Wednesday 26 July 2023

Wednesday, 26-07-23

Good morning, everyone.

Yesterday's photos:

I started off with an apple and a nectarine before Groove.  I've tried it both ways and when I exercise fasting, I definitely have less energy and the enjoyment is less too.  It doesn't take much; just a bit of fruit makes all the difference.

Then I had this when I got home.  Delicious and very, very filling - I suppose it would be with all that protein.

Do you find that sometimes you have a not-all-that-hungry day?  I do and yesterday was one of them.

I had planned to have the Normandy style chicken for lunch and a meatball calzone for dinner but lunch time came along and I wasn't feeling it at all.
So I had some fruit instead and it was perfect.

I had already defrosted the chicken so I popped the meatballs in the freezer, added the creme fraiche and spooned it up like a chunky soup.
Not the most appetising looking bowlful, I think you will agree, but it was really delicious.  I added a bit of carrot that was left over from Sunday lunch so that was good.

And then I was totally full again.  Just one of those days.  And I'm not feeling 'empty' this morning like i usually do either.

Today's plans:

B:  avocado on a toasted crumpet thin with scrambled egg and tomatoes
I'm so glad I started incorporating a bit of avocado into my diet.  It is delicious with egg or with smoked salmon.
SW:  a bit synny - three syns for the crumpet thin and two and a half for the avocado.  Worth it though!

L:  Crimpit wrap with ham, mushroom and cheese, salad; fruit
Using the new gadget I didn't use for last night's planned 'calzone', this is basically a toastie in a different coat - and you know how much I love a toastie!  Will this be as good?
SW:  one healthy extra A (or maybe more, depending on how it looks), one healthy extra B

D:  chicken balti, rice; yogurt
Using a JD balti seasoning and I will probably add extra veg because I always do!  
SW:  syn free

Exercise:  small group circuits

up to two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
five and a half syns

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