Thursday 7 November 2019

Thursday, 07-11-19

Good morning.
The good news.  Another two pounds off.  I'm now within a couple of weeks of making good my holiday gain.  That makes me happy.
And I have discovered that protein noodles do not freeze well.  Ooops!

(This is to separate the sections and because it brightens things up - I thought I'd make a different one each month)

Today's plans:
B:  cooked breakfast
This is to try out the Aldi skinny sausages I bought yesterday.  Bacon, sausages, mushrooms, egg, potatoes.  It should be very nice and filling which is just as well as I'm off into town for the morning!.
SW:  one syn for two sausages and I hope they're worth getting.

L:  chicken and broccoli soup
The same as yesterday because it made loads.
SW:  a bit of a healthy extra A

D:  chicken pasta bake, broccoli, some other veg, fruit
. . . because I have chicken to use up and I don't really want to freeze it.  I'll probably use onion, pepper, mushroom and chicken with some chopped tomatoes, mix it with some protein noodles (which I'm really getting quite fond of, despite the fact that it doesn't freeze well - unless you fancy eating string!) and top with some grated cheddar
SW:  one and a half healthy extra As for the cheese and one syn for the protein noodles

S:  fruit

Body magic:  a walk around town, PT exercises and balance ball stuff


  1. Went back to WW this morning, leaving Bertie for the first time, he wasn't a happy puppy when I got home but the good news is I didn't put on an ounce in the 2 weeks I've been away. Dodged a bullet there!! 9lb to go.

    1. That's brilliant! Well done.
      Bertie is growing up fast, isn't he?

  2. Two pounds....fab! I put on two last week. Deserved, but annoying nevertheless.

    1. Thanks. Yours will come off again soon enough, I am sure.