Friday 1 November 2019

Saturday, 02-11-19

Good morning.

Just one photo today.  It's been a while since I had a dinner like this but it really was lovely once in a while.  On SW it's five and a half syns - three for some oil, one and a half for the sausages (Heck chicken Italia chipolatas) and one for some brown sauce in the baked beans.  I used the actifry to do the chips and chucked in the sausages half way through and they were just right!

Today's plans are:
B:  fruit and yogurt
I just seem to be fancying this at the moment and will probably use some of my frozen fruit.
SW:  free

L:  tomato and red pepper soup, apple
Tomato, red pepper, onion, carrot, stock, water, milk and a bit of ricotta.  Ever so nice.
SW:  125 ml of semi skimmed is half a healthy extra A

D:  bean and veg curry with noodles and onion bhajis; chickpea chocolate cake with yogurt and fruit.
 I have baked beans to use up so, as I fancy a bit of spice in my life, I think I will rinse them and use the haricot beans in a bean and veg curry with sweet potato, squash, onion, carrot, pepper and mushroom.  There's a recipe for onion bhajis on the SW site which I will need to adapt slightly and reduce to 1/6th for one serving.
The protein noodles need using up so will do instead of rice.
Dessert can be a bit of that chickpea chocolate cake I made and froze with yogurt and fruit.
SW:   I intend adding a bit of coconut milk powder to the curry so that will be three syns for two tsps.  The bhajis will be two syns and the noodles one syn while the cake is one syn (tweak alert here)

S:  two hi fi bars for one healthy extra B, fruit

BM:  a walk, PT exercises

I hope the dinner plans make sense.  On reading through, I can see it's a bit rambling and waffly!


  1. Joy, it has never, ever crossed my mind to rinse the sauce from baked beans. What an utterly brilliant tip and one that will be put to very good use from now on.

    1. I got it from Jack Monroe's blog, a long time ago. It makes sense as a can of baked beans is far cheaper than a can of haricot beans, even allowing for the different weight of beans and especially if you have some left over but don't want the sauce part for your recipe.

  2. Egg chips and beans is my all time favourite meal. Love it. X