Saturday 29 July 2023

Saturday, 29-07-23

Good morning, everyone.
Last week (not yesterday) at group, Jen was talking about strategies to stay on track over the summer and it set me thinking that my next 'Week on . . .' could be seen as a bit of a holiday breakout without doing any damage.

So, from today, for a week, I am back on Pinch of Nom (goodness knows, there are enough recipes to keep me going for months!) but without cross referencing to Slimming world.  In other words, a week off-plan but not one that should do any damage.  I'm sure I will be thinking As, Bs and syns because it's pretty ingrained but I'll do my best. 
The calories are what the recipe says but I'm not going to worry too much about them, just be intuitive and use what I know.
It's been good fun going through the recipes solely for what I really fancy.  So some I have already made before and some are new.

Should be a delicious week!

And I'm still doing the above, even though I gained half a pound yesterday, much to my bewilderment.  I had to think 'Am I upset?' and came to the conclusion that, no, I wasn't.  I've been on plan and eaten well so it is likely just one of those things, a 'one in four' that I seem to still get even though I am decades past menopause now.
C'est la vie!

Yesterday's photos:

Yummy pancakes for breakfast and I metaphorically put two fingers up to that half pound by having a tbsp maple syrup.  It was delicious!
At last, finally, after planning it in several times, I got round to having a jacket potato to have with the second portion of yesterday's chilli, some grated cheese and a salad.
It's funny how a nice, choppy salad can turn a meal into a real pig out for very few more calories.  I was stuffed - but in a good way.

No room for fruit for dessert.

Dinner was a beige looking plateful, wasn't it?  Not a speed veg in sight!
But I enjoyed it!

And a new week starts from here on.  I know Jen says it starts from the moment you get off those scales but I find that messy!  😊

Today's plans:

B:  creamy bacon and mushroom pancakes, tomatoes on the side
Enjoy, p 28
The 'creamy' bit is Philly light and the recipe includes spinach which I don't have - I'll use some mixed leaves instead.
And I will cut it down to one portion, as I will for all the recipes.
Calories around 282 plus the tomatoes

L:  salt and pepper chicken, salad; fruit
Budget, p 84
I made this in my last week on PoN and it was delicious.
Calories around 294 plus salad and fruit

D:  peanut butter chicken curry, rice; yogurt
Comfort Food, p 54
It looks a bit complicated but sounds really nice.  The rice and the dessert are extra to the calories.
Calories around 342 plus rice, and extra veg and yogurt

Exercise:  SET class at Shimmy Studio

Calories around 918 plus the extras as listed which should bring it up to a reasonable number.

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