Sunday 3 November 2019

Sunday, 03-11-19

Good morning!

Straight into today's plans:
B:  fruit yogurt jelly
Odd, maybe, but it's nice.  I made up a sugar free jelly and, when cold, beat in a Mullerlight orange yogurt and added some orange segments (a fresh orange, not canned).  It's nicer than it sounds and counts as fruit and yogurt!
SW:  half a syn for the yogurt and one and a half for the jelly - all of it!

L:  a Sunday roast
I have one of those frozen lamb shanks in minted gravy from Aldi so will cook that in the instant pot as it's a boil in the bag thingy and have it with some mixed roasted root veg (potato, sweet potato, squash and parsnip) done in the actifry and some sprouts.
Beth's lunching here so I will pop some chickpeas in a portion of ratatouille
SW:  the lamb shank is two and a half syns and the root veg will cost two syns for a bit of oil

D:  sandwich and fruit
There will be some lamb left over, I am pretty sure, so I will turn that into some sort of sandwich.
SW:  the bread will be my healthy extra B plus two syns for another slice and some cheese spread (instead of butter) will be a healthy extra A

S:  none

Body Magic:  a bit of PT homework and balance ball stuff.


  1. I've really got to get back on it, having a puppy is so disruptive. I'll going to start tracking today.

    1. I can well imagine. I should think it's hard to get any sort of routine going really with a puppy around!

  2. PS, you are do organised Joy you deserve to succeed.

    1. Aw, thanks. At the moment Success is making rude gestures and sticking its tongue out at me from the horizon but it will get its come uppance!!