Monday 24 July 2023

Monday, 24-07-23

Good morning, everyone.
No waffle today, you'll be glad to know!  :-)

Yesterday's photos:

This appears in one form or another pretty much every week and it's so delicious.  There's a crumpet thin hidden under the egg.

Very satisfying.
You have to love a roast dinner, however simple.  So yummy and filling in a really good way.

Later on, I had some nectarines that really needed eating.

I used the JD seasoning to make the chicken gyros kebab - you can't see it that clearly as it's stuffed into the pitta - and it was absolutely delicious.  I'm definitely getting that particular mix again or - maybe better -  having looked up the recipe, make it myself.  I have everything needed!

I totally forgot about the few chips in Nellie; I had them when I remembered them.

I used salad cream but I reckon a yogurt and mint sauce would be really delicious with the chicken.

I didn't have anything else, I was full up.

Today's plans:

B:  Viking toast (Enjoy, p34), tomatoes and mushrooms
I found this so very delicious, I am adopting it as one of my semi-regular breakfasts.
SW:  3 syns for toast (may need to up this a bit after weighing bread), one healthy extra A for cheese

L:  gyros kebab, salad; fruit
Leftovers from yesterday as I used half the pot so made enough for two.  I so enjoyed it yesterday and I think I'll make a yogurt mint sauce to go with the chicken today instead of using salad cream, using yogurt, mint (sauce, probably), garlic puree, lemon juice and zest and seasonings
SW:  the mint sauce I will use for the yogurt dressing is so low in syns as to not count while the rest is free/speed.

D:  cheese burger in a roll, salad, few chips, lemon mayo; yogurt
I'll be using the JD Seasonings burger blend mix with my usual burger recipe and halving it to make one burger and some meatballs for Tuesday.  I'll add some salad and chutney to the roll and the lemon mayo is for the chips.
SW:  half a healthy extra A, one healthy extra B, one syn for mayo and one and a half syns for chutney

Exercise:  family circuits and personal training

one and a half healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
six and a half syns

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