Thursday 21 November 2019

Thursday, 21-11-19

Good morning. 
Things changed a bit.  Beth came round just before lunch so we had the bits and bobs leek and potato soup and I'm having the defrosted bacon for breakfast today instead.
The soup was lovely.  Made with mostly bits that one would otherwise chuck - the tough, green tops of a couple of leeks, a broccoli stem, carrot peelings and some potato that was going off so I had to cut bad bits out - it felt very frugal and tasted wonderful!

Today's plans are . . .
B:  bacon and egg muffin
This is a wholemeal muffin so a healthy extra.
SW one healthy extra B

L:  the rest of the bits and bobs leek and potato soup made yesterday
SW:  free

D:  egg, beans and jacket potato with cheese
Beth's having dinner with me so it needs to be veggie friendly.
SW:  two healthy extra As for grated cheese

Ss:  I'm having coffee with a friend so will probably have a biscuit.  Some syns, don't know how many.

E:  not sure yet.

What are your plans for today?


  1. I've got a bag of veg scraps in the freezer, will be adding a few more bits to it before making into soup. Doing meal planning today. Enjoy your biscuit! xx

    1. lol - I'm sure I will.
      Bits and bobs soup is always tasty, I think! Enjoy yours when you make it!

  2. Replies
    1. It is all rather tasty. Very simple but tasty!

  3. I ate out with friends at lunch today so failed miserably. It was chicken quesidillas and Caesar salad. The menu said 860 calories but I bet it was more! Does Slimming World count calories?

    1. No, not specifically, but everything boils down to calories really, doesn't it? What you had sounds really delicious and once in a while won't hurt at all.