Friday 29 November 2019

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Just to let you kinow that I won't be posting about my meals for a few days.  Back on Monday.
Have a good weekend.

Thursday 28 November 2019

Thursday, 28-11-19

Good morning!
First of all - that SW ready meal.  Forget it.  There's no way I'm buying that again.  I guess I just don't like 'free' sausages very much!

However, I really did enjoy the marmite and cheese on toast.  Lovely, savoury, comfort food.

On to today:
B:  scrambled egg on toast
One healthy extra B for the toast

L:  the last portion of chicken, bacon and veg soup
Gorgeous soup and just one syn

D:  jacket potato, cheese and beans
SW:  the cheese will be one or both of my healthy extras

Danger time:  apple and easy peelers

It's a bit back to basics today but it's all food I love and is easily prepared.  Nice.

What are your plans?

Wednesday 27 November 2019

Wednesday, 27-11-19

Good morning.
It was another good day yesterday - two in a row is good at the moment.  I did scoff some cheese but I had two healthy extra As and some syns to use so I didn't go over.

The soup I made for lunch was lovely.  It had all sorts of vegetable bits and bobs, chicken, bacon and orzo and I had a great big portion, safe in the knowledge that a third of the whole lot was just one syn from the half tbsp oil I started it off with and it was loaded with lovely veg.  That has sorted out lunch today and tomorrow!

Dinner was a SW ready meal, chicken balti.  The chicken was good, the sauce was delicious but the 'slow roasted petals of onion' (???) were not pleasant, being hard and over chewy.  Obviously not 'roasted' for long enough although I might dispute that they were roasted at all!  I've saved the recipe!

On to today.
B:  sausage, beans and maybe an egg
Nice and substantial to keep me going until after personal training
SW:  one syn for two Aldi skinny sausages (must get some more)

L:  more of the soup, a big bowlful after personal training
SW:  one syn

D:  smokey sausage and bean casserole, probably with some rice as I have some cooked rice in the freezer
This is the last of the ready meals I bought on Monday.  The tally is one good, one bad, one so-so with good parts and this one.  We will see.

Ss:  I will use my healthy extras at danger time (around four thirty), maybe on cheese on toast or something similar.  If I spread a bit of marmite under the cheese, it will be a good, savoury hit, something I love.

Body Magic:  an hour of  personal training

Tuesday 26 November 2019

Tuesday, 26-11-19

Good morning.
Yesterday ended up as all change.  On the way home after the walk, I just missed a bus so popped into Iceland (as you do when you miss the bus!) and treated myself to some SW frozen ready meals with the idea that they might help me stay back on track.

Yesterday, I had a chicken tikka masala for lunch with a portion of rice from the freezer and dinner was a fish pie with some home cooked veg on the side.

The chicken was really nice and I enjoyed it very much indeed.  Plenty of chicken, plenty of sauce and a great flavour.  One to get again or to make myself using the recipe that is always provided on the packaging with SW frozen meals.

The fish pie wasn't nice.  The was plenty of fish and the prawns were nice and big but I didn''t like the sauce and the mash topping was watery and soggy.  Not one to make again.  My own fish pie which costs just a few syns is much, much nicer.

On to today.
B:  blueberry and apple pancakes with natural yogurt
This is a Pinch of Nom recipe, apple and cinnamon pancakes, to which I will add some blueberries because they need using up.
SW.  One healthy extra B for 40g oats plus 50 mls of milk which it's easier to syn at one syn.

L:  chunky chicken, bacon and veg soup
I have bits and bobs of vegetables to use and am defrosting a chicken breast and a bit of bacon to add more flavour.  There should be enough for two portions or more which will be very useful tomorrow
SW:  free

D:  Either a smoky sausage and bean casserole or chicken balti with rice.
Both are SE frozen meals and both are free.

