Friday 15 November 2019

Friday, 15-11-19

Good morning!

Today's plans are:
B:  2 slices French toast (the crunchy kind, bought in packs) that just jumped into my mouth.
SW:  four syns, unfortunately!  What a waste of good syns, eh?

L:  tuna cheese wrap toastie, fruit
I hesitate to call it a quesadilla but it's that sort of thing.
SW:  one healthy extra A for cheese and one B for the wrap

D:  chicken, veg and chips
I'll wrap the chicken in foil and bake it, there are loads of veg in the fridge and the chips will be made the SW way
SW:  free

S:  none

Body Magic:  Still not 100% so am taking it easy.

What are your healthy plans for today?


  1. I love the term body magic......if only!

  2. Chicken and chips sounds good, I've always liked that. xx

    1. I changed my mind and the recipe sorry! :-)

  3. Healthy plans....hmmm! I had a grilled cheese sandwich with my butternut squash soup for lunch - not particularly healthy but it was so good. Unfortunately I like it with ketchup for dipping, naughty me!

  4. I had every intention of being good... until someone brought a large box of Milk Tray for everyone to share at my Whist club.