Sunday 24 November 2019

Sunday, 24-11-19

Good morning!
I was so good yesterday, resisting all the temptations of town and market just before Christmas and then went and spoiled it in the evening with some chocolates.
Ah well, it's a new day today.

My plans:
B:  a cooked breakfast - bacon, sausage and potato.
I love my actifry.  I cook the potatoes first on the chips setting for fifteen minutes, then add sausage rolled into little balls, than add the bacon with five minutes to go.  I only use spray oil and it cooks wonderfully with the potatoes absorbing the sausage flavour. 
SW:  half a syn for the Aldi skinny sausage, that's all. 

L:  salmon with something.  I'm not sure what yet but it might involve some healthy extras!

D:  lamb leg steak with whatever vegetables I have in and maybe some mash.  I have some syn free gravy in the freezer.
I cook the lamb long and slow so it more or less falls apart and it's lovely
SW:  free

S: apples, easy peelers

Body Magic.  Nothing specific today.

WHat are your plans?


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    1. Eileen, I'm so sorry. I accidentally deleted your comment while deleting some spammy stuff.
      I used the paddle for the first fifteen minutes, removed it when I put the sausage balls in and then replaced it for the last five minutes when I put the bacon in. Not as complicated as it sounds and it stopped the sausage meat from being bashed up by the paddle.

    2. Thanks, that makes sense. I was wondering how you stopped the sausage meat falling apart and this explains it.

  2. Hubby kept begging me to break out some Christmas chocolates last week. I did but wished I hadn't despite only being a small box.

    1. I really shouldn't have. Today is going much better, thankfully. Having a sore throat helps.