Body Magic:  A walk to the shops and back again

I know I'm not being all that rugal right now but, apart from those ready meals, I am using up what's in the freezer.  It's not frugal to not use things you already have in the freezer because they're not frugal!
There are a few gaps now.  Not enough to think of defrosting but getting there.

What are your plans for today?

Monday 25 November 2019

Monday, 25-11-19


Yesterday was the first day in a very long time when things went completely to plan.  Quite encouraging but at the moment it's one meal at a time so on to today!

B:  choccy drink, easy peelers.
Not a great breakfast but I really fancies a choccy drink made with milk, not water, so extra rich.
SW around six syns for the drink and one healthy extra A

L:  soup
I need to see what's in the freezer but it will be free and veg based

D:  chicken quesadillas with peas (probably)
- just because that's what I fancy
SW: one healthy extra A and one B.  I might knock up a bit of cranberry sauce as well so that will be about three syns.

Body Magic:  I have a walk booked today (and need to leave for the bus in ten minutes so I'd better stop and get ready!).

Sunday 24 November 2019

Sunday, 24-11-19

Good morning!
I was so good yesterday, resisting all the temptations of town and market just before Christmas and then went and spoiled it in the evening with some chocolates.
Ah well, it's a new day today.

My plans:
B:  a cooked breakfast - bacon, sausage and potato.
I love my actifry.  I cook the potatoes first on the chips setting for fifteen minutes, then add sausage rolled into little balls, than add the bacon with five minutes to go.  I only use spray oil and it cooks wonderfully with the potatoes absorbing the sausage flavour. 
SW:  half a syn for the Aldi skinny sausage, that's all. 

L:  salmon with something.  I'm not sure what yet but it might involve some healthy extras!

D:  lamb leg steak with whatever vegetables I have in and maybe some mash.  I have some syn free gravy in the freezer.
I cook the lamb long and slow so it more or less falls apart and it's lovely
SW:  free

S: apples, easy peelers

Body Magic.  Nothing specific today.

WHat are your plans?

Saturday 23 November 2019

Saturday, 23-11-19

Good morning - or do I mean good afternoon?
Sorry about the lateness; I just didn't get it done this morning.

Yesterday didn't quite work out as planned but today is a new day and so far I have been very good and resisted all the temptations in town - and there were many!

Today's plans
B:  I didn't have breakfast which is maybe why things in town were more tempting!

L:  jacket potato with tuna and cheese with tomatoes on the side.
Rather more substantial than usual because I'm really hungry but well withint SW rules.
SW:  one healthy extra A for 30g grated cheddar, three syns for some salad cream (because I adore salad cream with potato and tuna)

D:  The steak and chips I didn't have yesterday plus some mayonnaise
Bad me - but I can't waste that steak, can I?
SW:  a few syns for some dijon mustard and three syns for half a tbsp oil to cook the chips.  One syn for some mayo in the coleslaw.

S:  I have some 'free' veg souip to finish off so I'll probably have that at 'dfanger time; - around four thirty.

Body magic:  lots of walking around town as well as running for the bus!

What are your plans for today?  xx

Friday 22 November 2019

Friday, 22-11-19

Good morning!

Today's plans are . . .
B:  porridge, fruit and yogurt
SW:  one healthy extra B for the oats

L:  salmon with some tomatoes, apple
I just really fancy some salmon and I have some in the freezer.
SW: free

D:  steak, chips, coleslaw
Another thing I just fancy.  I'm going to Aldi today and their steak is both good and not as expensive as other places (note, I don't say 'cheap' because it isn't).  The chips will be actifried using the SW method but I will use my healthy As on some grated cheese to have on the chips.
SW:  one syn for some super light mayo and up to four syns for some dried cranberries (that's for 24g and I won't have as much as that) plus two healthy As of grated cheddar.

E:  plenty of walking today as my energy is coming back again as the virus departs.

What are your plans?

