so that was OK.

All the curries I make end up looking like sludge but it tasted fantastic and filled me up so, yet again, no room for dessert.

However later on I fancied something sweet so I peeled and enjoyed an orange to finish off a delicious day's eating.  Very nom.

Today's plans:

B:  Monte Cristo sandwich, tomatoes on the side
Everyday Light, p 22
Basically a fried ham and cheese sandwich, this is probably more a lunch than a breakfast but who cares, eh?
Around 379 calories plus the tomatoes.

L:  Yorkshire pudding wrap, turkey, broccoli, cauliflower, carrot; fruit
Pinch of Nom, p 170
The recipe says to use it as a wrap - I'm planning to use it as a giant one, like those you can buy that you pile your roast dinner into - because it is Sunday!  The turkey is from the freezer, Christmas leftovers.
I have worked out the calories because, in the book, the stated number per serving includes the filling.  I don't have to but, for information . . .
The recipe says don't bake it for long because it will get crispy and be hard to fold.  I want it crispy and won't be folding it, so no worries.
Around 140 calories for the Yorkie (I worked it out) plus turkey, veg and fruit.

D:  chicken piccata, pasta or salad; yogurt
Enjoy, p 40
Pretty much a lemon chicken  recipe and it says serve with pasta.  I might, or I might serve with a nice salad instead.  I do like salads (in case you hadn't noticed over the last months!)
I don't think I have a white wine stock pot but I do have some little pots of leftover white wine from ages ago so I'll use that with some chicken stock granules.
Around 265 calories plus the pasta or salad, the little pot of wine and the dessert.

Exercise:  Rest day but maybe a walk

Around 800 calories (very approximately) plus the extras as listed.


  1. All your PoN recipes do sound good. I'll have to revisit them, I do have 2 or 3 of their earlier books. xx

    1. There's some jolly good recipes in their books, I think, as well as some fairly bog-standard ones. I could have made at least three week's plans with the ones I fancied using across the whole range of books.
      Importantly, for me, many of them are very adaptable too.
      Do let me know which ones you make.