Saturday 9 November 2019

Saturday, 09-11-19

Good morning.
I'm at Dad's for the weekend so not strictly counting SW values.  Still being careful and making healthy choices though!

Today's plans
B:  porridge with fruit and yogurt.  That's a healthy extra B for the oats

L:  probably beans on toast, apple.  An extra healthy extra B (!!!) for the toast

D:  Dad has some leftover bits in the fridge so probably a cobbled together steak and corned beef potato topped pie with some fresh veg.  I have no idea if canned steak and corned beef go together but we will find out, won't we?  The steak is M&S so SW free and I will weigh the cheese in the potato topping.  I think it should be OK.
Also, having peeked into his pantry, maybe some melon too, either before or aft.

Ss:  fruit

Body Magic:  probably taking a walk to the local garden centre this afternoon so that will be around forty minutes (both ways) plus however long I wander round for.


  1. I guess as its all beef, it should go together. I often use odds and ends up by combining ingredients which aren't traditionally used together. Enjoy!