Thursday 21 November 2019

Thursday, 21-11-19

Good morning. 
Things changed a bit.  Beth came round just before lunch so we had the bits and bobs leek and potato soup and I'm having the defrosted bacon for breakfast today instead.
The soup was lovely.  Made with mostly bits that one would otherwise chuck - the tough, green tops of a couple of leeks, a broccoli stem, carrot peelings and some potato that was going off so I had to cut bad bits out - it felt very frugal and tasted wonderful!

Today's plans are . . .
B:  bacon and egg muffin
This is a wholemeal muffin so a healthy extra.
SW one healthy extra B

L:  the rest of the bits and bobs leek and potato soup made yesterday
SW:  free

D:  egg, beans and jacket potato with cheese
Beth's having dinner with me so it needs to be veggie friendly.
SW:  two healthy extra As for grated cheese

Ss:  I'm having coffee with a friend so will probably have a biscuit.  Some syns, don't know how many.

E:  not sure yet.

What are your plans for today?

Wednesday 20 November 2019

Wednesday, 20-11-19

Good morning.

Today's plans
B:  porridge with yogurt, fruit
SW  free

L: bacon, egg and beans
SW free

D:  cuban beef, jacket potato and veg
I made the beef ages ago and it's been in the freezer since.  More than time to use it up.  The veg will probably be carrots and brocccoli and then I will have stems to make some soup for tomorrow.
SW free

BM:  some salsacise, if I feel up to it.

WHat are your healthy plans for today?

Tuesday 19 November 2019

Tuesday, 19-11-19

Morning.  I'm feeling unwell so have no specific plans for today.  I'll be back soon!  :-)

Monday 18 November 2019

Monday, 18-11-19

Good morning!

Well, yesterday ended up a bit - er - disastrous!
I had an Open House in the afternoon so a considerable number of home made biscuits got consumed and in the evening I was so tired I just made a bowl of chips.  SW friendly, yes, but hardly healthy.

Back on track this morning.
B:  porridge with blueberries and natural yogurt
SW:  one healthy extra B for oats and half a healthy extra A for milk.

L:  chunky veg soup
Made on Saturday so should be very flavoursome today (flavours definitely develop, don't they?).  Any left over from today will end up in the freezer.
SW:  free

D:  chicken curry, rice, fruit
I really fancy a curry this evening so will get a chicken breast out of the freezer and knock one up this morning so it will be tasty this evening.
SW:  I will try to keep it free although I may possibly add some dried apricots which I will have to syn.  I'll see how it goes as I make it.  The base will be the chicken with onion, peppers, sweet potato and mushrooms.  **

S:  after yesterday, none!!

Body magic:  quite a lot of furniture moving, carrying, etc, plus some ironing and a short walk.

What are your healthy eating plans for today?

** edit:  I did add some dried apricots - 30g for three syns - no complaints from me.   In fact, if I don't have porridge (not sure I'm hungry enough), that can be half a healthy B!

Saturday 16 November 2019

Saturday, 16-11-19

Good morning!
The tuna cheese not-really-a-quesadilla was really nice as well as being dead easy.  I had some baked bean leftovers so had them on the side and, weird as it sounds, it all went together well.
Filling too.

I changed my plans for dinner.
I prepped potato, sweet potato, carrot, parsnip and sprouts.  I chopped the planned chicken into about seven chunks and got some vacu packed chestnuts - just a few for about four syns.

I put the root veg and the sprouts into the actifry with a little spray oil and cooked it on the chips setting for twenty minutes.  Then I added the chicken, chestnuts, one tbsp lemon juice and one of maple syrup (two syns) and finished with the last ten minutes of the chip setting.
It was gorgeous!

