Monday 31 July 2023

Monday, 31-07-23: another week on PoN

Good morning, everyone.
Last day of July.  August tomorrow!  Where HAS this month gone?

Yesterday's meal photos:

As expected, breakfast was just a toastie with an eggy outside but very tasty, all the same.  Next time I could use bacon and beans to make it more breakfast-y.
I had cucumber with tomatoes because I have so much cucumber to eat at the moment.  

The giant Yorkshire worked really well.  It wasn't super crispy because you need oil for proper crispy, but it wasn't soggy except where I poured the gravy and I can see how it would make a jolly good wrap.
It was a delicious roast dinner and I followed it with some melon that really needed using up.

Later on I had an orange and a very small apple.

This chicken piccata was OK but I think I added too much stock and not enough lemon.  I'm undecided about thrying it again but I think maybe I will and see if I can improve it a bit.
To be fair, I had to adapt it because of not having white wise stock so it was most likely my fault.  The little choppy salad was lovely though.

And that was it for Sunday.

Today's plans:

B:  beans on marmite toast
This is the only meal this week that is not from a Pinch of Nom book.  I rather fancied it and the morning is a bit complicated so it works better to have something very quick and easy.
I've worked out those calories, just because . . . and it's around 330 for the lot.

L:  bacon and cheese potato skins, salad; fruit
(Pinch of Nom 158)
The potato filling is some bacon, spring onions, cottage cheese (don't have it so I will use Seriously LIghter instead) and a small amount of grated parmesan on top.
Around 270 calories plus the salad and fruit

D:  Peshawari style baked chicken, maybe rice, maybe small side salad; fruit and/or yogurt
(Enjoy p112)
I've done this before and have a pot of the sauce in the freezer so this will be a very easy meal.  
Around 350 calories plus rice, salad and afters

Exercise:  Two classes today - family circuits in the morning and personal training in the afternoon.  Thank goodness dinner is easy!

Around 950 calories plus all the extras as listed.

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