Today's plans.
B:  bacon, egg and tomatoes
Believe it or not, the last of the garden tomatoes are just ripening on the window ledge and ought to be eaten
SW:  free

L:  Some sort of home made soup, probably something like roasted carrot and lentil as I have carrots to use up, followed by some fruit
SW:  free

D:  I found a recipe for a syn free pizza on Slimming Eats.  The base is made with ground oats, baking powder yogurt and egg and I thought I'd give it a go.  I'll let you know.  Then a yogurt.
SW:  one healthy extra A (50g light mozzarella), one B (40g oats)

S:  none

Body Magic:  nothing organised but I shall be busy moving furniture around for a fair old time so that counts!

What are your plans for today?

Friday 15 November 2019

Friday, 15-11-19

Good morning!

Today's plans are:
B:  2 slices French toast (the crunchy kind, bought in packs) that just jumped into my mouth.
SW:  four syns, unfortunately!  What a waste of good syns, eh?

L:  tuna cheese wrap toastie, fruit
I hesitate to call it a quesadilla but it's that sort of thing.
SW:  one healthy extra A for cheese and one B for the wrap

D:  chicken, veg and chips
I'll wrap the chicken in foil and bake it, there are loads of veg in the fridge and the chips will be made the SW way
SW:  free

S:  none

Body Magic:  Still not 100% so am taking it easy.

What are your healthy plans for today?

Thursday 14 November 2019

Thursday, 14-11-19

Hi, everyone.  I'm not feeling great so will be taking it easy for a few days.  Back again soon, full of SW enthusiasm again!

Tuesday 12 November 2019

Tuesday, 12-11-19

Good morning.
Yesterday's food went really well, thank goodness.  Dinner was especially good with the sausages, cheesy mash (lovely!) and sprouts.

There are some interesting things you can do with vegetables rather than have them plain, if you're willing to pay the syns.  Things like maple glazed carrots and parsnips or sprouts with bacon and chestnuts.  Given that it's definitely the season for cooked veg rather than raw ones (e.g. salads), maybe I ought to investigate.  Do you have any favourite SW friendly combinations?

Today's plans are a bit problemmatic as I will be out for the day and will be eating out at lunchtime before getting home tired and disinclined to cook.  I've been out to the freezer and found a pasta bolognaise bake (home made and SW friendly) and I'll look for something vegetabally interesting when I am out which, if necessary, I can syn.  Then it's just a question of bunging in the oven/microwave.

So . . .
B:  fruit and natural yogurt . . .
. . . because it's quick and easy

L:  don't know

D:  pasta bake with veg

Ss:  none

Body Magic:  loadsa walking

Monday 11 November 2019

Monday, 11-11-19

Good morning.
After a pretty disastrous weekend at Dad's, I'm home this morning and back on track again.

Today's plans:
B:  yogurt and fruit
The usual and very nice too.

L:  a tuna wrap, fruit yogurt
Just tuna mixed with mayo and some grated carrot in a WW wrap.  I will mix fresh fruit with natural yogurt for a free dessert
SW:  one heB for the wrap and two syns max for the mayo

D:  bangers and cheesy mash, baked beans
I'll probably make the cheesy mash in advance and reheat it in the oven so it gets a nice crusty coating.  I love it that way.
SW:  the sausages are half a syn each and I may be bad and have three!  Both healthy extra As for the cheesy mash (but no butter!) and baked beans are free.  I'll have some dijon mustard too at one and a half syns per level tbsp

S:  none

Body magic.  A walk.

Edit:  I've changed my mind - I have lots of sprouts so am having them instead of baked beans.  I love sprouts and these are little and sweet flavoured, no bitterness about them.

Saturday 9 November 2019

Saturday, 09-11-19

Good morning.
I'm at Dad's for the weekend so not strictly counting SW values.  Still being careful and making healthy choices though!

Today's plans
B:  porridge with fruit and yogurt.  That's a healthy extra B for the oats

L:  probably beans on toast, apple.  An extra healthy extra B (!!!) for the toast

D:  Dad has some leftover bits in the fridge so probably a cobbled together steak and corned beef potato topped pie with some fresh veg.  I have no idea if canned steak and corned beef go together but we will find out, won't we?  The steak is M&S so SW free and I will weigh the cheese in the potato topping.  I think it should be OK.
Also, having peeked into his pantry, maybe some melon too, either before or aft.

Ss:  fruit

Body Magic:  probably taking a walk to the local garden centre this afternoon so that will be around forty minutes (both ways) plus however long I wander round for.

Friday 8 November 2019

Friday, 08-11-19

Good morning.

Breakfast yesterday was very nice indeed.  the skinny sausages weren't the best I have ever tasted, of course, but they were OK, an awful lot nicer than the SW ones, with a proper sausagey texture, not solid and some flavour.  After I took the photo I added one syn's worth of brown sauce and I really enjoyed it.

I'm now thinking bangers in onion gravy with cheesy mash and beans - but not today!

The rest of the day's meals were fine but it all went to pot in the evening after something very worrying and stressful.  Things are OK now but I did dive into the carbohydrates yesterday and I've just had chips (home made, SW friendly ones) for an early breakfast.

Stuff happens sometime and we just have to cope and get back on track asap, don't we?

Today's plans are:
B:  chips as mentioned above.  SW friendly but hardly balanced!  I'mm probably have some fruit later as well

L:  home made soup of some kind, using fridge rubble.  It will be SW free.

D:  eating out with my Dad.  I'll have to see what's on offer.

Not a great day today, is it?  Life's like that and it's best to roll with the punches, get back up again afterwards and carry on.  That's what I will do!

Thursday 7 November 2019

Thursday, 07-11-19

Good morning.
The good news.  Another two pounds off.  I'm now within a couple of weeks of making good my holiday gain.  That makes me happy.
And I have discovered that protein noodles do not freeze well.  Ooops!

(This is to separate the sections and because it brightens things up - I thought I'd make a different one each month)

Today's plans:
B:  cooked breakfast
This is to try out the Aldi skinny sausages I bought yesterday.  Bacon, sausages, mushrooms, egg, potatoes.  It should be very nice and filling which is just as well as I'm off into town for the morning!.
SW:  one syn for two sausages and I hope they're worth getting.

L:  chicken and broccoli soup
The same as yesterday because it made loads.
SW:  a bit of a healthy extra A

D:  chicken pasta bake, broccoli, some other veg, fruit
. . . because I have chicken to use up and I don't really want to freeze it.  I'll probably use onion, pepper, mushroom and chicken with some chopped tomatoes, mix it with some protein noodles (which I'm really getting quite fond of, despite the fact that it doesn't freeze well - unless you fancy eating string!) and top with some grated cheddar
SW:  one and a half healthy extra As for the cheese and one syn for the protein noodles

S:  fruit

Body magic:  a walk around town, PT exercises and balance ball stuff

Tuesday 5 November 2019

Wednesday, 06-11-19


Yesterday's food worked really well.  For breakfast, I ended up slicing som potato, spraying it and actifrying it without the paddle.  With five minutes to go I cut two bacon medallions into three bits each and tossed that in with some halved mushroom and a bit more spry oil and finished it off.  Really tasty and dead easy too.  One to remember and added sausage would be nice too.  I've just discovered that Aldi's 'skinny sausages' are just half a syn each and, according to my informant, 'nice'.  I'll give them a go although I tend not to like the very low fat sausages.  Worth a try!

The soup would have done two days but I was so peckish after the walk, I had the lot and it kept me going all through the afternoon.

Dinner was so gorgeous, I have posted about it separately.
Christmas quesadillas - it have a nice, alliterative sound, doesn't it!
And it was filling too.

Today's plans:
B:  fruit and yogurt
SW: free

L:  broccoli and chicken soup
I have a broccoli stalk which, nowadays, I never throw away but make into a great soup and I will use some of the chicken stock and scraps of the chicken.  It should be very tasty and just the ticket after an hour of personal training
SW:  half a healthy extra A for some milk

D: bean and veg curry with protein noodles
Leftovers from whenever and popped in the freezer.  Easy to reheat after the SW group meeting
SW:  three syns for some coconut milk powder and the noodles

S:  fruit

E:  an hour of personal training

Recipe: Christmas quesadillas

No, it isn't Christmas - yet - but this was so tasty, I'm posting about it.

Ingredients for one:
a WW wrap (one healthy extra B)
some spray oil
some cranberry sauce (I reckon about two syns for my home made sauce)
a bacon medallion
a little bit of onion, very finely chopped
some leftover roast chicken (or turkey), shredded
45g finely grated strong cheddar (one and a half healthy extra As

Spray oil on one side of the wrap, brush it all over and turn the wrap over.
Cook the medallion (I used the same pan as I crisped up the quesadilla) and cut it into strips.  Keep the pan hot.
Place the onion, bacon, shredded chicken and grated cheese in a bowl and mix well.
Spread some cranberry sauce over the wrap.
Pile the chicken mixture over one half of the wrap, fold over the other half.
Carefully place the filled wrap in the hot pan and cook until the underneath is browning and going crunchy.
Carefully turn it over and crunch up the other side.  In the time it takes to do this, the filling will be hot and the cheese will be melting.
Lift out of the pan and cut into two or three segments (I use kitchen scissors, it's easier than using a knife and squidging all the filling out).
Serve with whatever you fancy.  I used tomatoes and red peppers - Christmassy colour!

It's really, really delicious and the cranberry sauce just makes it!

Tuesday, 05-11-19

Good morning.
The chicken dinner went down a treat last night.  I prepped plenty of veg and potato in the hopes that there might be a few leftovers for today but Dave was obviously feeling pretty hungry and ate the lot, bless him.  However, there's plenty of chicken left and after he had gone I stripped the rest of the meat and set the carcass to simmer in the Instant Pot overnight so this morning I have some lovely stock (and the house smells great!).
I found a few frozen cranberries in the freezer so popped them in a pot with sugar and water.  As they were boiling up, I added some orange zest and a tiny slug of cointreau and it made a very tasty cranberry sauce that I think I will reproduce for Christmas Dinner.  I estimate the syns to be about three per portion - ouch but worth it.
I also made some rather nice pink fluff for dessert but I'll post about that in a separate entry at some point.

Today's plans:
B:  A cooked breakfast, apple
Bacon, egg and mushroom, I think, and I might spoil myself with a bit of potato done in the actifry for a treat.
SW:  free

L:  chicken, bacon and leek soup.
As I have leek that needs using, plus all that chocken and stock, I will make a really nice (hopefully) soup with onion, bit of carrot (gives a great flavour in soup) and leek, plus the chicken, stock, and a bit of orzo.  I love orzo in soup; it thickens things up nicely.  Oh and lashing of pepper!
SW:  should be free

D:  leftover chicken and bacon quesadillas, apple
Based on this recipe, and I will cut the oil in favour of spray oil and use what veg I have with the cooked chicken.  It should be tasty!
I'm not sure about veg; I have some cabbage so perhaps I could make a coleslaw and have pepper strips on the side as well.
SW:  one healthy extra B for the wrap and probably around one and a half healthy extra As for cheese but I will see how much I need when I make them up.

S:  fruit, chicken

E:  I'm booked for another Heart and Sole walk over lunch time, this time around Writtle, a local village.

Monday 4 November 2019

Recipe: caribbean porridge

More an idea really but let's call it a recipe.

Ingredients for one
40g oats (one healthy extra B
125mls semi skimmed milk (half a healthy extra A plus water to own preference
pimch of salt
mango and pineapple cubes from the freezer or fresh (NOT canned), thawed if necessary
a pot of low fat vanilla and coconut yogurt (I use one from Aldi and half a syn per pot)
about two tsps sweetener (I use stevia)
1.5 tsps Sweet Freedom orange spice Choc Shot (one syn)

Put the oats, salt, milk and water in a non stick pan and stir well.  Then add the fruit.
Slowly bring to a boil, stirring often, and simmer for a few minutes until done.
Pour into a warm bowl, add the yogurt, sprinkle over the sweetener and drizzle over the choc shot.

Eat immediately.  It's very filling!

SW facts.
This uses
half a healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
one and a half syns

And I'm not doing the 'have to syn the fruit because it's cooked' thing but if you do, then that's what you need to do here.

Monday, 04-11-19

Good morning!

It may not be elegantly plated, in fact, it looks a bit of a mess, but yesterday's lunch was delicious.  And there was enough lamb for my teatime sandwiches too.

Those Aldi lamb shanks really are good value.  For under a fiver you get two separate shanks and, if each one does me two meals, that purs it almost into the frugal category (almost) and, for a treat, well worth it, especially as they are SW friendly.

Today's plans.
B:  porridge, yogurt and fruit
SW:  free

L:  roasted tomato and red pepper soup, apple
Leftovers from Saturday
SW:  half a healthy extra A for the milk I used in the soup.

D:  Another roast dinner!
I had a text from my son, Dave, yesterday, asking if he could come round for dinner.  You see, on Saturday, he had an operation (successful) on his wrist and, as a result, can't use that hand for a while.  Anna will not be in so I'm cooking him a dinner!
I thought I'd get a chicken and then I will have leftovers for a few days.  To go with it, I'll do roasties, broccoli and, maybe, carrots.  Nothing too challenging either for me to cook or for Dave to cut and lots of speed veg on the side.
SW:  should be free; I will make some gravy but I'm not a great gravy fan really.

S:  fruit (mostly apples), in the evening I will have chicken to nibble at.

Body Magic:  a walk, salsacise

Sunday 3 November 2019

Sunday, 03-11-19

Good morning!

Straight into today's plans:
B:  fruit yogurt jelly
Odd, maybe, but it's nice.  I made up a sugar free jelly and, when cold, beat in a Mullerlight orange yogurt and added some orange segments (a fresh orange, not canned).  It's nicer than it sounds and counts as fruit and yogurt!
SW:  half a syn for the yogurt and one and a half for the jelly - all of it!

L:  a Sunday roast
I have one of those frozen lamb shanks in minted gravy from Aldi so will cook that in the instant pot as it's a boil in the bag thingy and have it with some mixed roasted root veg (potato, sweet potato, squash and parsnip) done in the actifry and some sprouts.
Beth's lunching here so I will pop some chickpeas in a portion of ratatouille
SW:  the lamb shank is two and a half syns and the root veg will cost two syns for a bit of oil

D:  sandwich and fruit
There will be some lamb left over, I am pretty sure, so I will turn that into some sort of sandwich.
SW:  the bread will be my healthy extra B plus two syns for another slice and some cheese spread (instead of butter) will be a healthy extra A

S:  none

Body Magic:  a bit of PT homework and balance ball stuff.

Friday 1 November 2019

Saturday, 02-11-19

Good morning.

Just one photo today.  It's been a while since I had a dinner like this but it really was lovely once in a while.  On SW it's five and a half syns - three for some oil, one and a half for the sausages (Heck chicken Italia chipolatas) and one for some brown sauce in the baked beans.  I used the actifry to do the chips and chucked in the sausages half way through and they were just right!

Today's plans are:
B:  fruit and yogurt
I just seem to be fancying this at the moment and will probably use some of my frozen fruit.
SW:  free

L:  tomato and red pepper soup, apple
Tomato, red pepper, onion, carrot, stock, water, milk and a bit of ricotta.  Ever so nice.
SW:  125 ml of semi skimmed is half a healthy extra A

D:  bean and veg curry with noodles and onion bhajis; chickpea chocolate cake with yogurt and fruit.
 I have baked beans to use up so, as I fancy a bit of spice in my life, I think I will rinse them and use the haricot beans in a bean and veg curry with sweet potato, squash, onion, carrot, pepper and mushroom.  There's a recipe for onion bhajis on the SW site which I will need to adapt slightly and reduce to 1/6th for one serving.
The protein noodles need using up so will do instead of rice.
Dessert can be a bit of that chickpea chocolate cake I made and froze with yogurt and fruit.
SW:   I intend adding a bit of coconut milk powder to the curry so that will be three syns for two tsps.  The bhajis will be two syns and the noodles one syn while the cake is one syn (tweak alert here)

S:  two hi fi bars for one healthy extra B, fruit

BM:  a walk, PT exercises

I hope the dinner plans make sense.  On reading through, I can see it's a bit rambling and waffly!

Recipe: spiced apple cakes

After my little disaster with the pumpkin cake, I was a bit put off low syn cakes but at taster yesterday, B brought along some spiced apple cake and it was so good, she shared the recipe and I had a go this morning.

And here's what I did.

Ingredients:  to make thirteen little cakes (that's what it made for me anyway!)
one eating apple cut into thirteen thin slices and the rest cut into small chunks. 
finely grated zest of one lemon
the lemon juice (to soak the cut apple in)
3 large eggs, separated
60g caster sugar
110g SR flour
2 tsp sweet spice.  I used mixed spice but you could use cinnamon instead

Preheat the oven to 160 fan.
Pop thirteen fairy cake cases in a muffin or fairy cake tray.

Whisk the egg whites until stiff.  Then add the sugar, the zest and the yolks and continue beating until it's all thick and creamy.
Sieve in the flour and spice, a bit at a time, and fold it into the mixture very carefully so no air is lost.

Then, into each cake case put a dollop of mixture, some apple chunks and another dollop of mixture.  Pop an apple slice on top.

Bake for around 20 to 25 minutes until cooked and golden.
Place the cakes on a wire rack to cool.

The only thing I would do differently is I would mix some more spice with some caster sugar and sprinkle over the top before baking, to get a shiny, sweet and crunchy topping.

I did the maths and, as I made them, they are just over two and a half syns per cake.  With a sugar topping, that would nudge them to three syns.
A price I'd be happy to pay!

Friday, 01-11-19

Good morning!
At SW group, I was relieved to find that I'd lost a fair old chunk of my holiday/post holiday gain which was a relief.  There's still a way to go but I'll get there.
The other nice thing is that I got my Body Magic gold award (as expected) so now I'm on the way to the platinum award which, hopefully, I will have by the New Year.

Today's food plans:
B:  fruit and yogurt
One of many favourites and SW free

L:  chicken, mushroom and sausage risotto
This is the leftovers from what I made for taster evening yesterday.  It only needs re-heating but I think I'll also add some more mushrooms and some peppers for extra oomph and speed plus, maybe, some spice. 
SW:  working out the syns is a bit complicated because the original recipe made so much (it was supposed to be for four) that I immediately took off three single portions for the freezer and there's one portion left.  So more or less six portions altogether.  I'm calling it a quarter of a  healthy extra A for the parmesan and I shall add another seven grams to make it up to half an A plus one syn for the chicken chipolatas.  The rest is all free food.

D:  sausage, egg, beans and chips
I have some left over Heck chicken chipolatas and, when I was thinking what I fancied, this popped into my mind.  I can start the chips off in the actifry and half way through throw in the sausages.  I may or may not do the egg - see how I feel when the time comes.
SW:  one and a half syns for the sausages, three syns for some oil for the actifry and one syn for some brown sauce in the baked beans.

S:  two hi-fi bars for my healthy extra B

BM:  balance ball exercises, a walk, salsacise

I intend to keep well on plan this weekend so fingers crossed (for all of us with that hope)